Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting LOST with Elizabeth Mitchell. In Person.

As most you know, I had the opportunity to interview Elizabeth Mitchell two weeks ago on the set of V in Vancouver for TVovermind. While I posted her thoughts about playing Erica on V earlier tonight, I wanted to share the entire unedited interview with you. It should come as no surprise that almost all of the conversation focused on Lost, and she was more than happy to talk about her role as Juliet. 

Those who know me or read this site regularly are very aware that I am a huge fan of Mitchell's and Juliet is my favorite character on Lost, so my enthusiasm is rather evident when you listen to the audio (two words: fast ramble). It was a tremendous joy to speak with her, as she was extremely open and friendlier than anyone I've ever had the pleasure of interviewing in person. In my unbiased professional opinion, the best way to describe Elizabeth Mitchell is delightful. 

We had a few minutes to chat about Lost off the record before the interview, which I appreciated and will respectfully keep to myself forever. On the record, Mitchell addresses everything from the love quadrangle to Juliet's death scene to working with Josh Holloway and Michael Emerson. 

Please note: there are very MINOR spoilers in this 7 minute interview. What Mitchell alluded to did not surprise me and should be obvious to Lost fans who pay close attention to dialogue and details; on a spoiler-ish scale of 1-10, I rate this conversation a 3. Given my spoiler-free policy on this site, I wanted to give you fair warning; click to listen at your own risk:

At some point in the near future, I will post a transcript of this interview. However, in the interest of preventing someone from 'accidentally' reading it and getting spoiled, I chose to post audio only at this time.



3 comments: said...

yay! awesome interview jo! you two have great chemistry!!! had me smiling, sounded like lots of fun!


Abielus said...

Thanks for the interview, I enjoyed very much listening to it. I too have both enjoyed greatly Juliet's character on Lost, as well as Elizabeth Mitchell seeming to be a very high quality person.

the flour child said...

this was so much fun to listen to! i usually can't stand interviews, something about the dialogue just leaves me either bored or completely lost (ha). but this was clear, fun, and definitely one i wanted to hear the whole way through. fun stuff :)