Thursday, July 8, 2010

2010 Emmy Nominations for LOST

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LOST received 13 Emmy Award nominations in the following categories:
  1. Best Drama 
  2. Writing: Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof (The End
  3. Best Actor: Matthew Fox 
  4. Best Supporting Actor: Michael Emerson 
  5. Best Supporting Actor: Terry O'Quinn 
  6. Guest Actress in a Drama: Elizabeth Mitchell (The End
  7. Art Direction (Ab Aeterno
  8. Direction: Jack Bender (The End
  9. Editing (The End
  10. Sound Editing (The End
  11. Sound Mixing (The End
  12. Music (original dramatic score): Michael Giacchino (The End
  13. Special Class Program: Mysteries of the Universe - The Dharma Initiative 
The Emmy Awards air on Sunday, August 29 on NBC.

To celebrate these long overdue and well-deserved nods, I'm going to give away Lost tees to 4 lucky readers! To be eligible, simply leave a comment below with the S6 scene that you believe earned Fox, Emerson and O'Quinn their nominations

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Robert said...

You didn't ask, but Juliet's death scene with Sawyer got her the Emmy nod.

Amanda from Michigan said...

Matthew Fox: How could it not be the scene when Vincent curls up with he as he's dying? He did so much acting without saying a word.

Michael Emerson: When he's having dinner with Danielle and Alex, he seems like a totally different man. It took a good actor to pull that off.

Terry O'Quinn: When he was lying in the hospital after the surgery in the finale, he seemed so full of hope. That took good acting, too.

jonathan said...

Emerson - his conversation with know the one.

O'Quinn - too hard. He was A++ the entire season. As MIB he was just incredible...funny and freaky! As Locke - tender and hopeful. He is my hero!

Fox - His sideways scene where he tells David how proud he is. Being a dad myself who never had a father, that scene got me BIG TIME!

Alicia said...

I have never come across some more poignant than watching Michael Emerson in "Dr Linus." Ben became a new and enlightened character right there and then with his wanting to change in the real world (his speech to Illana) to the flashsideways world and his other side not wanting to hurt Alex anymore despite his own feelings. Beautiful work that made me cry.

Matthew Fox can be defined in the last few episodes when he started his final journey in The Candidate to What They Died For when we saw what he was meant to do, to Jack's sacrifice in the end. He is made of gold hence the need for that Emmy.

As for Terry O'Quinn pretty much anything that man does is perfection. But I think his concept of wanting to go home in The Subsitute really showed us the stregths of Flocke's final journey. I almost WANTED the MIB to get off that darn island after that. He deserved it in a way. And of course The End and his final battle with Jack. He brought the scary and in the end ruled. Him too as his sideways self had a great journey as well in The Substitute where we learn how happy he could have been with Helen or was content in the wheelchair. Wonderful work.

MollyFaraday said...

I think Matthew earned his from his scene with Christian. Simple as that.
Michael was amazing x10000 in Dr Linus, and also maybe that dinner scene with Danielle and Alex... Gets me all teary just thinking about it!

And Terry, I don't even know which scene to choose. How about Every Single Moment he showed his face!!!!!!!!!

NotSoBadLit said...

For ME, that's easy. It was his "Because no one will have me" speech.

I would like to think Terry was nominated for The Substitute. But probably it was for the scene in LAX where Mocke tells Ben about Locke's last thoughts. "I don't understand. Isn't that the saddest thing you've ever heard." I got chills and then tears came. Awesome.

Foxy's was all about the Finale. He brought it all together. So happy he got recognized.

MadAriad said...

Love the nominations!
I think way back at the beginning of Season 6 - the scene with Ben and Flocke under the statue after killing Jacob - that was a fascinating scene. And as for Jack, well, the whole season I guess - I can't pick a particular scene except maybe in Lighthouse.

Erin McCarty (bilbopooh) said...

Emerson - the "I'll have you" scene. Just perfect. And I loved his portrayal of Dr. Linus, so recognizably Ben and yet so very different.

O'Quinn - Just seeing the contrast between Sideways John and Smokey in "The Substitute" really impressed me. And that terrifying glare when Smokey said he wanted to go home...

Fox - The last 10 minutes or so of the finale. Amazing. And I have to say that he really sold me on Jack this season. I was never quite won over by him before, but I really loved the new, more humble Jack, and he portrayed him very well.

Would've loved to see a nod for Nestor Carbonell and/or Mark Pellegrino, but not really surprised that didn't happen...

missmolly said...

I loved Michael Emerson in episode seven. He was great in the whole episode but especially the scene with him and Ilana in the jungle.
"I'll have you."

I think for Matthew Fox the end scene with Vincent was outstanding, couldn't stop crying.

Terry O'Quinn was great all season as he always is. I can't just pick one. The hospital scene in the last episode was great! Also the conversation Locke and Ben had outside the church.

lennyg said...

Matthew Fox: The End (at least until August) dying scene is obvious but The Lighthouse with Jorge Garcia was great.

Michael Emerson: with Ilana, nolo contendere even though we can pick just about any scene!

Terry O'Quinn: a scene? Seriously, Jo? waking up from surgery in Flash sideways, "It worked."

~Karen~ said...

For me it is the following...

Jack- The moments leading up to Jack's eye closing.

MIB/Locke-In LA X when he tells Ben what John Locke was thinking about when Ben was choking the life out of him. It was amazing to see Terry's facial changes happen right in front of our eyes when he tells that story.

Ben-In Dr. Linus when Ben escapes Ilana and he confesses his anger about losing his power (among other things) and how he feels Locke would be the only one who will have him.

tvaddict12 said...

Emerson - Hands down with his conversation with Ilana "Because he's the only one that'll have me". [6x07 - Dr. Linus]

O'Quinn - This one was really tough because he was spectacular this season but I'm going to go with the scene in 6x10 - The Package where Mocke and Widmore meet and Mocke says that war has come to the island.

Fox - The scene in "The End" where Jack talks to Christian. IMO, that was one of Fox's strongest moments throughout the entire series. My second choice would have to be Jack's final walk through the bamboo and his death.

shar said...

Wow how hard to pick just on scene. I think for Matthew Fox it would be when he's talking to Christian in the church.

For Terry O'Quinn I think the scene about him wanting to go home was great.

And for Michael Emerson I would say his scenes in the sideways with Alex and Danielle.

Riley said...

Thank you so much for doing this!

Matthew Fox: Wow, it's definitely his whole performance throughout The End, especially his death scene. What I thought was beautiful was that Jack had always said "If we don't live together, we're going to die alone", and he didn't die alone. Vincent was there with him, and Matthew's acting was just superb throught that scene.

Emerson: Oh, how I love Emerson. :) IMO, his best scene was either the scene with Ilana, or the scene with Hurley (sideways) outside the church.

Terry O'Quinn: He scared me. Actually honest to goodness scared me, and I feel his best scene is either the one in the premiere when he's talking to Ben in the statue (after Jacob was stabbed) or in the sideways when he woke up from surgery and realized he could walk. :)

I'm so excited for LOST this year at the Emmys, and thankful that Fox, Emerson and O'Quinn get this chance.

Dustin said...

I feel like Emmy and Oscar noms sometimes play catchup for failing to nominate someone for their earlier body of work.

I'm a huge EM fan, but didn't think her S6 appearances were spectacular. Seems like they're making up for forgetting to nominate her after S3 & S5, especially for "The Incident."

Similarly, I felt like Emerson and TOQ gave more fascinating performances in earlier seasons. Although I suppose TOQ pulled off a huge feat playing both villain and good guy this season.

Fox really pulled through and carried the weight in S6, especially as we got closer to "The End."

Parker said...

Fox - The last 10 minutes of The End. Foxy owned it.

Emerson - Ben's tete-a-tete with Ilana in the jungle in "Dr. Linus."

O'Quinn - Jack asking John what happened to his father, at the end of "The Candidate."

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo,
I think Mattew Fox deserves his Emmy nod from the scene in the church when he asked his father "Am I dead". The scene just was so heart retching I specifically remember crying over that, another scene he did exceptional acting was in the scene he had with Jacob when he took the position of the "new Jacob" , and the scene when he broke the mirrors, and lastly the scene he had with Dogen the conversation was such a thrill to watch and when 'Jack' swallow the pill I was just at the edge of my seat.

As for, Micheal Emerson as much as I liked his scenes in season 6 i believe his glory days were in season 2-5 , but there were a couple I enjoyed that I believe were Emmy worthy:
1. The scene with Ben and Widmore when he said "you don't get to save your daughter was totally cut throat no pun intended.
and another scene I thought was Emmy worthy was:
2. The scene with Ilana and Ben when he tells her why he killed jacob and he tells her he wish he did not kill him. It was just the honesty and the realism of that scene that I think could win him the nod .You just believed him and was ready to forgive. I just felt pure sincerity.
And I also enjoyed the scenes with Ben sitting outside the bench of the church. To me this scene mirrored his younger self to me standing along the barrier of the sonic fence in the dharma 70' days wanting to be an other but wasn’t ready yet and he not being ready just yet to move on was so beautiful. To me I just love the acting it was great!
And as for Terry O'Quinn
Just to see him play a different character was incredible.
My Fave Scenes started from the jump of the show : the scene with him and boone talking to the scene when he told Jack her just lost his father’s "body" not his "father".
Another was a scene when he was playing Mib it was the scene when he was walking out of the temple after her turned to Smokey and destroyed it. When he was leading the people out and turned and looked at Kate . That scene was just perfect and he did not have to even say a word. I was just in chills another was the scene with jack and Locke fighting it was so intense you felt so much hate it was just so gooood!

well sorry for having such a long rave about these scenes I just it enjoyed them all to much

your blog fan ,rae,

}i{ said...

Matthew Fox: I have to say that as a whole, I was extraordinarily pleased with Jack over the whole season, so much that no one scene sticks out in my mind. I never hated Jack like some others, but I was exasperated with him, and truly liking him snuck up on me. THATS great acting. The most notable would be the final dying in the jungle with Vincent, which I barely saw anyways through the tears. I think that some of the early scenes in the Temple with Dogen were great, you could see the conflict written all over him.

TOQ: The Jack-Locke scene in the airport in LA X is one of my favorites, and the whole episode of The Substitute, and the conversation with Ben in the finale, and the toe-wiggle. Everything the man does is Emmy worthy.

Michael Emerson: It has to be the "I'll have you" scene in Dr. Linus. I'm partial, I adore every second Emerson is on screen.

LotteryTicket said...

to everyone above and below this comment, thanks for 'never letting go' enjoyed reading.

So many NOT nominated that deserve a nod. Here's to the unnamed heros behind the scenes that created the scenes we so dearly love. To long and prosperous careers. *Clink*

aohora said...

For sure Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn got nominated for their final scene together.

Matthew Fox - besides the Death Scene, his Sideways scenes were def "for your consideration."

As for the post-production staff: editing, sound, etc., they've rocked every episode, EVERY season! They deserve lifetime awards for that!

heather said...

It's so hard to pick one, but here is my best guess at what landed this group their well deserved recognition...

O'Quinn & Emerson probably got the nod for the scene outside the church when Ben apologizes to Locke and Locke forgives him. Any scene with these two is gonna be great, and this did not disappoint.

Fox gave a phenomenal performance throughout the episode. He really put his all into it. I am tempted to say the scene with Christian clinched it for him, but ultimately his death march through the bamboo forest and passing away next to Vincent had to be the one. He expressed so many emotions; determination, weariness, pain, sadness, relief, joy, peace, without uttering a single word. He has what it takes!

Rockharpered said...

Terry:This is a hard one, because Terry's season really was season 6. He was so good, and to be honest, scarier than Ben. His moment, I think, is when he tricked everyone to get into the sub with an explosive. When he was pushed and crawled out of the water onto the pier, I got chills!

Michael: Episode, "Dr. Linus." Simply the best and only good "Ben" episode of season 6.

Matthew: Ah...Young Matthew...I vote for, "The End." He was simply brilliant as a character who accepts his fate, no questions asked.

Leeann Vinson said...

So excited for the Emmy's now!!! I believe Fox earned his nod for the final scene, including his talk with Christian, his acceptance of what had transpired. O'Quinn was phenomonal this whole season. I beleive his shining moment in The End was laying the hospital bed remembering. For Emerson, I believe his accepting the #2 spot for Hurley was his shining glory. I miss Lost!!!

Jaime said...

I think Matthew Fox Earned his nomination when he was dying with Vincent, you saw his troubles go away. Once he saw his Sawyer and co. leave on the Aijira flight, he finally got them off the Island and "let go".

Terry O'Quinn got his nomination by playing the MIB and Locke and just nailing both of them. So much range. But MIB and Jack fighting at the end was pretty solid.

Michael Emerson got nominated because after all this time we can HATE HIM with a passion, and then feel incredibly sorry for him.

Simon said...

Fox- Lighthouse scene or submarine, both could be argued he came full circle to being a man of faith

OQuinn- Interaction between him and Helen over having the surgery. He was content and she pushed. Took real acting skills to pull off the idea of "I belong in this chair"

Emerson- Is there any real question to this? In the jungle with Illana. "Who will take me"

On another note, no love for Josh Holloway?

Simon said...

Fox- Lighthouse scene or submarine, both could be argued he came full circle to being a man of faith

OQuinn- Interaction between him and Helen over having the surgery. He was content and she pushed. Took real acting skills to pull off the idea of "I belong in this chair"

Emerson- Is there any real question to this? In the jungle with Illana. "Who will take me"

On another note, no love for Josh Holloway?

Kurt said...

I can't pick a specific scene that earned them their Emmy nominations - can I still win a t shirt?!

Terry O Quinn convincingly played two different characters. Michael Emerson was excellent at portraying Ben's change of character. And Elizabeth Mitchell lets fans take photos with her and use them on Facebook.

Jo said...

Apologies for the delay - the following 4 names were randomly drawn to win tees! If you are one of them, please send me your shipping address (jo at jopinionated dot com):


Thank you for the great comments!