Saturday, February 23, 2008

Character Spotlight: Juliet

This week I'd like to spotlight Juliet, my favorite female character on LOST.

Dr. Juliet Burke is a fertility doctor. Before being recruited to work on the island by Ben and Mittelos Bioscience, she was based in Miami.
Juliet was working with her ex-husband, Edmund Burke, but he was killed by a bus after she joked about it to Richard Alpert of Mittelos.

Juliet lived with her sister Rachel, who she was secretly treating with experimental drugs because she had cancer and wanted a baby. Rachel did get pregnant, and then Juliet went to work for Mittelos. They told her that the job was in Portland, but then they drugged her and took her to the island via submarine.

Although Juliet was told that the job was a three-month stint, she has been on the island for 3 years. Ben promised Juliet that Rachel's cancer would be cured, and it was. He also proved that her sister was alive and healthy by showing Juliet footage of Rachel playing with her son.

While living among the Others, Juliet was sleeping with Goodwin. He was killed by Ana Lucia after Ben dispatched him to infiltrate the tail section survivors from the crash of Flight 815, but we have not seen her reaction to that event or time. Juliet also hosted book club at her Other home.

After Ben organized the capture of Jack, Kate and Sawyer, Juliet was assigned to Jack. They developed a slow friendship and trust, and she made a video asking Jack to let Ben die during spinal surgery. Jack didn't let Ben die, because Juliet helped Kate and Sawyer escape. She also broke a cardinal Other rule by killing one of her own people (Pickett) in the process. Juliet was put on trial by the Others but spared because Jack made a deal with Ben, although she did received a mysterious branding on her lower back as punishment. Ben promised Jack and Juliet a trip off of the island but then Locke blew up the submarine. So much for that.

Juliet returned to the survivors' beach with Jack, but it was unclear who's side she was on. No one besides Jack trusted her. When Claire became very ill, Juliet saved her. And she also took Sun to an abandoned medical hatch for an ultrasound. Juliet revealed Ben's plans to kidnap women from the beach, and then she and Jack joined up with Rousseau to get dynamite for the counter-attack.

When Locke and Jack split the survivors into two groups, Juliet remained with Jack in the hopes of being rescued by the freighter crew and their helicopter.

Since Juliet was not on Flight 815, she will not be one of the Oceanic 6. However, I think she will get off that island one way or another, reunite with her sister and meet her nephew. Whether or not Jack is in her future remains to be seen as well.


Anonymous said...

Juliet rocks. Elizabeth Mitchell took a character that was screaming for people to hate (I mean, she was stealing Kate's man!) and made her total greatness.

Anonymous said...

I am just now starting to warm up to Juliet. :)