Monday, December 7, 2009

LOST S5 Dharma DVD Giveaway: Photo Contest Entries, Pt 4

Last call! Today is the last day to submit your photos to enter for a chance to win a Lost S5 Dharma DVD set plus three other pieces of memorabilia. Click here to view the rules for eligibility.

I posted the third batch of photos yesterday, and a few new entries have been submitted since:

The first is from Rhiannon; she recreates the infamous Desmond & Penny photo.

The second is from Suzanne E; her dog is channeling Vincent, bringing a piece of Roger Linus to our attention.

And the third photo is from Sara B, who calmly faces Smokey on the island!

The deadline for submitting photos is 9pm PST. I will announce the winner either late tonight or early tomorrow!


1 comment:

Tigerlily said...

oooh that smokey is pretty cool!!! But I still think Jack & Juliet should win...