Friday, June 4, 2010

Jay & Jack's LOST Finale Party: Recap, Photos and Videos

As most of you know, popular Lost podcasters Jay and Jack hosted an amazing event at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, May 23 to celebrate the series finale with 2,000 fellow fans from all over the world. 

Sponsored by Global Cash Card, Jay and Jack held a video contest prior to the event and the winner (Frank M. from Idaho) was rewarded on stage with a custom Dharma van. He was handed the keys by special guest Michael Emerson. 

I had the opportunity to host a Q&A panel with a few other Lost actors before Jay and Jack took the stage, including questions from fans in the audience. The first round featured Neil Hopkins (Liam Pace), Eric Lange (Radzinsky) and Andrea Gabriel (Nadia). My second panel guests were Sterling Beaumon (Young Ben), Malcolm David Kelley (Walt) and film actor Tiny Lister. The final round featured L. Scott Caldwell (Rose) and James Horan (Wayne, Kate's dad). 

After Jay and Jack's panel with Emerson, we collectively took a deep breath and watched the series finale together on the giant screen. There were audible gasps, cheers and sniffles throughout the 2.5 hours, and it was an unbelievable experience to view the finale among so many other fans who absorbed every second of it with the same emotions and reactions. 

The photos above and many other beautiful shots from that night were taken by the very talented Cesar Altamirano, who also took stunning photos on the red carpet at the Lost S6 Premiere on the Beach earlier this year.

Below are videos from the very memorable and entertaining evening. Special thanks to my friend Paul McQue for recording and posting these videos; he came all the way from Scotland for the big event!

I was honored to be included, and would like to thank my friends Jay, Jack and Colleen, as well as Michael Purcell and his Global Cash Card team, for their hospitality and generosity. A huge shout out as well to Alice and Terri, who hosted a fantastic pre-finale party on the eve of the event.

Jay & Jack intro, Dharma van winner & Panel w/Michael Emerson
(part 1 of 5; all are available after it)

The Jay & Jack mocumentary (put together by the one and only Clif)

Panel w/Sterling Beaumon & Malcolm David Kelley

Panel w/L. Scott Caldwell & James Horan (part 1 of 3)

Alas, Paul was not able to capture my first panel, but someone else in the audience did...

Panel w/Neil Hopkins, Eric Lange & Andrea Gabriel


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