Friday, May 14, 2010

LOST Live: My Sentimental Perspective & Spoiler-Free Preview of Episode 6.16

I am still recovering from last night's emotional journey and experience at Lost Live: The Final Celebration, but wrote about it from a personal perspective over on DocArzt. I also provide a very brief and spoiler-free preview of the penultimate episode, which airs on Tuesday. Here is the link if you're interested!

[custom Dharma Water, handed out after the event!]

I absolutely loved seeing fellow fans, friends, cast and crew at this event, and it was great to meet people in person whom I'd only known virtually from the vast online Lost community. If we did not get a chance to meet or say hello, I apologize; it was hectic and overwhelming, but in the best possible way. And if I did not hand you a Lost Fan pin, send me an email with your address and I will ship one to you!

Yesterday was also an amazing day because of the front-page story about Lost in USA Today (How America Got Lost). I was interviewed for it a few weeks ago, and it is quite a treat to not only have the story in print - but to be quoted in the same article with Damon, Carlton, Daniel, Jorge and Terry.  

I am still in Los Angeles for the Lost Weekend fan party and charity auction, and will post both a recap and videos/photos from interviews with some of the cast on Sunday and Monday.

Have a great weekend!



Megan said...

As a UCLA alum and Lost fan, I was so sad to miss this event! It would have been a nice bookend to Sunset on the Beach premiere. Your spoiler-free summary of the happenings and the emotions is fantastic, but I have to beg one question--can you tell us more about the messages from the bottle?!

Estella said...

Hi Jo! Oh it was SO good to see you before and after the show--I'll be honest, I feel pretty cool to know you! Thanks for being one of my main sources of LOST news, and for all your posts! Hopefully see you again soon. :)