Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dear Dr. Pierre Chang: A Poetic Inquiry

Candle, Halliwax, Wickmund and Chang; the latter your real name.
What’s the connection between the first three, an eternal Flame?

Your left arm and Farmer Ray’s right are both seemingly prosthetic.
Did the loss of either occur because of something electromagnetic?

Who the hell is Jennifer and are you Miles’ dad?
Did Faraday travel back to warn you about something in his note pad?

First the Black Rock and now a Black Swan; are either related to ‘the incident?’
Because we know by now that fate, luck and faith have nothing on coincidence.

Thirty years ago, someone oversaw the Purge - how could it have been little Ben?
Was it the ageless Alpert, and his group of Hostile henchmen?

Bunny number fifteen, an accidental clone.
Does this relate to Charlotte’s discovery of the polar bear bones?

Reconstitute the Dharma Initiative; that is your request.
It seems to me a return to the island is what you suggest.

I signed up and passed the test; is it a journey to embark upon?
If so my only hope is that the captain isn’t named Abaddon.


Anonymous said...

Cute! I love it!

emzi said...

hehe love it :)