Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Octagon Global Recruiting at Comic-Con: Photos

I barely survived my first few hours at Comic-Con. I am ill-prepared for the crowds and was very overwhelmed. What a rookie. My plan from here on out is to avoid the exhibition hall altogether and sit in lines for the TV panels.

So I visited the official Dharma Initiative booth at Comic-Con immediately tonight. There was a huge crowd, and the 'staff' weren't booking appointments for recruitment until tomorrow. It seemed as if the actors hired to work that booth weren't speaking proper English; they were using an odd form of the word 'tomorrow,' repeatedly. Not sure if that is significant, but it sounded like they were trying to speak with an Australian accent. And as we know (from Hurley's game of Risk), Australia is key.
[Or it could be that I got 3 hours of sleep, was swimming upstream among the nerdy salmon in a very confined space, and my exuberance quickly dissipated into fumes.]

There is a pre-fab 70's Star Trek type door with a combo lock that perhaps one gains entry through after earning an interview...

If I somehow manage to secure an interview for recruitment, I will report back here immediately. That being said, the so-called free wi-fi at the convention center was not working. Quite frustrating. Thank goodness for Twitter.

I will try to blog again tomorrow, from the venue.

By the way, JJ Abrams' new series Fringe is amazing. The pilot is extremely well written, acted and filmed, and I love the new female lead (think Scully with sass + Cate Blanchett).



Apopheniac79 said...

"There is a pre-fab 70's Star Trek type..."
The 70's feel is all over this one. The new bagua struck me distinctly as '70's-ish' (I could see it painted on the side of a love-van, lol). Combined with the 'rough' jumpsuits, sew-on patches, and now this door, I can't help but think that it may all take us back abit ;)

I think I should call Mr. Peabody

Dube said...

I can't wait to watch Fringe. Anything with JJ Abrams has to be great!