Thursday, November 26, 2009

Win a LOST S5 Dharma DVD Set & More: Photo Contest

By now you've probably seen that there are a few other Lost sites offering you the opportunity to win a LOST Season 5 Dharma DVD set (pictured above), courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. In the interest of friendly competition, I've decided to up the ante in exchange for a flash of YOUR creativity. 


In addition to the limited edition S5 Dharma DVD set, the winner of my contest will also receive a GOT LOST? tee (which I purchased after taking the KOS Lost Tour in Oahu earlier this year). The shirt is packaged in a paper KOS Hummer, as above. 

AND, the winner will also receive a limited edition custom LOST iPod Touch Gelaskin cover!

Here are the rules for eligibility:

  • You must live in the U.S. or Canada (the DVD set is Region 1)
  • You need to be either following me on Twitter or be a friend on Facebook
  • One entry per person

(photo courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. @ABC Studios)

To enter this contest, I only ask one thing in return: recreate and take a photo of a scene from the last 5 seasons of Lost. It is that simple. Be creative and think outside of the [Locke] box. It does not have to be elaborate; it can be a person, place or thing. 

Email your photos to me (jo [at] jopinionated [dot] com), and I will post them a few batches at a time for fellow fans to enjoy. 

The contest is open until Monday, December 7. I will announce the winner that night and ship the winner their DVD, tee and Gelaskin the next day. 

Happy holidays, Namaste and good luck!



@j_lavalley said...

I have a *REALLY* good idea -- I just don't know if I have the photo-skills to pull it off.... I guess we shall see!



lorilooski said...

Sounds like lots of fun! I can't wait to see everyone's entries.

Josh Taylor said...

does this mean the last 5 seconds of the series finale?

Jo said...

Hi Josh - I am seeking a photo recreation of a scene from the first 5 seasons, not a guess as to how it will all end. That may be a future contest :)

Josh Taylor said...

seasons. I thought it said "Seconds" haha. Thanks, Jo. Love your blog. Avid reader :)

arbitrary said...

If I could, I would.