Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jay & Jack's 29 Hour Podcast for Autism Speaks

LOST fans, don't forget to tune in this weekend as Jay and Jack host their fourth annual podcast benefiting Autism Speaks. From Saturday, March 12 at noon EST through Sunday evening, Jay and Jack will be live on Ustream for 29 straight hours!

Live Interviews

Jay and Jack always feature special guests during specific hours of the podcast, and this year that includes a taped interview with Damon Lindelof! They will be replaying his interview several times, so you will have a few opportunities to listen in. 

They were kind enough to ask me back as a guest this year, and I will be talking about LOST and other shows with them live from 8pm - 9pm PST Saturday night. To encourage contributions, I have a few special pieces of LOST memorabilia up for grabs during that time. 

Make a Donation, Enter to Win Memorabilia

The gentleman who won the Jorge Garcia autographed Hurley bobblehead in my recent fundraiser wanted to pay it forward, so he generously decided to donate it specifically to Jay and Jack's Autism Speaks podcast! Thus, I will be giving it away during my hour. 

In addition, I will also be giving away the following on Saturday from 8pm - 9pm PST on the podcast:  

  1. Lost Encyclopedia with a nameplate autographed by Harold Perrineau (Michael), Emile de Ravin (Claire), and writers/producers Gregg Nations and Melinda Hsu Taylor
  2. Alpert bobblehead
  3. Dr. Chang bobblehead
  4. Claire bobblehead
  5. Faraday bobblehead

Here is a link to their official Autism Speaks donation page. If you make a donation during my hour and email me your receipt (jo at jopinionated dot com), you will automatically be entered to win one of the above. You will be eligible to win the signed Hurley bobblehead with any contribution of $100 or more, and eligible to win all other items for donations in any amount during that hour. This is open to anyone around the world, and I will pay for shipping.

So let's all listen, watch, enjoy and support Jay and Jack this weekend, and help them raise money for an amazing cause!



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Swag for Your Support: Thank You!

I am absolutely thrilled to report that amazing LOST fans came through again, and have donated a total of $3,424 to the National Brain Tumor Society in support of my friend Jackie! Thank you all so much for your generous contributions to this fantastic organization. 

There are a few shout outs I must give. First - to Heinz in Austria, who sold his official Lost prop (Miles' outfit, won at the Lost Auction) on eBay and donated half of the proceeds to Jackie and! Second - to Lenny G and his philanthropic organization. Third - to Jorge and Beth, for donating the piece of Oceanic 815, because it really was the main draw and helped bring in far more contributions than I ever imagined. 

Thankfully, I have something for every single person who was kind enough to contribute. I pulled names randomly from a hat, and although I wasn't able to give everyone exactly what you desired, hopefully you won't mind what you're receiving. 

1. Piece of Oceanic flight 815 plane, donated and autographed by Jorge Garcia {DARREN and ELISE A}
2. Hurley Lotto Ticket, autographed by Jorge Garcia {PAUL MCQ}
3. Hurley Bobblehead, autographed by Jorge Garcia {VIKAS T}
4. Lost Artifacts book, autographed by Jorge Garcia {JARED W}
5. Official Lost prop: Apollo Soda w/certificate of authenticity {STEPHEN W}
6. Lost jewelry {BROOKE H}
7. Dharma bag {JENNY Y}
8. Lost books {LAURA A}
9. Jacob and Man in Black action figures {HEINZ T}
10. Lost DVDs {SUE H}
11. Lost Numbers book/iPod bag {KATHERINE H}
12. Dharma decal and Hurley gelaskin {AMANDA S}
13. Giant Lost posters {JOANNE S}
14. Bonus Fringe and Star Trek posters {JOANNE S}
15. Framed Lost cast photo w/Sterling Beaumon autograph {LATHA M}
16. Middleman comic book and DVD {JOSEPH L}
17. Lost tees {MARY JANE C}
18. Lost magazines {ROB P}
19. Lost stickers and iron-on {RANDY C}
20. Small Lost posters w/Fringe bonus poster {CHRIS B}
21. Ajira belt {SEAN S}
22. Lost wallet {MIKE A}
23. Lost mousepad {BONNIE G}
24. Lost photos {MISSY B}
25. Lost Fan Club items {PAUL H}
26. Lost S3 cards w/autographed Mr. Friendly card {SUSAN T}
27. Lost flyers and buttons {ROBERT A}
28. Lost in Comics custom prints {LENNY G}


If you see your name above, please email me with your shipping address (jo at jopinionated dot com). I appreciate your patience in advance, as I will need a few days to pack up and ship all of the items.

From the bottom of my heart and soul, I want to thank you all again for the donations and support. I know that Jackie will be so appreciative as well. 

- Jo