Monday, February 25, 2008

Who's Your Baby Mama? Eggtown Theories Cont.

Today I had Lost on the brain more than usual. Perhaps it was the Oscar hangover or the excessive caffeine intake that followed. But I have now watched "Eggtown" three times, and the possibilities seem endless...


Aaron was not born yet when Flight 815 crashed; thus, he would not have been on the manifest. That is why I believe that he is not one of the Oceanic 6. The same will be true for Sun's baby should she be one of the six.

I am not sure how they are going to explain Tall Walt, but could the time discrepancy have anything to do with it? If he and Michael really did leave the island for a time, would that explain his growth? And if so, will the reverse be true for Aaron? Will/has the island stunted his development? He looked to be about 2 years old in this episode, and yet Kate's mom said that the crash was 4 years ago...

...which leads credence to the theory that THIS Aaron is actually the product and Kate and Sawyer, named in memory or homage to their long LOST friends Claire and Aaron. Kate worked hard to find out about her off-island status from Miles because she was pregnant. She knew that she'd die giving birth on the island, but wanted to see what kind of life she would be returning to. She probably figured that her criminal record would be forgiven once she was rescued (given the circumstances and trauma), and that she'd be able to have her baby without the possibility of jail time. If this Aaron is her child with Sawyer, it would explain why Jack was uncomfortable visiting him at their house. This Aaron wouldn't be his nephew. So Jack never forgave Kate for sleeping with/choosing Sawyer, even though he still loves her. And, either Sawyer died or is stuck back on the island, adding to Jack's discomfort with the whole situation. This Aaron would be a living, breathing reminder of what or who was left behind.


Did Ben earn his wealth as a secret spy, or was he financed? The obvious guess would be that Mr. Widmore provided the resources and opportunities.


When Kate made the deal at court, she left through the back entrance by herself. If you're one of the most famous faces on earth AND you're on trial, how is it that no media got wind of your release and were awaiting every possible exit? And why is it that Jack isn't tailed either? We are to believe that they are living in current time after rescue, but in today's tabloid society, a photo of Kate and Jack together in the parking garage after her trial would have been a money shot. Instead, they interacted in a wide open lot with uninterested passers-by.

In addition to her fame, she has unlimited resources due to the Oceanic payoff (see: nanny and suburban Barbie dream home). Why take a cab instead of hiring a driver? Someone we know must have been driving that taxi...

Kate returned home after being held in prison during her trial. And yet the Nanny greeted her like she'd only been out at work for the day. I just found it to be a strange reaction.


Were they all rescued at the same time? Do any of them know how to get back to the island? We know that Jack doesn't, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Ben, Sayid and Kate do.


If Frank and Miles were so familiar with the Flight 815 manifest and the pasts of the passengers, why weren't they surprised to see Locke out of a wheelchair?

At what point will Frank reveal to the survivors that he was supposed to be the pilot of their fated flight?


Miles is Ben's man on the boat, his Traitor on the Freighter. His extortion amount ($3.2 million) was code, a message to Ben, similar to Naomi's ('tell my sister that I love her') code back to the freighter. Kate was standing there, so Ben played along and made fun of the number that Miles demanded. Miles did tell Kate that he's "exactly where I want to be," and the 3.2 figure could relate to coordinates (to the freighter or another key location).

Three episodes ago, we witnessed what we thought were flashbacks from the Freighter Four. However, I now believe that most were flash-forwards. I think that Frank's scene and Naomi's (when Matthew Abbadon assigned her this motley crew) were the only two actual flashbacks from "Confirmed Dead." In the future, after the Freighter Four somehow return from the island...
  • Daniel Faraday is visibly upset while watching news footage of the supposed wreckage from Flight 815. He is sad but can't explain why, and it is not because he's emotionally or mentally unstable...he's not allowed to. The Freighter Four were paid off (like the Oceanic 6) to keep their mouths shut under threat of death to them or their loved ones.
  • Charlotte is determined to find evidence of extinct Dharma experiments in Tunisia because of something she discovered in the various abandoned Dharma hatches and stations back on the island.
  • Miles uses information he gathered from 815 survivors on the island to con money out of their living relatives back in the real world; Oceanic settlement money. He pretends to connect with and speak to their dead family members, but he already knows where to find what he's looking for (drugs, cash, etc.) because he kept track of stories from survivors during his time on the island.
In a flashback, however, Frank the Pilot called Oceanic to claim that the pilot's body they found among the wreckage wasn't his friend, but that drew attention from the wrong people. Did Matthew Abbadon choose him for this mission to get rid of him before he exposed the truth about Oceanic's involvement? Side note: Naomi referred to Frank as a drunk, but was he one before the crash of Flight 815 or because of it (because he was supposed to pilot that particular flight)?
Speculation is great fun, but I'm still convinced that the Freighter Four and their helicopter are a rouse and have nothing to do with the actual rescue of the Oceanic 6. Think about it...we have 2.5 more seasons of Lost to go after this run of 7 new episodes. Why would the writers and producers give us the means of rescue now, when we have almost 40 episodes left in the entire series?

Any thoughts about this or the theories above?


Ving13 said...

Just thought I'd throw one of my theories out about what's going on this season in regards to Ben's, "man on that freighter." I agree with your earlier theory that that man is Michael. But, I see Ben as the type of person to have 2 moles in such a situation, the other being Charlotte. Ben shot her knowing she was wearing a vest to throw off the Locke group members. This would explain why Charlotte said nothing in regards to Ben's claim when reunited with Daniel and Frank.

Anonymous said...

Lindelof & Cuse did say that they wouldn't trick it up and use flashbacks & flash-forwards in the same episode. They said it's a confusing enough narrative that they didn't want to make it trickier.

Regardless of if Kate's Aaron is really Claire's baby or not, I think Aaron is a reminder for Jack of what happened on the Island.

At some point, Jack made a decision that decided the fate for everyone and, as we can see with the Oceanic 6's stories, it was the wrong decision.

Anonymous said...

In an article this week in Entertainment Weekly, Damon Lindelof says, ''How did some people get off the island — and what happened to the people who didn't? That's the mystery that we owe the answer to at the end of the season.'' So, while you may think that the freighter doesn't directly deal with their escape from the island, it seems likely, since we're going to find out by the end of the season how they got off and why others didnt.

Anonymous said...

You make so many great points; it really gets into your brain doesn't it? :) I agree there must still be some time before they are rescued. This whole storyline may be a ruse.

I don't think they have been lost 4 years, I think Kate's mom has been sick 4 years, which would have started somewhere around the time Kate visited her in the hospital, but before Kate broke into the safe deposit box and went to Australia.

Thanks for your assistance in understanding this impossible show! lol!