Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crazy Predictions & Conspiracy Theories for Season 4

I am going to try to remain as spoiler-free as possible this time around. I enjoyed the season finale last year so much more than any other episode, because I had NO idea about the flash forwards. So the below predictions are based solely on my thoughts after watching Season 3 again.
  • Kate is pregnant. When she had breakfast on the beach with Ben and he told her that her next two weeks were going to be very unpleasant, he threatened to kill either Sawyer or Jack if she didn’t sleep with one of them to get pregnant and provide the Others with a baby. That is why Ben burned her old clothes, made her shower and put on a dress (to entice the boys even more than she already had). When Kate escaped from her cage and Sawyer begged her to escape on her own, she refused…because she hadn’t performed her end of the bargain with Ben yet. She wound up sleeping with Sawyer because she had access and opportunity with him, and no access to Jack during that time. In the flash forward, the ‘he’ she refers to is her son, which she conceived on the island with Sawyer but delivered after being rescued (which is why she lived).
  • Penny’s father, Mr. Widmore, is either financing or responsible for the freighter that Jack called with Naomi’s phone. Daddy found out that Penny discovered Desmond’s location after the electromagnetic anomaly showed up on her monitoring station, and decided to take care of Desmond once and for all. That is why Naomi had a photo of Desmond and Penny with her; she was instructed to find Desmond and kill him. She did say that she was a “representative of an organization trying to find the island.”
  • Naomi will live. Locke threw a knife in her back, but the island tends to heal, and she will miraculously recover, like Mikhail. Besides, she recovered rather quickly from the puncture wound after her parachute crash landed in a tree.
  • Desmond won’t have any more flashes. It could be because Charlie is dead, and it could be because Charlie’s whack of the oar to his head will reverse them.
  • There is an entire community or village underneath the island, which is probably where the kidnapped children are, as well as Cindy the Flight Attendant. When the Others abandoned Otherville at the end of last season, Sayid noted that they disappeared without footprint or a trail of any kind. They went underground through a secret entrance.
  • The sub is still in one piece and is functional. Locke was soaking wet when he ran into Jack and Juliet, right before the sub supposedly blew up. But the sub was docked…so why was Locke wet? Because he somehow maneuvered the sub down and relocated it, and then blew up the dock.
  • The person in the coffin at the funeral home Jack visited in the future is not someone we’ve met yet. As far as we know, only Jack and Kate made it off of the island.
  • There is some sort of protective barrier covering the island. The earthquake in Other Village occurred at least 30 seconds before Flight 815 actually came into view and broke half above them. The hatch implosion caused the electromagnetic anomaly, which caused the plane to penetrate the island’s shield, which in turn caused the earthquake.
  • After Michael and Walt were set free by Ben and left for home on the boat, they were captured by Naomi’s freighter. That is where will we will first see them again this season.
  • Jacob is or controls the Black Smoke Monster.
  • Juliet will have a flash forward, reunite with her sister and meet her nephew for the first time.
  • Even though the room was flooded, Desmond will be able to see Penny on the monitor, confirming his belief that she is still looking for him. The Looking Glass communications room was subjected to Mikhail’s grenade, but they specifically made a point to tell us that the computer is inside of a waterproof encasement. So Desmond will be able to glimpse his girl on the monitor, but she won’t be able to see or hear him.

I'm sure I will think of a few more after re-watching the season finale tomorrow night when ABC rebroadcasts it with enhanced clues and text on-screen...

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