Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LOST S5 Dharma DVD Giveaway: Photo Contest Entries, Pt 1

Here is the deal. I primarily purchase Lost memorabilia to give it away to fellow fans. It is my choice and pleasure to do so, and over the last several years I have found that most people enjoy entering contests to win these items. 

From now through next Monday, I'm offering you the chance to win a special edition LOST Season 5 Dharma Initiative DVD set (generously provided by Buena Vista Home Entertainment), as well as two items from my personal collection - a Got Lost? tee from the official Lost tour in Hawaii and a limited edition LOST gelaskin for the iPod Touch with Hurley and the Numbers. 

Here are the contest details and rules. In short, I am seeking a photo recreation (i.e. your creative interpretation) of a scene from that last five seasons of Lost. Over the next few days, look around your house, your office, your life - I guarantee that you will find something that reminds you of Lost. For the photo, it can be a person, place or thing...

Below are the first 4 entries for your viewing pleasure and inspiration!

The first is from Matt Roeser, who throws elaborate Lost finale parties and was just interviewed by EW's Lost expert, Jeff 'Doc' Jensen! Matt took this photo in Hawaii, discovering the Looking Glass station cord from the beach to the ocean. 

The second is from Luis S, who has recreated a scene from the Pilot featuring Han Solo as Sawyer and Star Wars Mr. Potato Head figures as fellow castaways!

The third is from Dustin W, who recreated that moment in Season 5 when Charlotte uttered her last words to Faraday, "I'm not allowed to eat chocolate before dinner."

The fourth entry is from Cat (perhaps Evangeline Lilly's biggest fan), who appears to be smooching Hurley on his golf course on Oahu!

Variety is the spice of Lost, and I love the creative opportunities that this contest presents. There are several other Lost sites giving away the DVD set, so I wanted to throw in an extra few items as incentive. And don't be surprised if I sweeten the prize package before the contest ends on Monday...

Enter this week, and spread the word! Above all else, enjoy. 


[sidenote: I would love to hear what you think, but please be kind and/or constructive with any feedback; it is my policy to not publish personal attacks or disparaging comments]


xocc said...

those pics are totally fun!

Suzie-Q said...

Okay, I can't photograph it, but if I could I'd take a picture of my dachshund with an arm skeleton in her mouth out in the backyard! (Hey, it cracked ME up!!)

comixguru said...

love the creativity of everyone :)

Great idea, Jo! :)