Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dharma Doh! Not Recruited by OGR at Comic-Con

Although there is still a chance for all of us to qualify for 'employment' with the Dharma Initiative via Octagon Global Recruiting beginning Monday on their new site, apparently I do not have what it takes. Either that, or the 50 billion people who signed up before me and stalked the booth at Comic-Con put more effort into it.

Whatever. The adult onesie khaki jumpsuit wouldn't be flattering on me, and I wouldn't respond well to a Mittelos roofie OJ cocktail, nor a climb out of a submarine in high heels. Wait, I don't own any high heels...

I did manage to talk to a guy immediately after he emerged from the OGR pod. His condition was a tad alarming; he was literally shaking and sweating profusely. I inquired about his experience, and he said that he was shown a series of images that he had to respond to, followed by a series of psychological questions. Sounds perfectly odd and very Dharma.

Tomorrow, I will be attending the EW Showrunner panel featuring Damon & Carlton. I hope to meet some fellow Lost fans, as it has been a challenge to identify them among the costumes and crowds thus far.

More tomorrow night...

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