Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Resolution in Season 4?


Will we find out more about…
  • The conversation between Ben and Kate on the beach after he made her clean up and put on a pretty dress, when he referenced her very unpleasant two weeks
  • The 4-toed statue
  • The temple that Ben referred to, and the pillar that Locke’s dad was tied up to
  • The runway that the Others were building on the smaller island (which Sawyer and Kate were hauling rocks for)
  • The island’s dormant volcano (that the Dharma teacher mentioned when Ben was in school), and if it has any relation to the ash surrounding Jacob’s cabin
  • The hole that Sayid was randomly digging in the jungle
Now that the Others have abandoned their perfectly functional little houses, will the survivors move in?

Will Alex and Danielle stay with the survivors and have a true mother-daughter reunion, and will Karl also remain?

Will Jack discover that Claire is his half-sister? Will she find out that Christian Shepard was in a coffin on Flight 815 but his body was missing after the crash?

Will we find out if Claire’s message attached to the pigeon will be discovered?

Will we see Annie again, Ben’s childhood girlfriend? Or was she also killed in the purge?

When Walt and Michael return, how will the survivors treat him, knowing that he killed Ana Lucia and Libby? How will the writers explain Walt’s growth spurt?

Did Charlie’s top 5 moments list get ruined when Desmond dove down to the Looking Glass, or does Desmond give it to Claire when she finds out that Charlie died?

Where the hell did Locke go after throwing a knife into Naomi’s back and threatening to kill Jack before he called the freighter?

Will we see Libby in someone else’s flashback? Will we find out if she had a twin or was the same woman who both gave her dead husband’s sailboat to Desmond and was in the mental institution with Hurley?

For three seasons, Jack has wanted to get off of that island and return home. The man of science has battled against the man of faith (Locke), who has done everything in his power to ensure that no one ever leaves that place. So what the hell happened to make Jack want to return so badly? Why were only he and Kate rescued, and what have they been lying to the press, public and their families about ever since?

Does Locke get his wish? Does he remain on the island? Is he given a choice?

Will Ben give up his pursuit of children and pregnant women now that Juliet has seemingly joined up with the survivors?

Will Ben find out that in addition to Locke, Rose (cancer) and Jin (infertility) were also healed by the island?

What will the remaining Others do now that Ben has been captured and taken prisoner by the survivors and his main goons are dead? If they’re so in awe of Jacob, who will lead them now that Jacob’s eyes and ears (Ben) are incapacitated and unavailable? Will Richard lead them to either join up with the survivors or fight against them?

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