Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Octagon Global Recruiting at Comic-Con: The Flyer

Hi, I'm back. Barely awake, but wanted to include a photo of the flyer that the Dharma suits were handing out at the Octagon booth.

Pardon the lame photo. Here is the text:

Dharma Initiative

The Dharma Initiative is recruiting volunteers
for its latest groundbreaking research project

Eligibility Testing
at the
Dharma Initiative Booth
at Comic-Con

By Appointment Only
BOOK NOW with a Dharma Initiative recruiting officer
at booth number 3529

Help us guide the world
to a brighter tomorrow

If you can't make it to Comic-Con
our eligibility test will be available
from July 28th

And I couldn't capture it with my camera properly, but the octagon symbol in the upper right corner is not the one we're accustomed to; there are little alternating cuts into each piece of the pie. For those of you following the dots, it is worth investigating.

More tomorrow...


Apopheniac79 said...

Have you tried folding the paper as instructed? If so, is there a code or image that is revealed after folding? If not, I'd suggest keeping it folded and bringing the swan with you to any ORG events or appointments (including the LOST panel). But then again that's probably just my wishful thinking kicking into overdrive again ;)

Dube said...

How fun! Must say that I'm jealous of your trip. Oh, and I like the new logo!

Jo said...

Apo - Apparently I'm too A.D.D. to deal with the Swan origami. Now that Dharma has rejected me, perhaps I'll tinker w/it. :)

Dube - Thanks for the feedback about the new logo!