Friday, March 14, 2008

LOST, Episode 4.7 - "Ji Yeon"

This post is brought to you by Pony Espresso, a hole-in-the-wall cafe in the mountains of Northern California. Seriously. That's where I am, because that's the only way I could post this blog. Everyone else went skiing, but I sought out wi-fi.

Keep in mind that I wrote down these theories last night while sitting in a beautiful cabin, sipping on a lovely tall vodka tonic, watching LOST on a grainy old television, ignoring my friends in the other room. Obviously there wasn’t a TiVO or DVR, so I had to watch it live and take notes like a crazy person.

I drove like the wind to get up here in time to catch our precious show. Hello, like I could wait until morning to watch it online. Dedication, people.

Here are some initial thoughts. More to come later this weekend.


Michael told Sayid and Desmond not to trust him. So is that really the black box from Flight 815?


I am confused. According to the Captain (whom we're not supposed to trust), Widmore funds the freighter, is responsible for finding the black box from Flight 815, and wants to find Ben. All of that would suggest that Widmore is NOT working with Oceanic or Matthew Abbadon (who presumably staged the fake wreckage and bodies). But Abbadon selected the Freighter Four to find the island and Ben, so wouldn't that imply that Widmore himself had something to do with the fate of 815? Quite literally, I am LOST.


Now that he knows the freighter is Daddy Widmore's, does he think that Penny's dad is working with her to find him too? He was told that Penny has been calling the freighter insistently, so he should figure out that she knows her dad is up to no good and may have something to do with where he is.


Does Frank know that Michael isn't Kevin Johnson? He seems to be siding with Desmond and Sayid. I think that he knows where Michael came from and what he's up to.


The date on his tombstone was the date of the Flight 815 he is NOT one of the Oceanic 6. Apparently Sun is playing along with the lie as well.

Was Jin one of the two people that Jack testified about in Kate's trial? He said that Kate tried to save two of the original 8 survivors.

Or is Jin really dead? Is one of the corpses from the fake wreckage buried there, or is Jin still stuck back on the island?

I only figured out that it was a flashback (and not a flash forward) when Jin pulled out his old-school cell phone.


So…did he and Walt find rescue at all? Or did Ben's coordinates direct them to the freighter? Was Michael instructed by Ben beforehand that he had to complete one more task before actual rescue? If Michael already had Walt, what would prompt him to follow Ben's last order?

Is Michael alive in the future? Is he working for Ben, like Sayid is?

Do people back in the ‘real world’ know what he did on the island, or was he paid for his silence too?

If he isn't on the freighter for Ben, did Widmore hire him to assist with the mission? I have a feeling that Michael used to work for Widmore Construction.

Did the freighter pick Michael up in Fiji, the last place they were in port? If so, wouldn't they figure him to be the saboteur? If the were suspicious about him, you'd think they wouldn't allow him free access to roam the ship and interact with Desmond and Sayid.


She was reading a book upside down. One of the ‘side effects’ that Daniel referred to?

Was she affected by the proximity to the island, like Minkowski?

Was Naomi her constant, is that why she didn’t survive?


Was Sun’s delivery doctor (Dr. Bae) working for Oceanic, Widmore or Ben? Is that why her regular doc was conveniently out of town when she went into labor?

The hospital staff acknowledged that Sun was one of the Oceanic 6. Was the man in the suit who walked by her room an Oceanic thug or one of Widmore's people?

Why wouldn't Jack and Kate join Hurley to visit Sun's baby and Jin's grave? We know that Kate has no interest in flying again, but Jack was taking weekend jaunts across the world frequently. Of course Sayid is missing in action, because I think he disappeared after rescue and is working for Ben without the other Oceanic 5 knowing about it.


Gault is the name of a character in Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged." Quite fitting, considering that the book is about individuals who rebel against society and create their own communities hidden from the world.


Where is Tall Ghost Walt? Is he on the freighter or the island? Did he instruct Michael about Ben's orders to infiltrate the freighter crew?

What was the ‘problem in the kitchen’ on the freighter?

Did anyone on the freighter care about Naomi or her fate? They didn't seem very upset by Regina's suicide.


In her room, Sun was watching Nikki on her soap opera Expose, dubbed in Korean.

Bernard said to Jin, “we must be the good guys.” Is that bad news/foreshadowing for Bernard?

The Captain used the phrase "cabin fever" to describe the affects of the island's proximity on some of the crew (i.e. Jacob's cabin).

On the freighter, in Desmond and Sayid's new sleeping quarters, there was a blood stain on the wall. It looked similar to the one in the Swan hatch, where Kelvin's first bunkmate killed himself.


Michael is not Ben's mole. It's Frank. That's why he took off in the helicopter on an unknown 'errand.' And that is why he seems to be helping out Desmond and Sayid. Michael made his way onto the freighter on his own (not via Ben or Widmore). He knew that he sold his friends up the river when Ben let him and Walt go home, he found out about the freighter and where they were headed, and made his move.

Sayid noticed that clanging noise on the freighter, and told Desmond that it wasn't mechanical. Walt is on the freighter too, and he was communicating with Sayid using a form of morse code.
Well, that's about it for now. I have to head back to the cabin because it just started to snow.

Thoughts? Theories?


jjbloomes said...

if the Frieghter Four have files on all of the 815 survivors, why haven't they noticed Michael isn't really Kevin Johnson?

Tony said...

Once the Oceanic 6 are found what did Oceanic have to say about the extra six bodies that they found?

Great pospost. I really enjoy all of your theories.

Anonymous said...

Great recap and questions. Here are my thoughts on Michael...

Remember, Ben sent Michael and Walt on a heading of 325, whereas Faraday sent the helo pilot on a heading of 305. I believe Ben sent Michael & Walt back in time (by using the wrong heading). This will also explain why Walt will appear taller in the presence.

My ideas... I could be totally wrong. ;-)

Jo said...

jjbloomes: agreed! great point.

tony: good question...hadn't thought of that!

dube: now that would be interesting. I love it.