Sunday, February 13, 2011

LOST for a Cause, Swag for Support

Would you like to own a small piece of LOST history, and support an amazing cause in the process? Thanks to the inspiring generosity of Jorge Garcia, now you have the chance. 


My very good friend Jackie has a stage 4 brain tumor, at 31 years old. Events like this provide a necessary, fresh perspective. Thus, I have decided to part ways with a majority of my personal LOST collection, as their value is far more important to this cause than to their shelf life in my house. So I am putting them all for grabs in exchange for donations to the National Brain Tumor Society. 

In addition, Jorge Garcia and his girlfriend Beth were kind enough to donate an actual piece of the Oceanic 815 plane, just for this cause. I am overwhelmed by their generosity, and tremendously grateful for the extremely thoughtful donation. 

  1. Make a donation either directly to Jackie's upcoming Brain Tumor Walk or the National Brain Tumor Society
  2. Email me your e-receipt AND leave a Comment on this article, noting which item you're interested in winning from the list and photos below (i.e. #6, the Lost Jewelry)

Here is a list of items that you are automatically entered to win, depending on the amount you are able to donate. Please click on this link to view the accompanying photos of the items up for grabs

Entered to win for donations of $100 or more:
1. Piece of Oceanic flight 815 plane, donated and autographed by Jorge Garcia
2. Hurley Lotto Ticket, autographed by Jorge Garcia

Entered to win for donations of $75 or more:
3. Hurley Bobblehead, autographed by Jorge Garcia

Entered to win for donations of $50 or more:
4. Lost Artifacts book, autographed by Jorge Garcia
5. Official Lost prop: Apollo Soda w/certificate of authenticity

Entered to win for donations of $25 or more:
6. Lost jewelry
7. Dharma bag
8. Lost books
9. Jacob and Man in Black action figures
10. Lost DVDs
11. Lost Numbers book/iPod bag
12. Dharma decal & Hurley gelaskin
13. Giant Lost posters  
14. Bonus Fringe and Star Trek posters
15. Framed Lost cast photo with Sterling Beaumon (young Ben) autograph
16. Middleman comic book and DVD
17. Lost tees
18. Lost magazines

Entered to win for donations of $10 or more:
19. Lost stickers and iron-on
20. Small Lost posters w/Fringe bonus poster
21. Ajira belt
22. Lost wallet
23. Lost mousepad
24. Lost photos
25. Lost Fan Club items
26. Lost S3 cards with autographed Mr. Friendly card
27. Lost flyers and buttons
28. Lost in Comics custom prints


On March 1, I will put all of your names in a hat for each category ($10, $25, $50, $75, $100) and announce the winners here. 

Every person who donates any amount will receive their choice of a Lost Fan pin, Dharma temporary tattoo or autographed Nikki Stafford "Finding Lost" bookmark. Please note your choice when you forward me the receipt. [Sidenote: if you help promote the cause by posting this article on your FB wall or RT the link on Twitter, I will gladly send you one of these small items as well!]


My incredibly awesome friend Lenny has already committed to matching the first $100 donated to the National Brain Tumor Society via this site! 


I will pay for all shipping charges, and anyone around the world is eligible to make a donation and win the items I'm giving away above. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me (jo at jopinionated dot com). 

THANK YOU all in advance. The Lost community has never ceased to amaze me when it comes to their charitable spirit. I appreciate every single donation in any amount, as will my friend Jackie. 

- Jo

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do I hear 4 8 15 16 23 42?

Hello, Lost friends! It has been far too long since I have posted on this site. Because I've been tumblr-ing. And TVsquad-ding. And TVovermind-ing. And Alcatraz-ing.

But I return for an excellent reason, the details of which I am not quite ready to reveal. It involves Lost memorabilia, and a charity that is very close to my heart right now. To give you a hint, here is a piece from my personal collection that will be up for grabs:

The tremendously generous Jorge Garcia has once again kindly signed a few items for me, specifically for the cause. He and Beth are, quite simply, awesome human beings. 

Interested in more? 

Stay tuned. And thank you for continuing to do so, long after The End.