Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Paging Dr. Candle/Halliwax/Wickmund: An Interview with Francois Chau!

Lost fans, it is a great pleasure to be able to share with you my interview with Francois Chau. He was kind enough to grant me a few minutes of his time, and although I would not consider any of his responses to be spoilers...be fair warned that there is a very small, potential piece of information within the interview that you may or may not consider to be spoilerish.
  • Hill Street Blues

  • Wiseguy

  • China Beach

  • Baywatch

  • MacGyver

  • ER

  • Melrose Place

  • Walker, Texas Ranger

  • JAG

  • Stargate SG-1

  • Alias

  • 24

  • Grey's Anatomy

  • Numb3rs

  • Medium

Although many of us will forever associate Mr. Chau with his role as the mysterious Pierre Chang on Lost, I encourage you to reflect upon his vast television career because it is quite impressive (he has appeared on all of the shows above, and more)!

Before we begin the interview...a video refresher! As of right now, what we know about Pierre Chang and his many pseudonyms has been strictly gleaned from several Dharma Orientation Films:

Barracks Video (aired during Comic-Con '08)

The Swan Orientation Film

The Pearl Orientation Film

The Orchid Orientation Film

And now, an interview with Mr. Chau, the man behind the multiple names on our favorite island.

Jo: Prior to being on Lost, you appeared on 2 Carlton Cuse shows (The Adventures of Brisco County Jr and Nash Bridges). Is it a coincidence, or have you and Carlton maintained a professional relationship through the years?
FC: To tell you the truth, I might have met Carlton very briefly at an audition session many years ago. I can't really remember for sure if I did. I'm sure he doesn't remember me. I hope I get a chance to meet him before Lost wraps. Maybe he'll give me a job on his next show!
[minor spoiler alert!]

Jo: I try to remain as spoiler-free as possible, but I did notice on IMDB that you are slated to appear on the first episode of Lost in Season 5 ("Because You Left"). Can you confirm that to be true?
FC: Since it is already on IMDB, I guess I can tell you that 'yes,' I have shot some stuff for Season 5. However, I can't confirm whether or not some of it will appear in the premiere episode.
Jo: You have the distinction of being the only character on Lost who has four names (Candle/Chang/Halliwax/Wickmund). Are you given any clues about your character, regardless of what his name might be in any given scene?
FC: I have not been given any information as to why he uses the different names on the 'orientation' films. I am assuming that 'Chang' is his real name, but of course, this is Lost, so who knows?

Jo: Whenever you appear on screen, the eyes of many Lost fans are immediately upon your left arm; there are myriad theories about exactly when and how your character lost his arm. I assume that they haven't informed you as to why he has a prosthetic arm on occasion, so...if you had to create a back story or take a logical guess, how do you think Pierre Change lost the limb?
FC: Ah yes. The arm. Sometimes I'm not sure myself if the arm is prosthetic or not. Why would he pretend to have a fake arm? My theory is that he did lose the arm, and it happened during the 'incident' that was referred to in the first orientation film.
Jo: When you filmed the Orchid video in 2007 and the Barracks video in 2008, were you aware that they were going to be played during the Lost panels at Comic-Con rather than during regular episodes?
FC: We shot the Orchid video with the rabbits first specifically for Comic-Con, then shot it again for the show itself. The Barracks video was also shot specifically for Comic-Con '08. I don't know if it's going to be used in the show.
Jo: Do you watch Lost to keep up with the story and characters for future appearances, or simply as a fan?
FC: I have to confess that I did not watch the show on a regular basis during the first 2 seasons. I watch it now, not just because it's a great show, but because wherever I go, people ask me all sorts of questions, so I have to sound like I know what I'm talking about!
Thank you so much to Francois Chau for being so generous with his time! I am so appreciative to have such an opportunity, and look forward to checking in with him after he appears on Lost again this season.

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