Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LOST THOUGHT: Now Available!

I am thrilled to announce that LOST Thought: Leading Thinkers Discuss LOST, a new book compilation of essays and conversations edited by Pearson Moore, is now available. I was honored to be able to contribute both my LOST/Alice in Wonderland paper (presented last year at the Popular Culture Association conference) and a collaboration with my good friend Erika Olson of LongLiveLocke!  You will certainly recognize many of the names of fellow LOST bloggers and authors who also contributed to the book, including Nikki Stafford and Ryan Ozawa.


Here are the details if you'd like to order the the paperback or ebook version via CreateSpace or Amazon.  

To be honest, it is a dream come true to be published for the very first time, and in a book about a television series that continues to play a significant role in my life. I feel very lucky to be included in this compilation among so many fantastic writers, scholars and professors.  


To celebrate the release of LOST Thought, I am giving away 2 copies! If you're interested, simply leave a comment below and I will randomly select two of your names on March 10. Yes, I will ship anywhere around the globe. And don't forget to check back to see if you've won!