Monday, December 7, 2009

LOST S5 Dharma DVD Photo Contest WINNER!

Before I announce the winner of this contest, I wanted to share three last-minute entries! 

The first is an amazing food creation from Pikko, who has created several Lost-themed Bento Boxes!

The second is from Estella; she and her boyfriend recreated THE Penny and Des photo while in Oahu. [sidenote: I went to her kickass Lost party in September, commemorating the 5 year anniversary of Flight 815!]

And the third is from Mike H; it is a close-up of the Locke-inspired eye opening scenes that we've been treated to in many episodes! 

I would just like to thank all of you for your participation. The creativity of the Lost community never ceases to amaze me, and I appreciate that each of you took the time to recreate your version/vision of a Lost person, place or thing to share with us!

Here are all of the submissions; the winner is revealed at the bottom of the page!





















This was VERY entertaining and quite a challenge to choose just one winning photo based on the criteria I was seeking. 

But I had to make a decision, and my choice to win (the limited edition Lost: The Complete Fifth Season Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit DVD, a Got Lost? tee, a custom Hurley iPod Touch gelaskin cover and a box of Lost Season Two Premium Trading cards) is...Dustin!!

I chose this photo for many reasons, but I do love the details that Dustin and his wife thought about when they recreated this scene from This Place is Death: from Faraday's beard, unkempt hair and skinny tie to Charlotte's spot-on attire. That she is a redhead and he is donning a Dharma construction hat (a nod to his time traveling days to the Orchid in the 70's) are icing on the cake. 

So congratulations to Dustin - I hope to ship out your box of goodies this weekend! By the way, Dustin has a pop culture blog and has been writing his own Lost Rewatch analysis, so make sure to check out his site when you get a chance. :)

Seriously - THANK YOU to everyone who entered! I would love to send each of you one of my custom Lost Fan pins, so if you're interested simply email me your address. 

Namaste, and don't forget that Lost S5 on DVD & Blu-ray debuts tomorrow, and Lost University officially launches as well!



Lisa said...

Very fun contest Jo, sad not to win but I pointed out the same photo to my bf yesterday and said this one will win and yep he did. It is definitely the best one for the same reasons you stated. Loved the contest, thanks for letting me play along.

thorsten said...

hah. awesome!
Congrats Dustin ;))

Aunt J-ha said...

Another Awesome contest. I love all the photos. Kudos to everyone!

Dustin Winebrenner said...

Thanks, Jo, for putting together a fun contest and such a great community of Lost fans!

Suzie-Q said...

Congrats, Dustin!!!