Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dharma's Karma Kid, Ethan Rom: William Mapother Checks In

Last year, William Mapother was kind enough to answer some questions for me to share with fellow Lost fans. So immediately following "LaFleur," after discovering that Horace and Amy's baby was named Ethan, I contacted him again in the hopes that he would address that reveal. William is such a sweet person and a good sport; he responded quickly and enthusiastically!

So here is my brief follow-up interview with the Other Man we know so well. There are no spoilers (although I broke my own rule and pried/tried).
Jo: When you filmed the scene with Terry O'Quinn for the Season 5 premiere episode ("Because You Left"), did you know the context - i.e. that Locke had traveled back in time? Did you know which episode your scene was for?

: I knew which episode it was for; the script revealed that Locke was in a new time, because of the plane.

: Do you think that Ethan would have shot and killed Locke if the time shift hadn't occurred? Personally, I believe that his gun would have jammed because the island wasn't ready for Locke to die...

: Once again, you've out-Losted me! I love the gun-jamming idea. They might've fought to a draw and then gone to get a beer. The island's funny that way.

: When did you find out that your character was born on the island to Horace and Amy Goodspeed?

: When I saw the episode! :)

Jo: Is it mere coincidence that you'd worked with Doug Hutchison (in Moola), who plays your on-screen Lost dad Horace?

: I hope so, or our solar system is functioning like the island (and that's another conversation). I also worked with Doug on The Burrowers, which is out on DVD in April. The official trailer just came out online too!

[Side note: Clancy Brown (Desmond's former Swan bunk mate Kelvin Inman) is also in that film!]

: While I maintain a strictly spoiler-free site, I am wondering if you can at least tell us whether or not you know if you'll be appearing again this season...

: Now you know I can't tell you that! :)

: You're currently filming
Prison Break. What can you tell us about that, and what other projects do you have on the horizon?

: I'm in the last two episodes of Prison Break, which should air mid-to-late April. I also shot an indie about lacrosse (Warrior), and I have a couple of other projects on the horizon. It's all on my
I love that he found out about his character's history at the same time we all did, when "LaFleur" aired! From recurring roles to series regulars, those writers seem to keep the cast on their toes.

I would like to thank William for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions! He is one of the most accessible, polite and genuine actors that I've ever encountered. I am heading to Los Angeles on Friday for Lost Weekend and was hoping to see him there, but alas - he will be out of town.

Here's hoping we learn more about Dharma baby Ethan before the end of Season 5! After all, he doesn't go by his given name (Goodspeed), he may be the only child to have been conceived and born on the island with success, he probably grew up spending time in Jacob's cabin (which daddy Horace built) and he seems to also be the only Dharma/Other to have survived Ben's 1992 Purge...


Valerie said...

I like how he found about his LOST character when the ep aired. LOL! Nice!

Thanks for sharing. Very cool!

Hillary said...

I don't think they'll go into it, but if Ethan was a Dr., when and for how long did he leave the island for training? I don't know if the place is *that* magical...lol

Moola looks funny! Nice to see Herbert Viola again. ;-)

Katie H said...

How awesome!!! I really admire you for having such a great Lost site. It is a great place for people to come and share thoughts and Ideas. What a treat to have some insight into the show from one of our favorite Others.
Thanks Jo!