Sunday, December 6, 2009

LOST S5 Dharma DVD Giveaway: Photo Contest Entries, Pt 3

Last week I posted the first and second batches of photos from fellow Lost fans who have entered to win a limited edition Lost Season 5 Dharma DVD set and bonus prizes from my personal memorabilia collection. The contest ends tomorrow night, so you still have time! Click here to review the rules for eligibility.

[I altered the above photo of Faraday for fun; I wanted to play along!]

Here is the third group of creative entries:

The first is from John P, who was Charlie for Halloween. 

The second is from Patty; she and her boyfriend recreated the Penny & Desmond photo while on vacation in Hawaii last year!

The third is from Nick G, who took this photo through a real looking glass (in this case, a coffee mug filled with water)!

The fourth is from Claire G; she and her sister are giving Hurley's Dharma van a little push down the hill for his joy ride. :)

The fifth is from Susan H, who took my instructions literally (to think outside of the Locke Box)! 

The next few photos were submitted by Lost fans who live outside of the US and Canada; although they are not eligible to win this contest, they submitted fun entries nonetheless and I appreciate it!

Amanda W from Australia is facing her own version of the Black Smoke Monster! 

Troy K from Australia has created a rather menacing version of Locke with his knife, up from the wheelchair!

And my friend Thorsten in Germany submitted this beautiful and clever photo for us to enjoy; situated above a German RISK map, he is holding in his own hand a scene on his iPhone from S5 when Locke is holding the compass!
The contest ends tomorrow night (Monday, 12/7), so email me YOUR interpretation of a Lost scene (person, place or thing) today!

Oh, and just for kicks, in addition to the DVD set, custom Hurley iPod Touch gelaskin and Got Lost? tee...I will throw in a box of sealed LOST Season Two Premium Trading Cards for the winner. 


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