Thursday, February 21, 2008

Before We Move On: Further Musings About 'The Economist'

I am just an hour away from episode 4, but I after watching "The Economist" again, I posted some new thoughts below.

In the first scene on the golf course, Sayid is wearing one white glove and Mr. Avellino is wearing one black glove. Symbolism on Lost is subtle and usually significant. From white bunnies branded with black numbers to the Black Rock slave ship to games people play (backgammon & chess), black and white themes permeate the entire series. My initial thought upon noticing the gloves on the golf course, however, was that we were to believe that Sayid was the 'good guy' and Avellino was the 'bad guy' (perhaps I have seen too many Disney films with obvious visual clues). Sayid was working for Ben after rescue, and Ben always insisted that he was one of the good guys...

Ben's secret spy life in the real world must have included some medical training. Back on the island in Other Village, Ethan was the designated surgeon and Juliet was the fertility specialist. And yet in Sayid's flash forward, Ben was stitching him up like a pro. Why would he hide his medical expertise from his people? For example, he could have saved Colleen after Sun shot her, but he left the baby doc try and fail instead. Very intriguing.

Sawyer told Kate that he didn't want to get rescued, that he has nothing to return to. What about Clementine, the daughter he had with Cassidy? It is interesting that he now wants to set up house with Kate on the island, knowing that there is a strong possibility that she's pregnant...

See you in a few hours.

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