Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Life & Times of Kevin Johnson

Here are a few additional thoughts and questions about last week's episode.


I love how he said that Widmore is 'without conscience' and yet Ben killed his own father and an entire village of Dharma people.

Also, he wanted to spare the 'innocent' people on the freighter. Did he view all Dharma folks as guilty or 'bad?'

Ben doesn't like sharing. Did he have Karl and Rousseau killed to get Alex back?

Is Alex pregnant? Is that why Ben had Karl killed? Did he arrange for the freighter crew to take Alex so she could safely deliver off-island and live?

If Ben was so concerned with Alex getting pregnant, why not bring crates full of birth control and condoms from the outside world? He certainly had access and resources to obtain whatever he wanted.


In last season's finale, we saw Jack about to kill himself by jumping off of a bridge. Did the island prevent him from doing so as well? Was that the first time he had tried?

So the island prevents certain people from killing themselves, yet the proximity to the island causes some to take their own lives (Regina, whomever remained a blood stain on the wall). So how does one's Constant play into that picture?

Miles is a ghost whisperer/ghost buster, so what does that say about his instant summation of Michael?

Miles told Michael that 80% of the crew is lying about something? What about the other 20%? Is he talking about the Freighter Four (him, Daniel, Frank & Charlotte)? They haven't exactly been forthcoming.

According to Tom, Widmore dug up graves in Thailand to supply the bodies for the fake wreckage of Flight 815. Is Jack's stint in Thailand (where he got a tattoo from Achara, his freaky fling who had a 'gift' for visions) related? For that matter, wouldn't 300+ stolen corpses be a national story? Wouldn't the Captain and others who work for Widmore or know about his obsession with the island put 2 & 2 together and figure out that the grave robberies were related to the fake wreckage?

Captain Gault didn't seem very surprised to find out that Michael (as Kevin Johnson) was the mole on his freighter. Did he find out on his own or was he forewarned by Widmore, Naomi or one of the Freighter Four?

See you soon, I promise.

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Dube said...

Ben really is a contradiction. Every soul-less thing he does is justified, but what Widmore does is evil. Ben is a complicated character!