Sunday, March 8, 2009

Revisiting "LaFleur" & Your Comments

I just re-watched the episode, and I totally appreciated all of your feedback from the last post. Here are thoughts and responses to some of your comments, as well as new questions that arose from a second viewing...


SheilaLocke was the first of many to point out that logistically, Amy and Horace's baby boy could not have been Karl. Very true; I will blame the late hour of that post on my guess.

Doug thinks that perhaps their son could be Ethan Rom. Good call...that is far more plausible!


If there was a Truce in place between Dharma and the Hostiles, why were they having a picnic seemingly outside of the safety zone and sonic fence? Were they being set up or tested, and if so, by whom?

WHY was Paul wearing the Ankh necklace? By the way, I think I'll start referring to him as Paul Ankh-a.


BrenKeller pointed out that in addition to Hurley's painting, the ankh necklace, the 4 toed statue and the hieroglyphics...Richard Alpert may be an immortal pharaoh. I like that idea, and Maven added that ancient Egyptians did use eyeliner (created from stones & minerals; to protect from the sun). Ashlie - it's true, I did some research too!

Barry also reminded me that there were hieroglyphics down in the Swan hatch too, on the countdown clock.


What was he trying to do with the dynamite? He wasn't throwing it at the sonic fence...

At that time (in that era), who did he report to? The same person who determined if someone was 'Dharma material?'


Why DID they murder Dharma Paul? Were they really going to shoot Amy as well, or just kidnap her? Doug aptly inquired what would have happened to her had Juliet and Sawyer not intervened, and whether or not they are indeed course correcting events.

Jin took a walkie off of the dead Hostile. Had we seen them using that kind of technology before? That they were using them at all makes me think that Alpert wasn't working with/for Jacob, given his dislike of modern communication.


I really like Doug's theory that Ben's crush on/obsession with Juliet began when he was a kid on the island; he met her while she was there for the three plus years integrated into Dharma.

As I watched the episode for a second time, I realized that Kate NEVER had Sawyer's back; her relationship with him was completely self-serving. I really hope that we're not forced to watch Kate manipulate Sawyer's emotions and life again on the island, because Juliet has both his back and his heart...and I hope we don't have to see hers break.

OLIVIA (Horace's other wife)

Doug believes that Olivia was killed shortly after the Purge that we witnessed Ben oversee in "The Man Behind the Curtain" and that her death may have caused the Truce...but why wouldn't she have been killed in the Purge along with Horace?

Both Anonymous and Rlowene think that Olivia was Horace's first wife (before Amy). Although I am openly confused by the timeline, I tend to agree.


Barry - it is just my assumption that the polar bears were used as experiments to turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel, primarily because of Charlotte's discovery of a Dharma polar bear collar at the island exit point of Tunisia.


Nurby and Ashlie want to know why people other than Alpert are leading the island, and what his relationship with Jacob is. Me too.

If he buried Jughead (as Faraday instructed in the past), did he do so under the Swan?


Rlowene asks a question which I think all of us are wondering...where the hell are Rose, Bernard, Vincent the dog and the remaining 815ers while Sawyer and co. are playing house with Dharma? In that same unknown location where Flight Attendant Cindy and tail section kids Zach & Emma have been?


How DID he know about the history of the Black Rock ship?

Three years ago, Sawyer looked at and approached Kate with lust and caution. He looks at Juliet with admiration and love. It's true - I am unable to conceal my hopes for the new couple.

After they reunite, how long until Sawyer asks Kate if she followed through with that favor he whispered to her on the helicopter before jumping out? Of course I'm hoping that it was about his daughter Clementine and we get to see his baby mama Cassidy again before the series ends...


Presumably, it was created to keep the Black Smoke Monster out (because it is ineffectual on the Hostiles). So why does it seem that Smokey is unleashed from WITHIN the Barracks and safety of the sonic fence (from the secret chamber in Ben's future Dharma house)?

Earplugs. Really? That's all it takes to avoid being rendered unconscious by high-frequency sound waves? You'd think that the Others, Dharma and Losties would have figured out at some point during their time on the island that Smokey is averse to said sounds and attempted to create and implement similar sound-based deterrents.


Doug thinks that perhaps Locke's last turn of the Frozen Donkey Wheel will result in an earthquake that topples the 4 Toed Statue. That is a logical possibility, and one that we might see in an upcoming episode. Although I still believe that the dormant volcano is someone involved...
I may watch "LaFleur" yet again before Wednesday, if time permits. Thank you again for all of your comments and feedback on Facebook and Twitter!

Even though there is not a new episode of Lost this week, on Wednesday evening I will be participating in a live Lost chat on Zap2It with the awesome Ryan McGee (and possibly a podcast with DocArzt as well this week); stay tuned for details!


maven said...

Thanks for the shout out, Jo. I think the time line with Horace might go like this: In the early sixties he and Olivia are sent off-island to help with Ben's birth. Now, Memphish over at TLC found the pop-up transcripts for this scene saying they were married, but there is a podcast with Darlton saying they were just friends. If they were indeed married, there must have been a divorce sometime before 1974, giving him the opportunity to marry Amy as the second wife. She became the divorced wife school teacher of young teen Ben. When Ben was in school Hostiles were still attacking the compound and they had a drill in school for that. Something started the Truce before the LBers arrive in 1974. Hopefully, they all leave before the time of the Purge when all DI people were gassed, including Horace and Olivia.

senyorcitoninja said...

About the fence. If I remember well, Alex deactivated the Fence for Keamy and the team. And at one time in LaFleur someone says something about the fence having levels, like, "hurt a little", "fry your brains", etc.

Stuart Malin said...

Regarding Horace and Olivia -- consider the possibility that they are siblings, not (once) a married couple (or have I missed something...)

Barry said...

In the episode where Locke takes Sawyer to the Black Rock to kill his father, he explains the history of the ship to him.

Anonymous said...

"I realized that Kate NEVER had Sawyer's back"

What about when he was about to get shot by Pickett in I Do?

"NO! I will do ANYTHING you want! Stand up! Sawyer, fight!"

What about when she ran in front of Sawyer when Pickett was about to shoot him (before Juliet killed him)?

When she watched over him to the point where she went without sleep in season 2?

And by the sound of it, "I was doing something for him, for Sawyer", she honored him by keeping his promise, too.

agent385 said...

I'm with you Jo, I like Sawyer and Juliet together. I hope he doesn't do anything stupid to jeopardize that relationship with Kate's return. And I really don't want to see Jack's heart broken yet again either!

Capcom said...

Good posts and comments for this ep!

I like the idea that the final skip and earthquake may have knocked down the statue. And/or that it may have shaken loose the volcano, which caused the earthquake, that knocked down the statue. That's good at least until we get something else. :-)

On the subject of Egyptians in Tunisia, this episode reminded me of the Thor Heyerdahl expeditions that set out to prove whether the Egyptians could have sailed to the Americas with their maritime technology. Perhaps a group of Egyptian ships got caught up in the Tunisian vortex that links to the island, while they were traveling through the Mediterranian sea to get to the Atlantic? Irrespective of Heyerdahl's theories, surely the Egyptians traveled around the Mediterranian at least, and visited Tunisia and could have been snatched up by surprise and taken to the island. Boy, that'll ruin your day! Of course, they also could have gone there on purpose. :-)

Tara said...

What if Horace & Amy's baby is Jacob? When Locke sees dead Horace he tells him he is building the cabin for his wife and baby. We don't know that Jacob is old right? Maybe I am forgetting something....