Thursday, March 25, 2010

Want to Win a LOST Tee? Let's Discuss Your Finale Plans

UPDATE: We have a winner! Would the lovely person who has named themselves Shoes McCoat please email me - you've won a LOST tee from CafePress! Thank you to all who entered - I have several Lost tees to give away in the next two months, so you still have a chance to win one. :) 
CafePress, one of my favorite pop culture product sites, has partnered with ABC to allow fans to design and sell Lost themed tees. As a result, there are some incredibly creative and funny shirts for sale that I highly recommend you peruse in the CafePress Lost T-Shirt store

The lovely folks at CafePress sent me this fantastic tee to illustrate just one of the many designs available. And they recently rewarded the winner of the Lost tee design contest with a trip to Oahu!

If YOU would like to win one of the Lost tees featured in the CafePress Lost T-Shirt store (and live in the U.S. or Canada), simply leave your answers to the following two questions in a Comment below by Thursday, April 1 and one winning entry will be drawn from a hat: 

  1. Which fan-designed Lost tee from CafePress is your favorite? [name or link]
  2. Where are you planning to watch the Lost Series Finale on May 23, 2010?

Thank you in advance for participating!



maven said...

Another Jo contest! Cool!
1. My favorite tee is Lost Quotes and Symbols.
2. Marty and are tentatively planning on attending Jay & Jack's Lost Finale Party at the Orpheum Theater in L.A. Tickets are available tomorrow.

What are your plans?

Matt Roeser said...

Hey Jo!

1. I really like the simplicity of this one on black:,65314955

(also, have to shout out for the shirt i designed featuring Ezra, the Dharma Shark)

2. I plan on having another one of my crazy finale parties with friends and family over...they tend to get out of control - check out past parties here:


shar said...

1. I like the Lost Quotes and Symbols tee.

2. I would love to go to the LA party, is there going to be one in NorCal? Well right now my plan is to watch it with some friends at home.


White Rabbit said...

1. I really dig the Drive Shaft tee!!
2. I'm throwing a finale party, featuring Dharma snacks, hot pockets and Dharma beer, nonstop Lost soundtrack in the food room, leis at the door, and prizes for costumes!!

The Other Jo :-) said...

1) My favorite is definitely Jacob's Cabin/ Wilderness Retreat by Anne.

2) I'll be watching at home with a fairly good size group. I'm setting up a competition for us all to play beforehand, and I'll be making Dharma fish biscuits again :)

-Roger Overton

White Rabbit said...

(sorry, just realized there is more than one. It's this one:,428284309)

And now you've launched me on a mad shopping spree!!!

Erin said...

1. There are so many awesome ones, but I love the simplicity of the "Peace Love LOST" shirt.

2. I'm going over to my friend's house and we're having a finale party!

MollyFaraday said...

1. My Fave is,435186680. Such a brilliant design!!!

2. I will watch it at home, like I always do. I would prefer
to be alone because I will be bawling my eyes out like I usually do. Also, when I watch it alone, I get to scream and talk to the characters/tv as much as I want!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1) Rousseau

2) Well, considering the finale will be on my birthday, I've already won regardless if I get a shirt or not. Ha ha. But, I'm aiming for a Dharma themed party, including a cake of the Swan logo. Whiskey and cokes will be around as well, sadly it won't be MacCutcheon though...

As the show ends though, if Kate is the one whom saves them all, I will simply turn the TV off after the finale and weep myself to sleep.

Cindy said...

This is my fav. t-shirt -,429736409

I will be watching the finale with my husband and best friend who will travel from NY to FL to watch with us! For all these years we've been talking about it, sending each other links, but we've never been able to watch together. The finale was a must-see-together moment! Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

1. I really like this one for some reason(,432587602 )

2. The wife and I will head over to my parents house where we watch every finale. Usually ends with us shouting, will probably end with us in tears this time. Whole family will be there, sister's family, parents. Everyone. Should be fun.

Kris M said...

1. Too many to pick from-I loved so many! The shirt that fit me was the Triathlon Lost T-Shirt.

2. I'll be watching alone, at home, not blinking for 2 hours. I don't know what will make me cry more-the actual episode or the fact that it's over.

Rhiannon said...

1. Rousseau Expedition 1988,432044960 (But there are so many good ones!)
2. I will be watching "Lost" at my friends Matt and CJ's house, as I have since the first season. However, Matt and I said very early on that when the final episode ends, the two of us will weep like little girls...

jonathan said...

1. Favorite shirt is the Don't tell me what I can't do showing several versions of Locke from wheelchair to standing.

2. Watching at home with some of my favorite Lost fans who do not talk during the show :)

lennyg said...

Hi Jo, I like the simplicity of the numbers'related shirts (hoping we get the answers reconciling the code, the button, the energy release, the plane crash, the candidates and how Jacob (presumably) tied them all together to get the candidates to to the island!)

For the finale, I'll be with my LOST loving family watching it at home. No distractions!

Bejae said...

I love all of them but this one is the one I would probably buy first.,433108246

I would love to watch the finale with a big group of fellow Losties but I don't know any close by so I will be most likely watching it at home.

Anonymous said...

Yay! This is so exciting!

1.The Numbers Bear,431846449

2. Every week a group of my friends get together to watch lost at a friends house who has TiVo so we can pause and discuss. We will be doing our regular viewing time and place for the finale!

Tammy said...

1. My favorite is the winner of the Dharma Initiative category, the Namaste t-shirt:,432336639

2. There is absolutely no doubt where I will be consuming the finale. I will be at the Alamo Drafthouse (West Oaks) in Houston, TX, with the Houston Chronicle's Tubular - Lost blogger, Therese Odell, and all of us crazy Losties that follow her blog. What a party this is going to be! Last year I wore the "Hurley's Recap" t-shirt (from Cafe Press) to the season finale. I would LOVE to wear the Namaste shirt to the show finale! Thanks, Jo!

tracindarella said...

1. After only looking at the first 32 pages (egads) I definitely like Hurley's Dharma Diner shirt the best.

2. My fellow crazed Lostie Alan and I (he went with me to Hawaii in October) will be at my house with dinner, wine and a box of kleenex. My children are well trained in what NOT to do when mom is watching Lost!

Thanks Jo!!

Yukailin said...

1) I like the Dharma Initiative - Supply Drop Division shirt found at,429153636

This one popped out at me because I was part of the Dharma Drop crew who supplied munchies to the writer's during the WGA strike.

2) I'm going to be at the Orpheum theater in Los Angeles at Jay & Jack's Lost finale party. Woohoo.


Kate H said...

(1) I like the Dharma Drop shirt.,429153636

(2) I have no fancy plans, although I wish I did. I am planing to watch Lost with my husky Teyla. I always watch after it has finished recording on my DVR so I can speed through the commercials. Why break tradition now.

Thanks Jo!

canhamam said...

Jo, you sent me a Dharma Fan pin which I promptly...LOST. Thanks for another contest!
I like the Lost TV cap sleeve T. And I'll either watch at home or at one of the theaters that may be broadcasting.

joshRgordon said...

1. this is the best shirt ever.,430431482

2. I either plan on flying to Los Angeles to attend the Jay and Jack Finale Event (if I can get my hands on a ticket!!!!!!) or gonna throw a huge party down here in Florida with my fellow LOSTIES! And IT"S GONNA BE SO EPICCC!!!!!! 4815162342

Karen said...,435186680

I also like the one you are wearing. Hope to be watching finale in LA at fan party, but will probably watch here in our basement at our own fan party!
thanks, karen

Brian said...

My shirt choice:,432587602

I will probably be at home instead of attending a party. :(


lostiegirl78 said...

I love the I'd Hit That shirt,429454915

I will probably be watching at home, but would love to get some Losties together for a big party! :)

tobordab said...


2. I will be watching at home in order to avoid distractions.

RowanRaven said...

Thanks for another groovy contest, Jo!

1. I love the System Failure hieroglyphics:,65314955

2. I'll be attending a LOST Finale Party at my excellent bff Lynne's home. She'll have games & prizes to boot! Then I'm taking the next day off from work, for I will be shell-shocked and depressed and overwhelmed, I am sure...

Thank you!
--Kimberly F.

Lacey said...

Hi Jo - LOVE your blog, but I hate that I just discovered it a few weeks ago!! I should have been here all along...

1. Love this shirt -
Dharmaville 1977 -,430267188

2. Finale night, along with every episode until then, will be shown at my house on my husband's new TV that he has been begging for for years! I finally gave in because wouldn't the rest of the season be alot more fun on a 47" LED tv rather than a 32"? I thought so! So we will be at home, with a bottle of 7 Deadly Zins, and humus + pita chips to commemorate the last episode. (and then completely break down as we realize this is the last one and then begin to watch them all over AGAIN on blueray.)

Thanks for posting the contest!

p said...

ooh, so many to choose from...but my fave is the Lost Characters Organic Women's T:,432151529
I'll be watching the finale at home with grandma!

Cindy said...

I love the polar bear numbers shirt.

I will be sitting in my living room with my husband - as we have watched all the Lost episodes together in the same fashion. I plan to have some snacks to munch on. Also, I'll have my phone in my lap, as I text 2 friends during the commercials to talk about what just happened!

Bryan Murray said...

1. Think this would have to be my favorite:,147321107

2. We're having a Lost finale party at our friend's in Sacramento complete with Dharma beer and cocktails, boar (carnitas) tacos, and Dharma jumpsuits.

the flour child said...

I have two personal faves, actually.... being a huge Hurley fan, the Recap tee is hilarious to me.,354739283
I'm sure there's a hot pocket themed one as well, but in the bajillion pages there are, I wasn't able to find one.
Also do love Ezra the shark! :),432695871
a few awesome nods in that belly of his.

As for the finale, I'll most likely be sobbing in the comfort of my own home, on the couch where I have watched almost the entire series. For the s5 finale, we had an island themed menu, complete with mango salsa and pork tenderloin (our take on boar...). Somehow I don't know if I'll be hungry this time around.

hodie said...

1. I like the front/back tee (,433159625).

2. Party at my house!!

Kyle Stedman said...

I love so many of these! My favorite, though, are the most subtle, especially,431041608.

I'll be watching the finale with a group of friends from my neighborhood. We've had amazing island-themed parties for past finales, so this one will surely be the best ever--with more Dharma beer, of course.

evelynnes_mom said...

1. This is my favorite...I like the basics:,428901893
2. I will be at home on my couch. Phones turned off. No interruptions! :)

Lynne said...

I will be watching the finale with a few very close Lost fanatics. I love this T -,431846449

Sommery said...

OMG Jo, this is too hard. I want one of each, please. If I had to pick just one, this one represents one of my favorite quotes:,433097407

I would like for my local movie theater to show the finale of LOST. I would be willing to pay up to $30 to watch it there, commercials and all. Barring that, I'll probably just be at home doing my usual, telling everyone to shut up and getting frustrated when I can't hear. For some reason 8pm on Tuesday is my 2yo daughter's regularly scheduled temper tantrum.

gabo said...

1. What can I say? I've always been a fan of Mr Clucks Chicken:,430909393

2. I'm very excited with the idea of watching the final episode on the theater, so, that's where I want to see it.

Hardy said...

1) it's mighty hard to pick just one...but i like the driveshaft shirt,427966915

2) as for the finale...i'll be where i've been the entire ride, on my couch.

Beth said...

I love this one for its' sarcasm:,428414978

Also, I will be watching Lost where I have watched every episode so far: My Couch! :)

anna naranja said...

Hey Jo!

First of all, congrats on the AOL gig...that's SO awesome! <3

1) ive been digging on the number bunnies.,427408756

2) im going to gather up all of my LOST collectibles and decorate the TV room, hunker down with my babe, turn off the phone, and glue myself to the sofa with a box of tissues for the final ride. Man, I get weepy just thinking about it!

Thanks for running this contest and good luck with the new AOL job!!!


Carolyn said...

Hey Jo!

1. I like the shirt you are wearing, the Lost Characters as well as the Lost Symbols and Quotes.

2. I will be watching the finale where I watch every episode, in my own living room after the kids go to bed so I won't be interrupted!


valerie said...

1) I Survived the Smoke Monster shirt

2) I'll be watching from my apartment. Just moved to WV and don't know any other Lost fans here!
Congrats on AOL!

Anonymous said...

I like,435596353

2. I will be watching the most epic, fantastic, provocative series finale in the history of samsara (!) in the comfort of my home, on pins and needles.

Mama Lost

nancy said...

Fav. Tshirt: Yummy Fish Biscuits

Will watch the Finale: At home, alone, calling other lost fans during each commercial

Hope I win a T - I like them all

Thanks, Nancy

Anonymous said...

1. Detour Designables (I'd hit that... every 108 minutes)

2. At my cousin's house in St. Louis, MO!

- MJ

Jo said...

And the winner is...Shoes McCoat! Your name was pulled from a hat. Please email me because you've won a LOST tee from CafePress. :)

Thank you all for entering. Stay tuned, as I will giving away Lost tees again soon.