Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Swag for Your Support: Thank You!

I am absolutely thrilled to report that amazing LOST fans came through again, and have donated a total of $3,424 to the National Brain Tumor Society in support of my friend Jackie! Thank you all so much for your generous contributions to this fantastic organization. 

There are a few shout outs I must give. First - to Heinz in Austria, who sold his official Lost prop (Miles' outfit, won at the Lost Auction) on eBay and donated half of the proceeds to Jackie and! Second - to Lenny G and his philanthropic organization. Third - to Jorge and Beth, for donating the piece of Oceanic 815, because it really was the main draw and helped bring in far more contributions than I ever imagined. 

Thankfully, I have something for every single person who was kind enough to contribute. I pulled names randomly from a hat, and although I wasn't able to give everyone exactly what you desired, hopefully you won't mind what you're receiving. 

1. Piece of Oceanic flight 815 plane, donated and autographed by Jorge Garcia {DARREN and ELISE A}
2. Hurley Lotto Ticket, autographed by Jorge Garcia {PAUL MCQ}
3. Hurley Bobblehead, autographed by Jorge Garcia {VIKAS T}
4. Lost Artifacts book, autographed by Jorge Garcia {JARED W}
5. Official Lost prop: Apollo Soda w/certificate of authenticity {STEPHEN W}
6. Lost jewelry {BROOKE H}
7. Dharma bag {JENNY Y}
8. Lost books {LAURA A}
9. Jacob and Man in Black action figures {HEINZ T}
10. Lost DVDs {SUE H}
11. Lost Numbers book/iPod bag {KATHERINE H}
12. Dharma decal and Hurley gelaskin {AMANDA S}
13. Giant Lost posters {JOANNE S}
14. Bonus Fringe and Star Trek posters {JOANNE S}
15. Framed Lost cast photo w/Sterling Beaumon autograph {LATHA M}
16. Middleman comic book and DVD {JOSEPH L}
17. Lost tees {MARY JANE C}
18. Lost magazines {ROB P}
19. Lost stickers and iron-on {RANDY C}
20. Small Lost posters w/Fringe bonus poster {CHRIS B}
21. Ajira belt {SEAN S}
22. Lost wallet {MIKE A}
23. Lost mousepad {BONNIE G}
24. Lost photos {MISSY B}
25. Lost Fan Club items {PAUL H}
26. Lost S3 cards w/autographed Mr. Friendly card {SUSAN T}
27. Lost flyers and buttons {ROBERT A}
28. Lost in Comics custom prints {LENNY G}


If you see your name above, please email me with your shipping address (jo at jopinionated dot com). I appreciate your patience in advance, as I will need a few days to pack up and ship all of the items.

From the bottom of my heart and soul, I want to thank you all again for the donations and support. I know that Jackie will be so appreciative as well. 

- Jo 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you AGAIN Jo and everyone who was kind enough to donate to the cause. Your donations mean the world to me and everyone else fighting brain cancer.