Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dharma Reaches Out: The Octagon Email

Along with the rest of the Lost world, I received an email today from Octagon Global Recruiting (from a man named Hans Van Eeghen). To refresh your memory, watch their commercial again. It originally aired during the season finale a few weeks ago.

Here is the email:

Octagon Global Recruiting, on behalf of the Dharma Initiative, would like to thank you for registering your expression of interest in our latest volunteer recruitment drive.We will be launching in San Diego on July 24th at Comic-Con International offering select registrants the opportunity to take an exciting aptitude test that will give applicants the chance to demonstrate their unique talents.

The Dharma Initiative hopes you will be able to join us to find out more about their ground-breaking new research project. We will contact you closer to the date with more information.

For those not able to join us in San Diego, Dharma's full recruitment program will be made available online to registered recruits after July 27th.

In the meantime, the Dharma Initiative urges you to spread the word. Invite your colleagues to join the team at and take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I will be at Comic-Con, primarily to attend the Lost panel! So hopefully I will learn more about what Octagon involves and collect some cool swag as well.

So what do you think of this whole campaign?

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Amy B said...

I signed up for this on the night it aired, but I didn't get an email. I got cheated! I'm very interested to see where this is going... I really love the "extra" stuff they do to keep us hanging on!