Friday, February 22, 2008

Kate & Aaron Evacuate Eggtown: Episode 4.4 Continued

First things first. I lied. I promised to post a plethora of additional theories tonight, as well as photos. But I'm feeling quite tired and lazy. Perhaps tomorrow will be more inspiring. A torrential downpour is on the way, so I'll probably be back with more.

Second, a co-worker compared me to the Black Smoke Monster today. She meant it as a compliment (i.e. my ability to scan and assess people), but it's not like I hide around corners at the office, waiting to scare people and thrash them around against trees. Good times.

Anyway, back to the conspiracy theories.

In addition to the great comments which a few people left after last night's episode, a friend emailed me the following:
"Did you find it interesting that Hurley was watching Xanadu when Kate arrived to see Sawyer, and did you listen to the words to the song that were playing in the background as the two met??? I think you can chalk this one up to a pop-culture reference and also a literature reference if you read Coleridge's Kubla Khan...

Which caused me to look on Wikipedia... which reminded me that Charles Foster Kane's mansion in Citizen Kane was named Xanadu.... Ben is rather Charles Foster Kane-like and lives in his own compound like Kane in Xanadu.

Another thing that we just discussed here is why in 2004 were they watching VHS tapes??? No DVDs if they have access off the island??? Or does that have to do with Jacob's dislike for things modern?"
Glenn, thank you for pointing out the Xanadu and Citizen Kane nods!

Also, Locke gave Ben a copy of VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System), a sci-fi novel by Philip K. Dick. I have not read the book, but after a little research, I can report that spirituality, religion and philosophy play a major role.


Is Future Ben still able to travel back and forth to the island? Are he and Sayid working to protect those who weren't rescued? Will Jack find out that Ben is still alive and demand to return with him?

Did Kate's mom know that Aaron wasn't her baby? Why else would Kate prevent her from seeing her grandson?

If Sun isn't rescued, does Juliet remain on the island to take care of her and the birth?

While testifying on behalf of Kate on trial, Jack said that Flight 815 crashed in the South Pacific. But the media reported that the wreckage was found near the Sunda Trench...which is in the Indian Ocean. I'm no cartographer, but those are not one and the same. So how do the Oceanic 6 explain the discrepancy upon their return? How is it that their stories don't fit what was reported in the press?

If the Oceanic 6 were all paid a very handsome price for their silence, why is Kate living in a nice house in the suburbs and Jack in an average apartment?

Jack must not know that Aaron is his nephew, because wouldn't he be more concerned about the kid's well-being? Kate made it seem like Jack hadn't seen Aaron since they were rescued.

Last week, Miles said that he wasn't really friends with his fellow Freighter Four, and last night he told Ben that he could "take care" of Charlotte if Ben agreed to the $3.2 million.

When Claire first found out that she was pregnant and then her boyfriend left her, she opted for adoption. She was on Flight 815 in route to the adoptive parents. She never intended to raise Aaron, but crashing on the island changed her perspective. Was Claire under duress or injured when she made the decision to hand over Aaron to Kate?

File Under: Random

The actor who played Kate's attorney was in the film "Frequency" with Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet), and his character's name was...Jack Shepard.


Michael is one of the Oceanic 6. As part of the payoff and lie, none of the Oceanic 6 spill the beans about Michael's double murder (Libby and Ana Lucia) back on the island. Walt does not return with his dad; he chooses to stay on the island with Locke.

Good night, Lost friends. Keep those comments coming!


john said...

Interesting sidenote about the movie Frequency...That movie involved the flexibility of time and the fact that the past and the future can affect each other...

Anonymous said...

Here is something a friend of mine brought up. Technically Aaron would have Australian citizenship. How would that factor into things? Is Kate saying Aaron is her child because there would be more of a threat to him if he was returned to someone in Claire's family?

JOpinionated said...

Hey Annie - I don't think that Claire's family would even know that Aaron existed. I believe that they were told that Claire died in the crash or shortly thereafter. Remember, the 'real world' is under the impression that the 6 survivors of Flight 815 were rescued very shortly after the crash, so they wouldn't even fathom Aaron being born yet. Also, Claire's mom was in a coma and it's unclear whether her aunt knew she was pregnant. Besides her dad Christian (also Jack's dad and supposedly deceased), I don't think she had much family.