Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LOST Showdown: Best Moments From 4 Seasons

From now until mid-February on, you can watch video clips of popular scenes from the last four seasons of LOST and then vote for your favorite moment (bracket tournament style).

Click here to sign up and play along!

Of the choices we have right now, my top 2 would be:

The Double Murder

The Sacrifice

...but something tells me that it will come down to:

The Cage Match

The Phone Call

So...are your favorite scenes included, and which did/would you vote for?


memphish said...

The phone call is my favorite scene. I could watch it over and over. The Double Murder kept me from sleeping that entire night. It was so disturbing I didn't even want to rewatch that episode. My second favorite moment is probably the pullback in Walkabout. That was the moment of no return for me and LOST. The other so disturbing I hate to rewatch it scene is when they take Walt from the raft. The mom in me is decimated every single time.

Of course, this is the great thing about LOST. These scenes take me from joy to horror and every emotion in between. I can't wait for Wednesday!

Tigerlily said...

For me, it has to be Charlie's death. It hits me like a punch to the stomach every time I watch it. So I'm already a bit biased, but I will watch them all to be fair!