Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hurley Sings! Jorge Garcia Records Song for Indie Film

Hey Lost fans - you must watch this video of Jorge Garcia singing "Here's To You." The song is from the upcoming independent film When We Were Pirates, starring Jorge and Sharon Zimmer.

The movie, directed by Jimmy Hanks (Tom's brother) and written by Rafael J. Noble, sounds like it has the potential to be a cross between The Big Chill and Stand By Me.

Stay tuned for more details! And be sure to bookmark and read Jorge's very entertaining blog, Dispatches From the Island.


talknerdyto.us said...

How is this 'exclusive' as you said it was on Twitter?

me said...

I wasn't trying to mislead anyone. I simply posted a link to my article on Twitter to advertise that I have the link to the new footage of Jorge here.

Terrence Paquet said...

Hey Jopinionated,

Not sure if you saw this or not but I thought it was a great marketing idea for the show.


Terrence Paquet

LisiBee said...

Not bad, who knew Jorge sang? :)