Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative - Video Schedule

[photo courtesy of Lostpedia]

Mark your calenders, Lost fans! The new online pseudo documentary series Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative debuted at Comic-Con last week (see video below), and 4 more episodes will be released on the following dates [note "the numbers"]:

Episode two: August 4
Episode three: September 8
Episode four: October 15
Episode five: November 16

At some point in the near future, I will dedicate an entire post to my analysis of this video...and how it may relate to Season 6.

So...are you intrigued or hesitant (given the history of Lost related alternate reality games)?


Todd W in NC said...

Somehow I think aliens are the one thing we're not going to be seeing in Lost, so surely this video was made for fun or to throw us off course.

On the other hand, I could be wrong. They did introduce time travel into the story. Maybe they're trying to prepare us for alien involvement in season 6. I still doubt that though.

thorsten said...

Jacob and Esau are aliens, playing a game of cosmic Backgammon through the whole history of mankind.
Richard Alpert is their Android servant, after Jacob saved the former Captain of the Black Rock and transferred the badly injured mans mind into the ageless cyborg body.

Just kidding.

I love that dates, great that the next ep is just two days away!

Jessica Denise said...

The idea of aliens makes me...upset. I hope that they don't take it this way. From the looks of this...this "show" is not just about aliens, but paranormal things and secret societies...I really would be upset if any of them ended up being aliens. There's enough cool stuff that's unexplained from this world that they could focus on. But, if they ended up doing the alien thing and did it beautifully...I'd be okay...

the flour child said...

unsure about that 'a' word being involved with our precious show. i think it would almost be a cop-out, mostly because they have already created an incredibly intricate, complicated web of time travel, details, and plot that is so knotted it's hard to believe it was ever straight rope.

while i'm excited for these new minidocs, it's also a bigger face rubber about 2010 being SOOO FARR AWAYYYYY. :)

Capcom said...

Thanks for posting the dates! I'm not sure how I feel about the possibility of aliens either. While I'm not crazy about seeing Greys or Greens from Zeta Reticuli, if all the Little Prince hints were about the island being a chunk of another planet or an asteroid fallen to earth, I think that TPTB could do that in an interesting way. I hope.

Heheh, now that I think about it, Rose and Bernard could be a reversed ethnicity of Betty and Barney Hill who had their own famous close encounter.