Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Top 15 Signs of a True LOST Addict

(just for fun and in no particular order)

1. You find yourself buying Hurley brand t-shirts, just because of the name.

2. You look up in awe when the Costco guy slips receipts into a pneumatic tube and it gets sucked up into the pipe system above, because it reminds you of the Dharma journals ejected from the Pearl Hatch.

3. Every morning during your commute, you visually scan every passenger on your bus or train in search of potential Doctors, Felons, Washed Up Musicians and Lottery Winners, and ponder who among them would be friends or foes under different and/or difficult circumstances.

4. You poke your head out of your office or cube and your ears perk up every single time anyone mentions the word 'lost' out of context (i.e. "hey Bob, I lost my stapler.").

5. You have a Lost blog, or spend an unhealthy amount of time reading and commenting on several of them.

6. You have two sets of official Lost action figures; one group remains sealed in their original boxes for safe-keeping, and the others are on your desk for daily reconfiguration.

7. You book a vacation to Hawaii, but plan the entire trip around a Lost tour of Oahu.

8. You adopt two pets, and name them Freckles & Sawyer.

9. You refer to every room in the house as a Hatch or Station: the Hydra, the Staff, the Looking Glass, etc.

10. You refer to people you don't like with clever insults they don't understand, like "that girl is such a Nikki" or "what a tool, he's a total Paulo."

11. Your secret handle on all Lost message boards is SunsBabyDaddy08.

12. You insert subliminal brainwashing messages from Jacob onto slides in your PowerPoint/Keynote presentations at work.

13. You immediately transport yourself into the computer dome in the Swan Hatch whenever you heard the beep of an item being scanned at the grocery store, ready to punch in those numbers.

14. You find yourself creating a custom iMix in iTunes with songs that share their titles with Lost characters.

15. You and a friend IM one another as Walt and Michael, using archaic fonts and giving clues about your whereabouts.


Paul Levinson said...

Great list and pics!

Anonymous said...

I don't see what was wrong with reading your hilarious list in the Swan Station. I just got up and went to bed in the Hydra right afterwards.

Ugh...I hate it when my girlfriend gets in the Looking Glass before me...she always steals all the hot water!

Anonymous said...

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Emzi said...

Very amusing list! And I must be a Lost addict cause I too have my very own Lost blog! :)

Dube said...

Nice list!! As for #3, I always scan passengers on plane rides to see if any could be like Lost. :-P