Thursday, August 21, 2008

LOST Season 5 Spoilers? won't find any here. Sorry. There are so many great Lost fan sites which feature spoilers, but I happen to enjoy watching every new episode with absolutely no idea who's guest starring, what the plot involves, etc. ahead of time.

If you are a spoiler hunter, I encourage you to visit and bookmark any of the blogs which are listed on this site on the right side under Quid Pro Quo, especially DarkUFO, DocArzt and TheODI.


The ODI said...

Yup, we all have several spoilers for the first few episodes already!!

If you are a spoiler lover you will find tons of stuff on any of the sites. :)

Thanks for the shout out Jo!

Keep up the great work!!

Capcom said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I like minor spoilery items, but try to stay away from the big revelations.