Thursday, February 21, 2008

LOST, Episode 4.4: Hatching Theories About 'Eggtown'

Apologies in advance for the lack of photos. To save time and catch a few more winks, I am sticking to theories and questions tonight. MUCH more to come tomorrow…

I am not in the habit of gloating, but back on February 1, I posted this under 'Crazy Theories' of the week:

"In the future, Kate is taking care of Aaron. Either Claire was left on the island or died, and Kate became his surrogate mother (the only viable candidate among the Oceanic 6). Aaron was one of the Oceanic 6, and he is the 'him' that Kate referred to in the flash forward with Jack."


This week’s title (Eggtown) was, in part, a nod to reproduction and the lack thereof from the island ladies. And Locke made Ben breakfast with the ‘last two eggs,’ an allegory about Claire and Sun; they produced the only children from Flight 815.


Even though Aaron wasn’t born yet when Flight 815 crashed, he was born on the island. So is he considered one of the Oceanic 6?

Aaron is Jack’s nephew. Does he know that yet, in this flash forward?

Does Dead Charlie visit Aaron in the future too? Can Aaron see him like Hurley was able to? I believe so, because Aaron is probably ‘special’ like Walt. Claire’s psychic must have sensed that too, which is why he was adamant that she raise him herself.


We can assume that Claire was either killed or rescued. Given that the fake story is that only a few crashed and survived, and barely any time was spent together on the island before rescue…will we find out that they are they claiming she died during childbirth?

Charlie died because Desmond had a vision that Claire was rescued via helicopter. Does she get rescued, and if so, why would Kate have Aaron? Was Desmond’s vision a crock?


Kate asserted that she knew she wasn’t pregnant…right after rebuffing Sawyer’s advances for the second time in a row. Was she implying that it was that time of the month? Sorry boys. Sometimes it’s best to spell it out.

Kate isn’t from California, so why was her trial there?

Hurley and Jack both expressed a desire to return to the island in flash-forwards. Should we assume that Kate has no interest because she’s raising Aaron? Or is it because she took Aaron from Claire and doesn’t want to return him?

In Claire’s flashback a few seasons ago, her psychic said that it was imperative that she raise her child by herself. What implications will this have for Kate?

Is it significant that under the terms of Kate’s deal, she can’t leave the state?


The company line is that 8 people survived the crash, so how did the other 2 die? Jack said that Kate saved 5 people, but could she have prevented the deaths of the other two?

We now know that Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and possibly Aaron are 5 of the Oceanic 6...which would indicate that Jin and Sun aren’t rescued together, if at all. Same for Rose and Bernard. Neither married couple are rescued intact.

How much money or what kind of blackmail was involved to make Kate, Jack and Hurley stick to the game plan and tell that story? The lives of their loved ones or those still stuck on the island must be at stake.

Where is Sayid during all of these flash-forwards? We know he was traveling the world working as a spy for Ben, but how is he doing so in an open fashion when the other rescued survivors are so in the spotlight?


Both Kate and Sun referred to their children as ‘my;’ Sun was talking about her unborn child as ‘my baby’ and Kate referred to Aaron as ‘my son.’ No men involved or implied. Perhaps Sun’s child isn’t Jin’s after all, and that’s why she wants to return to Korea…to raise her child where its father lived and worked before he died, and where her family money is.


The person that hired Miles has been looking long and hard for Ben. That is a costly endeavor, and we’ve met a few wealthy folks that fit the profile. Oceanic Airlines was a successful company, and their attorney Matthew Abbadon dispatched and financed Naomi and the Freighter Four on this mission, so perhaps the mystery man in charge is Abbadon or a major stockholder (like Mr. Widmore or Mr. Paik).

What are we to gleam from the fact that Daniel Faraday is suffering from apparent memory loss? Is it short term, or does it have anything to do with his mental illness? If the island has healing powers, it certainly relegates them to specific individuals.

Regina is the one answering all phone calls on the freighter. Where the hell did Minkowski go?


Jin was looking at a map and pointed out Albuquerque. That is where Sawyer set up an anonymously funded bank account for his daughter Clementine. I believe that Kate also robbed a bank in New Mexico.


Part 1: As part of the overall lie, the outside world believes that Aaron is Kate’s biological child. They also think that very little time was spent between the crash and the rescue, so her story is that she got pregnant on the island and Sawyer is the father.

Part 2: Sawyer is one of the Oceanic 6 (if not the last), and has made a life with Kate off-island. Even though she does not mention a husband or boyfriend and we don’t know if anyone else lives in that giant house of hers, Sawyer is happy to play house with Kate and pretend to be the baby daddy as well. Sawyer is the ‘he’ that Kate has to get back to when she meets up with Drunk Bearded Jack down the line. Aaron wasn’t the one who was worried about his mommy running an errand at night; he was at home, sleeping while daddy Sawyer or the nanny was there. Sawyer was the one that Kate was worried about; he certainly wasn’t aware that she was on a rendezvous to meet up with Jack. Sawyer is also the reason that Jack hasn’t gone to her house to visit; it isn’t because of Aaron or the circumstances by which Kate became his mother, it is because of Sawyer.


Kate did have Sawyer’s child, and she named him Aaron as homage to the real mother and child who weren’t rescued. The reason that Kate wants to be rescued so badly is that she knows that women and children die during childbirth on the island. Timeline-wise, I have no idea if this is plausible (Kate’s mom revealed that it had been four years since the crash, and I couldn’t tell how old Aaron was in this flash-forward).


Kate took Aaron with Claire’s blessing, because she asked her to. Perhaps Claire becomes mortally wounded, or due to weight constraints, no more adults were allowed on the helicopter.

Moving on...

Mr. Widmore is the man searching for Ben. He was either involved with or financed Dharma, and/or found out about Ben’s purge. He was familiar with the stations and hatches on the island, as well as their functions. He also discovered that his daughter Penny was looking for Desmond via an electromagnetic anomaly, put two and two together, and set up Naomi and the Freighter Four on the mission.

Ben didn’t leave the island when he found out about his tumor because at that point in time, his undercover off-island spy identity had been discovered and someone was out to kill him. He knew that no one would find him on the island, and waited for the opportune moment to manipulate Jack into operating on him after the crash. That is why he didn’t mind when Locke blew up the communications station and the submarine; he didn’t want to leave the island anymore either.

Last season, Claire attached an SOS message to a bird in hopes of rescue. That message will be discovered a few years after the Oceanic 6 were paid off and living their miserable lives back in the real world, and it will cause serious ramifications for the survivors and the folks responsible for their lies. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Season 6.


I have to say…it is eerie how much that child looks like Emilie de Ravin (Claire). Totally blows holes in many of theories, but great casting.

Oh, and at least in Locke Land, the answer to the age-old question is...the egg came first, and then the chicken.

Good night!


Jiva Eric said...

None of what I am about to state supports, refutes, or in any way is meant to do anything other than vent my confusion about last night's episode:

When Kate was talking to jack in the garage, and she knew why Jack didn't want to see the baby, of course we thought it was due to the paternity of the child (i.e. Sawyer was the baby daddy.) Which made me think (and say aloud) that the kid was going to have shaggy blonde hair. I laughed when it did in fact have the hair I guessed. However, finding out that the kid was named Aaron about caused my head to explode.

Also, if someone can birth a baby on the island that was conceived OFF the island, are we to assume that the problem is with babies conceived ON the island? OK, so if that is the case, can mothers of babies conceived on the island safely birth a baby OFF the island? (i.e. Can Kate survive a delivery of an island-conceived baby in LA?)

I think that in reflection the best line of the show was Claire stating that Kate should someday have a kid of her own. Well, she does, sort of. Is it her own? Is it stolen?

To speak of your Sawyer-living-with-kate scenario: would Kate invite Jack back to the house if Sawyer was in the picture? Who knows, but I imagine Sawyer waiting at the door with a shotgun if that were the case...

Lastly, I think that the reason Kate was so eager to take the deal with the DA was the "can't leave the state" clause. The DA even repeated for our benefit "you will stay put." I think this was due to the fact that Kate wanted a reason to be anchored in the state. Maybe this is because Sawyer was in Albuquerque with his daughter and was pressuring Kate to join him (which she can't, since she rolled a bank there.) Or maybe it was because people were pressuring her to go back to the island.

Also, maybe Kate and the rest of the 6 are sticking to the story not due to blackmail, but out of shame or protection against backlash to them leaving everyone else behind? Maybe there were only 6 seats on the freighter, or a 6-setaed pelican flew down to rescue them and they had a Battle Royale for the 6 seats. Maybe they will never speak of it for fear of losing their Oceanic Gold Pass.

Also! We see ben in Germany. Does this mean he was rescued separately, or just not considered "Oceanic" since he was not on the manifest? Or, did he have some means of escaping the entire time that remained hidden from everyone (besides the submarine?)

Just the ramblings of a confused mind...

Anonymous said...

Wait, did her mother say she hadn't seen Kate in 4 years or that it had been 4 years since the crash? We know they were alienated before Kate was captured in Australia. I thought that the different space/time made Aaron age faster. He looked to be 3? Why would her trial have taken 4 years to get to court?
I have no idea. Lost confuses my poor little brain. Great post!

JOpinionated said...

lifetussle: That is a very good question. I will watch the episode again to clarify what Kate's mom said! Thank you for leaving a comment!

JivaEric: Thanks for sharing your detailed theories! I love it! Good point about Kate wanting to stay in the state, because we know she has NO interest in returning to the island...especially if she stole Aaron from Claire.