Monday, March 24, 2008

The Ballad of Kevin Johnson

Tom bats for the Other team, but that is no surprise;
When he told Kate she’s not his type, we knew he preferred guys.

Michael undercover, missing his teen son;
Crashed his car, failed to die and then purchased a gun.

Libby appeared with blankets, filling him with dread.
Was the woman he shot still alive, and at his hospital bed?

The island wouldn’t let him die, so off he went to Fiji.
He saw the crew taking shot practice, and almost wet his squeegee.

He’s there as Kevin Johnson, a deckhand on the ship.
Tom’s instructions were to kill, so there’d be no roundtrip.

Cleaning up the freighter, led by Captain Gault,
You know he wants to stand on deck and just yell out, “Waaaalt!”

Ben toyed with Kev’s emotions, the bomb had made him sweat;
After pressing ‘execute’ the flag popped up, Not Yet!

Ben sent Alex with Karl and Rousseau up to the Temple to hide,
But did he set it up so that all but his daughter died? be continued.


Anonymous said...

Ummm...that was awesome!

Anonymous said...

We don't "know" that Tom is gay... he may be bi. Girls on the island, but when he gets shore leave he "indulges" (his words).
Kate not being his type may just mean that she is not his type of girl (frail caucasian). He may be into Rose (solid ebony)...

Jo said...

anonymous 2: well, that's an interesting thought, but the Producers have verified that Tom was in fact gay.

The Rush Blog said...

You know he wants to stand on deck and just yell out, “Waaaalt!”

When will this joke ever end? Why do so many fans of LOST make fun of Michael crying out for his kidnapped son? What had they expected him to do? Pretend to be cool about it and act like Mr. Spock?

Come to think of it, many fans also made fun of Claire's comments about Aaron being her baby. Are many fans uncomfortable with the idea of characters who are also concerned parents?