Friday, March 14, 2008

Daddy Drama & The New Mama: More "Ji-Yeon" Theories

Hi, I'm back. Put my Jr. IT skills to work and got online at the cabin.

So where were we?


He was obsessed with fertility on the island. Will he continue to be, off-island? Will he take a strong interest in Ji-Yeon because she's the first child to ever be conceived on the island and live?

For that matter, if Widmore is truly interested in the island's healing powers, wouldn't he try to exploit Sun and Ji-Yeon upon rescue?

DR. RAY (the freighter doc)

Was the large cut on his cheek new? Who has more authority than the ship's doctor? Probably the Captain. So what would prompt the kind of discussion that would result in slashing your physician across the face? Smells like shades of Ben and his disregard for his only surgeon, Ethan.


Did his mysterious errand have anything to do with Walt? Perhaps he was taking him back to the island. Not sure if Frank and Michael are in on this whole thing together or not...


When Sun asked Hurley if anyone else was coming to see her and the baby (and go to Jin's grave), he seemed almost happy that he was the only one. Why?


I really don't think he's actually dead. I believe that he just wasn't rescued and is still back on the island. Jin is a major character and ABC tends to tease upcoming deaths on the show...but they didn't for this episode.


Are we sure that he even recognizes Sayid? Perhaps he really does think he is Kevin Johnson, or was brainwashed or got amnesia.

Are we sure that Ben even knows that Michael is on the boat? I'm thinking that he's yet another slight of hand that the producers are tossing our way; that Ben's mole is someone else entirely and Michael will throw a wrench in his plans.

There is no way that Michael and Walt could have actually made it back home, because they would have been considered survivors from Flight 815 (which would have exposed the truth earlier to the world) and would be under considerable spotlight. They must have gone directly to the freighter.

If Michael is on the freighter in an attempt to help rescue his friends back on the he doing it out of guilt (for killing Ana Lucia and Libby), or because he has to (to save Walt once again)?

Bernard referred to Locke as a murderer. Imagine how well Michael will be received if and when he reunites with the rest of the survivors...


When Hurley told her that the baby looked just like Jin, the look on her face was very telling. I still don't think that Ji-Yeon is Jin's. I think that either Juliet lied (again) to Sun about the paternity and/or messed up with the island ultrasound.

Why was her wedding ring in a baggie right before she and Hurley went to see Jin's grave? It wasn't like she JUST got back from the hospital with the baby. Given her insistence that she keep it on during birth, it just struck me as odd that it was then put away until Jin's funeral.

When Sun was asking for Jin during labor, it reminded me of the scene in Jack's flash forward where he referred to his father in the present. Supposedly, both Jin and Christian Shepard are deceased, yet their closest loved ones hallucinate otherwise.

By the way, the look on Sun's face when Juliet told Jin about the affair was amazing. Yunjin Kim put in a fantastic performance last night.


Could he actually already be back on the island? Is Ben holding him somewhere as a bargaining chip?


I choose to disregard the popular notion that Aaron counts as one of the Oceanic 6. Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sayid and Sun comprise 5 of the 6. The producers all but verified that Aaron didn't count as one of them because he wasn't on the Flight 815 manifest.

I contend that Locke will be the sixth and last member of the Oceanic 6, that he is rescued against his wishes, commits suicide, and is the man in the coffin that Jack visits in the flash forward.

There are many character connections and intersections in Lost, both in flashbacks and flash forwards. Do the Oceanic Six represent six degrees of separation, literally?


So Charles Widmore financed the freighter and the mission to find Ben and the island. He also supplied the untrustworthy Captain with the supposed black box from Flight 815. Why give it to the freighter crew? What does the data in the box have to do with finding Ben? And wouldn't Oceanic attorney Matthew Abbadon be very interested in obtaining the black box? When he hired Naomi to lead the Freighter Four to find Ben on the island, he was insistent that there were no survivors (making him implicit in the construction of the staged wreckage).

And why wouldn't the captain put two and two together? He wondered out loud who would have the resources and power to stage an elaborate plane crash and wreckage...yet he didn't seem to suspect the very man who funded his ship and crew. Is he Ben's mole??


Kevin Johnson = No Knives John

{John Locke not only taught Walt how to throw a knife without Michael's permission, he also killed Naomi by throwing a knife in her back.}

Further thoughts will be posted tomorrow or Sunday. Thanks for reading!


Dube said...

I totally agree about Jin. And interesting anagram - I hadn't caught that!

Marcus said...

Great anaylsis. I have two points. I think Araon is one of the Oceanic 6. In interviews the producers stated the audience would know who the Oceanic 6 are by the end of episode 7. Second point. I don't believe Mr. Widmore gave the flight recorder to the Captain. I think the Captain retrieved the flight recorder for Widmore. By the way, I love your logo.

Jo said...

Marcus: I did hear that we were supposed to find out who the Oceanic 6 were by the end of last night's ep, but I still believe that we haven't met #6 yet. And you're right about the captain finding the black box.

Anonymous said...

I read on a message board that the date of Jin's death on the tombstone is the date of the crash, which would mean that they are saying he died in the crash, right? Then he would not be one of the 6 and we still would not know who the 6 are, right? I get so confused! :P I want to think Jin is not dead, waiting somewhere in Albuquerque for Sun to show up with their daughter, but Hurley and Sun seemed pretty convincing at the cemetary. Could they have thought someone was watching them?

Thanks for all your insightful posts,

Anonymous said...

So if Widmore is a bad guy trying to get to the island for exploitation or money reasons... and Ben is the bad guy for killing all those people... is it evil vs. evil... who are the good guys?