Monday, March 15, 2010

Heads up - Episode 6.08 Analysis will be Delayed!

Greetings from lovely, chilly Vancouver! I wanted to give you a heads up that I will not be able to watch tomorrow night's episode of LOST until Wednesday; thus, my analysis of the new episode may not be posted until Thursday or Friday. I think you'll forgive me when I tell you why...

As most of you know, I am here on a press junket for TVovermind, visiting the sets of V and Fringe. Today I had the opportunity to interview almost all of the cast from V, including Elizabeth Mitchell. I am not allowed to publish our conversation for a week or two, but I will tell you that part of it will be cut out and saved to post at a later date - because some of what we discussed may be considered quite spoiler-ish (and of course I remain 100% spoiler-free, as does this site).

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I will have the chance to speak with the cast of Fringe, including Lance Reddick (Matthew Abaddon on Lost). Thus, I will not be in front of a TV tomorrow night to watch Lost, nor do I have a DVR in my hotel. 

I appreciate your patience in advance, and am hoping to avoid being spoiled entirely by the time I do watch the episode on Wednesday morning!!


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