Monday, July 28, 2008

Dharma Wants You: The Recruitment & Game

Today the website for the new Lost alternate reality game went live. Click here to register to be 'recruited,' and see if you pass. I just did. It was a very random experience.

While waiting in line for hours on Saturday for the Lost panel, I met a new Lost friend named Rachel. She was kind enough to transcribe for me her experience being tested in the Octagon Global Recruiting booth at Comic-Con. And she was in the right place at the right time - Damon & Carlton showed up to take the test, as well as EW's Lost guru Jeff Jensen!

Rachel showed up for her appointment after the EW panel on Friday, but one of the Dharma women on staff informed her that they were having 'technical difficulties'. Carlton, Damon and Jeff then appeared, and asked to take the 3 appointments in front of hers. Conspiracy much?

When it was finally her turn, Rachel went into the small pod chamber at the OGR booth. They immediately asked her to put away her cell phone. Two men with Australian accents and bleached blond hair in tan Dharma jumpsuits administered the test. Rachel put on headphones, and there was an introductory video to the session.

Rachel was then asked to say the word ‘parallel’ three times, each time consecutively louder. She selected test #7 (Elara). The following were her questions:

  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • Do you hate your father?
  • Why did you want to do this today?
  • What does kindness sound like?
  • What would you sacrifice to stay alive?
She was shown a series of pictures to respond to. The first was of a hanging sheet w/bloody claw marks, the second a carrot shaped to resemble an arm, and the last a sign on a tree in the woods that read ‘survive.’

Overall, Rachel enjoyed the experience. Even better, she had the opportunity to chat with Damon, Gregg Nations (from The Fueslage) and producers Barry Jossen and Noreen O'Toole, who were all very nice.

If you were also fortunate enough to also be recruited on site, feel free to share details as a comment. And thanks, Rachel!

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