Monday, December 21, 2009

LOST Rewatch & Holiday Update

Greetings, patient Lost fan friends! I wanted to let you know that I have NOT dropped out of the Lost Rewatch. After six months and four seasons, there is no way I would stop now!

Life, travel, family and holidays have taken over; thus, I have not had as much time to write lately as I would like. That being said, I have watched the first 4 episodes of Season 5 and have copious notes awaiting a new Rewatch post soon.

In the spirit of the holidays, if you have not already received one, please let me know if you would like one of my custom Lost Fan pins to wear on February 2 for the S6 premiere! Simply email me your mailing address (via the link on the right in the sidebar or Facebook) and I will get one out to you shortly. International friends, I will ship them out by the new year and appreciate your patience in advance.

On a personal note, your comments and support truly made my year. I am very grateful for the online Lost community, and to those of you who continue to visit this site. Given that the last season of our favorite show will air and end in 2010, I look forward to further theory analysis, contests and fellow fan interaction with great anticipation!

Thank you for getting Lost with me, and happy holidays to you and your families.



Anonymous said...

What, you mean we get this pins for free? Even if we leave outside the U.S. (I live in Sweden)?

Der Merzmensch said...

Wow, that's great idea, Jo!
I also want to get this pin, but I'm actually in Germany... Don't want to make you bankrupt :-)

Thank you for your LOST rewatches and reviews, you are awesome.

thorsten said...

Merry Christmas, Jo!
(Like your new haircut!)

ashlie said...

Buttons can be sent internationally now? Woot! The Canadian is happy!

Anonymous said...

THANKS so much JO !! just got my lost pin in the mail 2day.YAY YAY