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LOST Episode 6.16: "What They Died For" (Initial Thoughts & Theories)

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend Lost Live: The Final Celebration with 1,800 fellow fans, cast and crew. In addition to the beautiful live Michael Giacchino orchestra performance, we were treated to a screening of What They Died ForHere is my review of the evening, in case you missed it. Needless to say, I loved having a few extra days to let the episode marinate and having the luxury of time to write up this analysis. 

I enjoyed What They Died For far more than Across the Sea, but I have to admit that I appreciate last week's episode now - in the context of what we witnessed tonight. And although this is clearly Terry O'Quinn's Emmy season, my vote would still go to Michael Emerson. The brilliant return of Evil Funny Ben in What They Died for, coupled with his touching performance in Dr. Linus, is nothing short of masterful in my opinion. 

So without further ado, let's hunker down in our secret office closets and get started. Because as Jacob said to Hurley, "we're very close to the end."


Once again, no mention of Captain Frank J. Lapidus. I realize that he was not one of the original 815 survivors, but obviously they all think he died in the sub and make no mention of it. With only the finale remaining, I offer up a few possibly irrelevant endings for Chesty:

1. He survived the sub door to the head, swam up to the surface and washed ashore elsewhere. End of story.
2. As Ilana and Bram suggested, he is indeed a Candidate (although Lapidus is not on the cave wall or lighthouse wheel, as far as we've seen). He will rejoin the group in time to fight notLocke, and lose his life in the process.
3. He and Jack co-pilot the Ajira plane and rescue their friends after finally killing the Man in Black (in notLocke form). In the Pilot, Jack mentioned taking flying lessons. 
4. He co-pilots the Ajira plane against his will with notLocke after everyone else on the island gets killed. In The Candidate, Locke revealed that he has his pilot's license. 


I am not a 'shipper per se, but I've always believed that Jack and Kate belong together. They provide a very important opening statement in this episode. 

Kate: "Locke did this to them. We have to kill him."
Jack: "I know."

It will be interesting to see what Kate decides to do if she survives the pending battle; stay on the island with Jack, or leave it forever. Although frankly, I'd love for her to make a decision not based on a man, along the lines of her return for Claire the last time around. 


I absolutely love the idea of a Danielle Rousseau and Benjamin Linus romance in the flash sideways. Given that he kidnapped her infant daughter at gunpoint on the island, this is the perfect antithetical relationship. 

And the line about Ben going to their house for dinner - "we insist, even if we have to kidnap you" was absolutely classic and received the most laughter from the live audience last week. 

Then again, there is a slight wrench in this scenario. If Rousseau starts to remember her time on the island, I don't think there will be any more nerd dates with Dr. Linus in their future.


Zoe, you did not turn out to be a significant geophysicist. Bye bye, notLizLemon.


Once again, it takes a violent and/or highly emotional action to stir up memories of the island relationship. Desmond beats the crap out of Ben in the flash sideways, who remembers their last physical encounter - when Ben went to shoot Penny but shot Desmond instead, followed by an epic beating.

After rewatching the scene between Ben and Danielle in the flash sideways, when he starts to cry after she tells him how much he has meant to Alex, it is possible that he started to remember what happened to her on the island. 

Like Desmond and Charlie, Hurley now remembers everything in the flash sideways from his time on the island. I have to wonder if he is able to do so because of his ability to see and speak with the deceased...


As I first suggested a few weeks ago in my analysis of The Candidate, it is not mere coincidence that the Final Four Candidates are the same four who were kidnapped by the Others and brought to Ben at the end of S2: Shephard, Austen, Reyes and Ford. 


Jacob told the Final Four that they have a choice to become the Candidate, something he was never given. Take a look back at some of the foreshadowing...

* S3 (The Cost of Living)
Ben, to Jack: "We'd lead you to believe that you were choosing to do whatever we asked you to do."
Juliet, to Jack: "You probably feel like you don't have a choice, but you do." 
* S5 (The Incident)
Jacob, to Ben: "Whatever he's told you, I want you to understand one thing - you have a choice."
Jacob, to Hurley: "All you have to do is get on that plane. It's your choice, Hugo. You don't have to do anything you don't want to."
Sawyer, to Kate: "I made a choice and I'm sticking to it. I decided to leave, and I'm leaving."
Jack, to Kate (about Claire): "You don't know what she would do, and whatever it is - it would be her choice."
* S6 (The Substitute)
notLocke, to Sawyer: "He came to you, he manipulated you, pulled your strings like you were a puppet. Choices you thought were made were never really choices at all."
notLocke, to Sawyer: "You have three choices. You can do nothing and see how this plays out, you can accept the job; become the new Jacob and protect the island. The third choice is that we just go; we just get the hell off this island."  
* S6 (Lighthouse)
Dogen, to Jack: "Everything is a choice."


Earlier this season in Lighthouse and referring to that structure, Jack asked Hurley "how is it that we've never seen it before?" and Hurley told him that "we weren't looking for it." The same could be said for the other three Candidates who are finally able to see and communicate with Jacob. They are embracing their destinies slowly but surely, and after all that has happened to them, they were ready to listen to their options. 

And, obviously, now that Jack is the official replacement, he will be able to see the heart of the island. 


In Recon, we learned that Sawyer is a detective rather than a criminal. In What They Died For, we learned that Ana Lucia is still a cop, but a corrupt one who takes financial bribes to aid escaped prisoners. Perhaps that is why, as Desmond pointed out, she is "not ready" to go with the group to the concert (see Make Your Own Kind of Music below). 


Did Alex send Miles a message when he got 'wonky' over her burial site? Perhaps she instructed him where to go in order to escape Smokey. 


It certainly seemed as if Jacob's ashes were going to play a major role in the final takedown of the Man in Black, taking into consideration that Ilana and her team used ashes to deter Smokey and that ashes surrounded Jacob's cabin. But after young Jacob took them from Hurley, older Jacob seemed to disregard them and told Hurley that "my ashes are right there in that fire. When it burns out, you'll never see me again." Is Jacob leaving the bag next to the not-so-eternal flame on purpose, so that Jack will find and use them?


Where has the ghost whisperer gone? Did he manage to escape Smokey? I don't understand why he wouldn't go visit the burial sites of important people, seeking key information to stay alive in the end. 

I assume that Miles is still alive - why else take the time to have him take one walkie-talkie, leaving Ben with the other. Ben handed it over to Miles with "in case I need you," after all. 


Although it did not look good for our favorite guyliner, who was grabbed by the angry hand of Smokey - is it even possible to kill Alpert? 


Given Desmond's unique, miraculous nature and resistance to electromagnetism, I have a strong suspicion that notLocke's plan to destroy the island involves throwing Desmond down the magical watering hole to finally put out that light...and sink it.

However, Widmore said his mission requires a sacrifice from Desmond. Perhaps once he is down in the watering hole, he will be able to do something that renders notLocke unable to turn into Smokey. The question remains - will Desmond have to sacrifice his life to save his friends in the end, just like Charlie?


Sayid and Desmond had been in jail before, but Jacob made a valid point about the Final Four being flawed; they have all spent time behind bars as well.

  • Hurley turned himself in for killing a man while escaping with Sayid even though he clearly did no such thing (The Lie)
  • Jack attacked Christian at an AA meeting; his ex-wife Sarah bailed him out (A Tale of Two Cities)
  • Kate was held without bail during her murder trial (Eggtown)
  • Sawyer served time for his long con of Cassidy (Every Man for Himself)
By the way, I laughed out loud when Kate uttered a very sarcastic and Charlie-ific "terrific" while in jail in the flash sideways.


Most of the key players in the flash sideways will finally be in one place at one time, during David Shephard's concert. I find that rather appropriate and touching, given how significant music was in Through the Looking Glass, to Charlie's sacrifice and to Daniel Faraday. 

Here is how I believe the fates (versus coincidences) might line up at the concert:

1. David and Jack Shephard will be there, as well as Jack's ex-wife and Claire. In an ideal world, the paradox (Pair of Docs, in this case) will be that Jack and Juliet used to be married and are now amicable. Single fertility doctor Juliet meets Detective James Ford, who will be there with his partner Miles. The two hit it off and she suggests that they go for coffee, and go dutch. 

2. Due to their ties to the museum, Dr. Chang and Charlotte will be there, as well as Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore.

3. Hurley will bring Sayid and Desmond will bring Kate after helping them escape from jail. Libby will meet Hurley there, per his request. The same goes for Penny, as requested by Desmond.

4. Ben will bring Danielle there on a date, perhaps a double date with Locke and Helen. And of course they might bring Alex along as well. 

5. Sun and Jin are the wildcards, as I am unable to envision a situation in which the recovering and pregnant Sun would want to attend a concert with her husband. I have to wonder whether or not their death on the island will affect the end game of their situation in the flash sideways.

The fact that Desmond called Jack to tell him that Oceanic Airlines finally found Christian Shephard's coffin leads me to believe that it is in Hurley's Hummer en route to the concert; thus, another key player will be in the vicinity for the big event. That Jack is the final Candidate on the island and three generations of Shephard men would be in the same location is beyond coincidence: Christian, Jack, David and Aaron.

My theory is that at the exact moment when either notLocke gets killed or he destroys the island, something snaps into the consciousness of those at the concert in the flash sideways. They all remember their island experiences and look around at one another in a new and confusing light, but never actually crashed there. 

Another possibility is that Claire goes into labor at the concert. Aaron has always been important to the overall story, and his birth just might set off a critical series of events in the flash sideways. Juliet will take charge, but they will need to airlift her to a hospital.  In flies a medical helicopter, piloted by Frank Lapidus. This completes the circle of Desmond's vision that led to Charlie's sacrifice. 

Remember Locke's sweat-lodge induced vision in S3 (Further Instructions)? Take a look at the photo above from that dream and tell me that you don't think it's possible for that to become a reality...


I do love the parallel lives of Jack and Locke on the island and in the flash sideways. In one world, Jack is hoping to kill notLocke and in the other world - he is hoping to fix/save Locke.

Along similar lines, man of science Ben is protective of man of faith Locke in the flash sideways - is it safe to assume that Ben wants to kill notLocke on the island if he could?


As we learn more about the genesis of Jacob and his brother, I am reminded that Mikhail was also seemingly immortal. Although we have not seen him since he flooded the Looking Glass station under water with a grenade, I would not be surprised to learn that he is still alive. 

At first I wondered if he had been offered a cup of eternal wine from Jacob. But in S3 (Par Avion), Mikhail told Kate that she wasn't on 'the list' because she is "flawed." In this episode, Jacob revealed to the Final Four that he chose them because they're "all flawed" (keep in mind that Kate was a Candidate and her name was only recently crossed off after she took responsibility for Aaron). I believe that Mikhail was working with or for the Man in Black. Is it significant that Mikhail worked for Widmore in the flash sideways? With only the finale left, my guess would be no. 


Jack experienced yet another mirror moment, and this one...mirrored his first in the flash sideways. In the very first scene, he noticed a bleeding nick on his neck - again. Just as he did in the 815 bathroom in LA X.  That cut is certainly the shape of things to come; perhaps an injury he receives in the final battle against notLocke.

Ben also experienced a mirror moment after getting beat up by Desmond.


All along, I'd assumed that the final Candidate was simply Jacob's replacement to protect the island. This episode makes it clear that Jack has been tasked with finally killing the Man in Black; thus, it only ends once. No more progress. 


Kate Austen was number 51, but Jacob tells her that "the job is yours if you want it." So in the end, the numbers are indeed irrelevant. "It was just a line of chalk in the cave." Mystery solved.


In Sundown, Dogen said the following to Sayid: "In the hospital, a man came to me; a man I had never met. He told me that he could save my son's life, but I would have to come here to this island - where I would have a new job. And I could never see my boy again."

If I had to guess, that is exactly what will happen to Jack. He just volunteered for Jacob's job on the island, which means that his flash sideways life and son will cease to exist. The difference is that Jack is unaware that he has a son in another life, and is making the ultimate sacrifice without full knowledge of what could have been. 


For the first five seasons, we were all on board with cowboys and daddy issues. Now it is apparent that the island is run by sensitive souls with mommy issues.

Jacob told Kate that she was no longer a Candidate because "you became a mother." So clearly the Kwon on the wall and lighthouse wheel represented Jin. Kate was merely an adoptive guardian, whereas both Sawyer and Jin are biological fathers...the island does not seem to care much about paternity. 

If children are conceived and born there, they do not live. It seems to me that the infertility issue may have been somehow caused by the Man in Black, who has deep hatred for the actions of his notMom and may have been preventing births of future Candidates. Jacob protects mothers, and his brother prevents them from procreating. 


* The bomb
S6: LA X
Sawyer blamed Jack for Jughead's detonation, as it killed Juliet: "You did this."
S6: What They Died For
Sawyer blames himself for the bomb detonation in the sub, as it killed at least Jin, Sun and Sayid: "I killed them, didn't I?" 

* Coincidence and fate
S2: What Kate Did
Mr. Eko told Locke "Do not mistake coincidence for fate."
S3: The Cost of Living
Locke told Desmond "Do not mistake coincidence for fate." 
S6: What They Died For
Jack told Locke "I think you're mistaking coincidence for fate."

*Happening for a reason
S1: Exodus, Part 2
Locke suggested to Jack that "we were brought here for a purpose, for a reason - all of us. Each one of us was brought here for a reason."
S4: There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3
Locke reminded Jack that "you know that you're here for a reason - you know it."
S6: What They Died For
Locke suggested to Jack that "maybe all of this is happening for a reason."

* The cup of life
S6: Across the Sea
notMom makes Jacob drink the cup of magical wine, and then tells him that "now you and I are the same."
S6: What They Died For
Jacob makes Jack drink the cup of magical water, and then tells him that "now you're like me." 

* In stiches
S1: Pilot, Part 1
Jack recruits Kate to stitch up a back injury he received from crashing on the island. 
S6: What They Died For
Jack stitches up Kate's shoulder after she was shot and survived the sub explosion. 

* "Letting go"
S1: Do No Harm 
In a flashback, Christian Shephard told his son Jack that "you're just not good at letting go."
S6: LA X 
In the flash sideways, Rose told Jack on Flight 815 that "you can let go now."
S6: Everybody Loves Hugo
On the island, Jack told Hurley that "maybe I'm supposed to let go."
S6: The Candidate
In the flash sideways, Jack told Locke that "whatever happened, happened. You can let it go."
S6: What They Died For
In the flash sideways, Desmond told Ben that "I'm not here to hurt him, I'm here to help him let go."

* Your daughter
S4: The Shape of Things to Come
Ben told Widmore that "I'm going to kill your daughter. Penelope, is it?"
S6: What They Died For
notLocke told Widmore that when he leaves the island, "the first thing I'm going to do is kill your daughter, Penny."


Where is Claire? The obvious answer is that someone threw a hairbrush down a well and she went after it. But she is not with notLocke and Ben, so I have to assume that she joined Jack and co. after they grabbed Desmond.


In S4 (The Shape of Things to Come), Widmore asked Ben if he had come to London to kill him. Ben reminded him that "we both know I can't do that." In this episode, Ben did kill Widmore. Did the rules not apply between them while both were on the island, or did Ben merely break them? At this point, he is not worried about the consequences. His daughter died because Widmore "changed the rules," and Ben killed Widmore because "he doesn't get to save his daughter." 

Best. Exchange. Ever. 
Ben: "Give me the walkie-talkies."
Widmore: "Why?"
Ben: "Because I asked."


Widmore said that after his freighter blew, Jacob visited him off island and asked him to return. In Lighthouse, Jacob did tell Hurley that "someone is coming to the island; I need you to help them find it."

I assume that Widmore met Jacob while he was stationed on the island, and yet the name Widmore is not on the cave wall or lighthouse wheel (that I've seen).  

On a somewhat related and insignificant note, I have a feeling that Jacob visited Ilana in the Russian hospital during the same off island visit to Widmore. 


Addressing a discrepancy that many of us had wondered about, Ben revealed that he thought he was summoning Smokey by unplugging the drain inside of his secret closet behind the hieroglyph door - when in fact Smokey was summoning him. 


In the flash sideways, the island is submerged - which seems to indicate that notLocke succeeds in destroying it. If both Desmond the Failsafe and Jack the Final Candidate fail in their dual mission to kill the Man in Black and protect the island, and both die in the process...does everyone else live out their flash sideways lives except for them? 

By the way, I love that Desmond used and is the failsafe KEY to it all. 


Is Benjamin Linus a variable in the end game? Ben has now killed Jacob and Widmore, both of whom were enemies of the Man in Black. If Jack manages to kill the Man in Black, will Ben volunteer to remain on the island in his place? He has always wanted the job, and according to notLocke, "once I leave this island, you can have it all to yourself." 

I can't wait to see the look on Ben's face when he finds out that Jack is the new Jacob. And the part of me that loves Island Ben (ignoring his evil ways) hopes that he won't kill Jack for the job. Ben asked notLocke about "the other people to kill" but I just don't see him murdering Kate, Sawyer or Hurley either.

Ben Linus is still alive for a very specific reason, and I look forward to finding out exactly why during the final two and a half hours of the show.


When Jacob told Kate that she was no longer a Candidate because she had become a mother, it is because she is pregnant. The timelines are confusing, but I believe Jack is the father after their one-night reunion between the sheets of the eve of their return flight to the island via Ajira 316. Yes, they landed in a different era, but they were not there for long (as opposed to Juliet and Sawyer for three years) before detonating Jughead. 

If this turns out to be the case, we will have met or known about 6 generations of Shephards: Grandpa Ray, Father Christian, Son Jack, Nephew Aaron, Flash Sideways Son David and Island Hero Baby. Generation Next. 

While my heart and mind are vacationing on a tropical island of denial and delusion until Sunday night, I have to acknowledge that this is my last traditional Lost episode analysis post. I do not know when I will write up my thoughts about the series finale, but it will certainly not be the morning after. Given that the show will be over forever, there will be far more analysis than theorizing when I do emerge from the shadow of my tissue box.

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Good night, thank you for reading and enjoy the final ride. 

- Jo


MollyFaraday said...

Amazing as always!! This episode had me breathless the entire hour. I can't imagine what Sunday will do to me!!! I'm so glad we Losties have eachother so we can cope together

ErinAshley said...

Hey Jo-

Just wanted to say that I've been reading your recaps for a while now and I love them! You always pick up on so much little stuff that I would miss otherwise and it's really helped with my enjoyment/appreciation of this amazing show. So thanks for doing them. (Plus I can throw out some of your ideas/theories/connections to my friends and sound really smart!) :) You rock and I look forward to the finale thoughts whenever you get around to posting them.

Lance said...

I can't believe it's almost over and you made me LOL at throwing the hairbrush in the well line. But didn't we see Mikhail in "The Package" get shot in the eye by Jin? Anyway, have lots of fun at that finale party and it's been an incredible 6 seasons.

Anonymous said...

While the concert is obviously important in the end game as you've noted, at some point Jack has to operate on Locke in the Sideways World, as that has been given a lot of prominence this season.

I really thought Jacob's burning his ashes allowed the castaways other than Hurley to see him, at least as long as the fire burned. Of course, it doesn't answer how a ghost could light a fire in the first place, but maybe Jacob is just special that way!

Loved your idea of Claire in the medical helicopter, as I thought that would be one of the things forgotten about. Personally, I think we've gotten plenty of answers this season. Some things just haven't been as important as we've believed, like the whispers. Although I'm beginning to think Darlton might try to do George Lucas one better, with a gathering of ghosts at the end a la "Return Of The Jedi." I think it'll work too, as having Christian talk to Jack will be more emotional than Obi Wan waving!

Joe said...

Interesting analysis, but your miscalculating "generations" in the case of the Shepherds. David, Aaron and Possible Jack/Kate baby are all the same generation; all grandchildren of Christian Shepherd (two of Jack's, one of Claire's). Counting Jack's grandpa, that's just four generations.

Anonymous said...

Great follow-up as always, Jo! I can't wait to see how they tie things up...or don't. :)

Matt Roeser said...

hi jo! awesome recap! your thoughts on how the stuff goes down at the concert are dead on i think! it would blow my mind if the claire helicopter scene happened! it would be beautiful!

and thanks for putting my shirt design up as a prize!!! i hope everyone enjoys it!


canhamam said...

Jo, I will keep my swollen eyes peeled for your final analysis of 'The End'. Meanwhile, thank you. And I wonder: could Ben be engaged in a long con himself? All he really had to do to convince notLocke to enlist him was to kill Widmore...and he's wanted to do that ever since Alex's death. And he has Miles as backup on the walkie-talkie, so what are those two up to? Also, I think the ghosts told Miles where to find Desmond - otherwise I'm confused how Desmond got out of that well. Just some more rash theories as we race for The End!

lennyg said...

Jo - another great recap. We (my family) wondered how Ben could kill Widmore and your explanation makes sense. Thanks (as usual) for helping sort out LOST. I love the shark shirt because these past two weeks should have sobered up any LOST fan that the show did not "jump the shark" and is as cool and brilliant as ever.

Sommery said...

Another great episode... I'm so sad. I teared up when Jacob told Kate she was crossed off when she became a mother. It was nice to see someone acknowledge that she was a mother to Aaron. Even though she didn't give birth to him, she was there for him from day one. She showed how much she put him ahead of herself when she chose to come back to the island to get his mum, Claire. I do not think Kate is pregnant. And even if she were, there are still only 4 generations. David, Aaron, and Kate's baby are the same generation - they are all Christian's grandchildren.

I loved the fact that Hurley has all his island memories. The way he casually said "Oh hey, Ana Lucia." same as always. I said "That's OUR Hurley."

I am greatly looking forward to Sunday -- I took Monday off work to recover. But I am also very sad to see it end. I have never felt this way about a tv show before.

Melanie said...


Your blog is pretty much the only Lost-related blog that I enjoy reading. You always have interesting analysis/theories and you always find plenty of things that I missed. Love it :)

So sad that LOST is ending, but will be happy to see how it all ends!

Also I agree with a previous poster in that I also thought that the reason Jack, Kate and Sawyer could see Jacob was because somehow putting his ashes in that fire made him somehow come back to life or at least be visible to them all for the short period of time that the fire burned... Not sure how, but I would go with the same magic that made him live for like, 2,000 years, lol.

OH, and one other thing. As for Miles "speaking" with Alex -- I thought Miles had said that he could not actually communicate with the dead, only see what their last thoughts were before they died (and therefore he could see how they died) I was under the impression he couldn't get any more than that from them. Therefore, I don't think that Alex would have been able to tell him how to hide from Smokey.

Anyways, thanks again for the great post!

Kyle Stedman said...

Thanks as always, Jo. Yesterday I was walking along thinking about Lost, and imagining that I was in a line at Disney World and recognized you in front of me and decided to start an awkward conversation. I know--weird.

I *especially* appreciate your preview of this episode: letting us know it was good and that it was funny and nothing else. Very wise and respectful, yet mouth-watering as well!

Nurby said...

Even though I am happy it's ending because it would have been hard to have it go on forever... I can't believe it's ending on Sunday!!!!

Super Crazy Theory of the week:

Rose and Bernard who have never talked to MIB emerge from their paradise and since they have never exchanged words with him, kill him. :)

tracindarella said...

Did you have to remind us that this is your last regular post???? Bummer! The episode was great and a wonderful setup for a big "event" at the concert. I have always thought that Kate was pregnant - ever since they did the deed in 316. After their relationship soured why else would they show them getting busy so randomly unless to setup the pregnancy. I can't wait to see how it all ends on Sunday - I'm not nearly as depressed about it now. Its like a great book that you have to put down so you can go to work but its right at the good part...
Take care of yourself Jo - thanks again for all of this.

Rocket Science Mom said...

Thank you, again, Jo for the wonderful recaps you've always put out there. I loved this episode. Kate became a mother, so Jacob crossed her name off the list. No need to keep her as a candidate, because she's got a more important job. Which made me think about how MIB acted toward mothers: Clair, Sun, Kate. He was always gentle with them, and had Sun not died in the sub, I don't think MIB would ever directly kill any of them. Zoe? probably not a mom. It's not a woman thing for him, it's a Mom thing. And I loved Jack, Jacob, the talk around the fire. Sawyer trying to rip on Jack and his "god complex" only to acquiesce when called on it by a look from Kate.

Erin McCarty (bilbopooh) said...

Wonderful analysis as always, Jo, and I love the idea of Frank swooping in by helicopter to collect Claire. Ooh - and I think it'll be after she delivers, thus bringing Desmond's Greatest Hits vision to fruition.

I have way too much to say about this episode to condense it; if you feel like checking out my rambling, I've got a lot to say here: http://lostwithoutcharlie.blogspot.com/2010/05/what-if-all-this-maybe-this-is.html

Julie said...

I can't believe it's almost over. *sigh* I am very excited for the finale. This episode did a really good job at setting it up for us for sure! I also was kinda "wtf" about Lapidus.. really? He was in the series since season 4 just to get a door to the head, drown and never be seen or mentioned again? Lots of people disagree with me, but I for one don't think this is the end of Frank.

Ernie said...

After the subpar Across the Sea, Lost hit its stride with this one. I loved it and can't wait for the finale!

The said...

WOW - fabulous recap! What did you think of most everyone wearing puple (Advent) and the link to Christianity?

Also, on ABC's website they talk about how none of the candidates have any ties, but now Jack has both his son and Claire in the flash sideways. Thoughts??

Thank you!

Sara said...

I don't know if it was just me and the fact that I just don't do endings well, but I cried a lot at last night's episode (I also sobbed through the last 200 pages of the final Harry Potter book, so that may explain it a little). I was surprised at how the most emotional moment for me was seeing Rousseau, and how happy she was with Alex.

I really wanted to take a second and tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog. I am going to miss reading your thoughts and creative theories. You are incredibly perceptive and I thank you so much for sharing it all with your readers. I will miss reading your blog more than I can explain. I wish you lots of luck in all you do from here on out - you're very talented and deserve much success.

Thank you!!
- Sara in NH

LisaAnn said...

Wow Jo! I can't believe that we're almost to the end. I'm already having a hard time with it. As I'm trying to type this, tears keep welling up and I have the urge to just start crying. It looks like I'll be rather inconsolable for a time after the finale.

Lost has made such a huge impact on so many people's lives. I know that besides being the "BEST SHOW EVER", it has brought so many people together that may not have, had it not been for LOST. I know I've never been this involved in a tv show. I am very thankful for this. Lost has changed so many lives, who would have thought that all this would have come from a tv show. Thank you for being one of our guiding lights through this crazy roller coaster of a ride called Lost.

I have a couple of thoughts to add to your post, see what you think about them.
We don't know for sure that Jack and co. are the ones to get Des from the well. I mean they were on their way there when Jacob stopped Hurley, we don't see Des with them and it's night when Jacob talks to them. I don't guess that Sayid let him out since he told Jack that he was in a well. Here's the crazy.... what if Rose, Bernard and Vincent actually helped Des out of the well, we haven't seen them since before the bomb. I figure they're going to show up again somehow.

I also think that "Ben always has a plan" too, only I think that he's not really "evil Ben" maybe it's the whole redemption theme but I believe that it's just a "long con" by Ben to get close enough to UnLocke to kill him. I love watching Michael Emerson act, he is just amazing.

I honestly can't figure out how the sideways timeline is going to work out but I haven't been trying to hard either. If I start thinking too hard about it, my head feels as if it will explode so I am just going along for the ride to see where it takes us. I do like the idea of Juliet being Jack's ex, been thinking that for a while too. Also like the idea of her possibly delivering Claire's baby. And like you REALLY want Juliet and Sawyer to end up together. The thought of them as a couple again just makes me smile. :D

I can't wait too see everyone together. And I have also decided that no matter how TPTB end the show, they will all live happily ever after in my mind. (right there next to squirrel baby lol)

It still amazes me to see what Lost has done. Everyone involved with the show has done such a fantastic job, it's still so hard to think of it being over.

Again thank you for what you have added to our Lost experience. Now I think I'm going to go have myself a good cry.

Kristi said...

I can't believe that Ben went back so quickly to the dark side! I can't imagine how they are going to wrap all of this up in just 2 and a half hours...but I can hardly wait for the finale!!!

gabo said...

Now I got my timeline confused, I assumed that in this season's "LA X" it was the year 2007 (or at least AFTER the initial Oceanic 815 crash). So, in the Flash Sideways it's still 2004 just after Oceanic 815 safely landed on Los Angeles, so there's no parallel timing between them for an event on either alternate realities to pop memories (or something else) on each other.

Anyway, I don't remember when I got to sit down and think so much about an episode since season 1 maybe. And it's a little bit of bittersweet sensation, since it will all be over soon.

Pavement Runner said...

I had the same thought about Kate being preggers... i dont know if they can play that out in the final 2.5 and what effect it would have in the flash sideways.

notLizLemon = hillarity. I told wifey "there goes tina fey." (yours was much better.)

Great post Jo!

Slice said...

Jo - fantastic theory about Claire going into labor at the concert. Maybe this will trigger an intense emotional state for all our LOSTIES. I would love to see Desmond's flash come to fruition with Claire getting on a helicopter (piloted by Lapidas of course).

Separate subject - has there been any talk that Jack's wife could be Harper Stanhope (Goodwin's wife until Juliet came into the picture)?

I think it's too obvious for it to be Juliet.

Brian said...

Jo, thanks again.

This was a good episode, obviously setting up the big finale. I'm sure none of us were surprised that Jack is the new Jacob, though it's good to finally see that happen. It's also a relief to see things in the sideways world pick up - again, obviously setting up something big in the finale. I truly wonder what will happen when they are all together at the concert. I like your ideas, particularly the connection between the concert and the birth of Aaron. Maybe Claire goes to the hospital to give birth, where we see the Kwons and then Jack fixes Locke. Who knows?

The big surprise was Ben. Didn't we all think he had changed? Maybe he did change, and he is playing his old self in order to kill MIB. The greatest form of redemption would be to do just that. Killing Widmore was just settling a personal score. It might not have been terribly premeditated, just a response to having the memory of Alex come up again, via Miles and Richard.

Not much to say now except it's exciting to watch, knowing there is such little time left. Can't believe it will be over in less than five days now.

Enjoy, everyone.

p said...

can't believe this is the end...sniff. Love your recaps Jo, they will be missed (almost!) as much as my weekly LOST episodes

SF said...

I think the end will be des sacrificing himself and moving the island and "dying" (on the island world) and Jack will still be alive on it protecting it from MIB. And the sideways wold will be the real world and all the people will be there at the concert together when the island shifts. They're following Des's lead cause Des knows the timing. He is jumping back and forward from to the two timelines.

After the whole thing is over Sawyer and Juliet (Jack's Ex) will go for coffee.

Brian said...

I can't resist posting another comment...

I just had a thought about the finale. No matter how good or bad it is, we must remember not to judge or define Lost by its finale. Personally, I feel that no matter how good it Sunday's show will be, I will feel a little disappointment. That's only because the show as a series has been so good, it has created huge expectations for its own ending. But we fans must realize that the strength of the show has been the entirety or totality of the series, not necessarily one line or scene or episode.

The great thing about Lost is that each episode builds upon the others, peeling back layers of mystery while adding to the complexity of the characters. There have been some weak moments in the show, some poor scenes, poor lines, even poor episodes. But, on the whole, the show is great, the greatest TV show ever, and we must remember to look at the finale not as THE piece that makes everything work/fit/make sense, but as one of many pieces of the puzzle we call Lost.

I'm sure the die-hard fans understand what I'm talking about. After the show ends, I'm sure I will, at some point in time, watch the whole series again. Hopefully the finale will shed light on other, earlier parts of the series, but even if it doesn't blow our minds, it's going to be okay.

With all that in mind, here's what I would love to see in the finale:

1. Some clear resolution to the sideways world and the future of the island, our survivors, and the MIB (a slam dunk, I should think)

2. Alvar Hanso and/or the DeGroots (Dharma is just too mysterious to leave alone, and why were those food drops still taking place?)

3. Some explanation for the pregnancy/child birth issues of the island

4. Christian Shephard (he just has to reappear)

5. The Hurleybird (I'm doubtful at this point, but it sure would be cool)

6. A better explanation of what the island is (particularly how that FDW works, why the island keeps moving, what that light really is, the electromagnetism, etc.)

7. How does Mrs. Hawking do it? How does she know what's going to happen and what is supposed to happen and all that? (Don't tell me Faraday's journal had everything in it, like the death of the guy in London wearing red shoes.)

I know a lot of mysteries won't be wrapped up, so I've kept my list rather small.

What are you hoping to see in the finale?

L. A. said...

@ Brian - I'm slowly coming to terms with the food drop not being explained,please stop reminding me about it :-)

This episode was lightyears better than last weeks, and the one thing I genuinely think is that we didn't need "Across the Sea" at all. I loved how much Jacob explained in this episode, and that could have been enough!

Shame about the close-up on Jack opening his eye though - I was hoping they'd save that for the finale.

It's good to see Ben kicking ass on the island, I missed it when he was reduced to being a "pawn" in a bigger game - he makes an excellent big bad.

Having said that, unLocke makes a better one, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to him.

The flash sideways was a little rushed I think, but Jack and his son's relationship really is excellent.

My only issue now is whether Jack is safe. The writers made a big point when writing the Pilot that he was going to get killed off straight-away, to shock the viewers - now I wonder if they've saved it for now. After all, this is Lost, we have no way of knowing if "The End" will have a good outcome or a bad one!

Now, being in the UK I have to enter internet silence to avoid spoilers before next friday! Wish we were seeing it on Sunday!

Brian said...

Okay, one more comment. Sorry, Jo, but I'm obsessed.

Did anyone else think the box of Super Bran was somewhat conspicuous? I can't remember seeing many other fake products on the show, save for all the Dharma food and the MacCutcheon scotch. Of course, it could be just a knock-off of some brand of cereal, but Super Bran reminds me of Super Man. Is it coincidence that Jack is eating it?

Yes, my thoughts must be getting progressively crazier as we approach Sunday night.

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment about the generations too, but Joe beat me to it. Let me just say I love the Ezra tee and I LOVED this episode.

Sherylm said...

I loved this episode and your Claire and Aaron on the helicopter theory. That would really be great.

Enjoy the rest of your LOST week and all the festivities. I'll definitely be wearing your LOST fan pin when we watch the finale about a day and a half after you all.

Thanks again, Jo!

the flour child said...

uughhfff. reading everything, soaking it in... i was fine until the words forever and over were put together. ouch and a half, my friend.

great insight, as always. love the concert potentials - i was jumping up and down in my seat as each character introduced the 'concert'.

just curious, i looked up the official definition of concert. while we all know this one is about music, namely david shepard and co., i was still interested to know if there was any other fun definitions. the first one on google? 'contrive a plan by mutual aggreement'. well, if that doesn't have lost written all over it i don't know what does. this entire series is plan making, breaking, and faking, with crazy consequences and results depending on who wants to join in.

all that bumbling aside, thank you jo. have a super wonderful weekend, and may the end be a wonderfully bittersweet moment... after the third tissue box :)

The Rush Blog said...

"And although this is clearly Terry O'Quinn's Emmy season, my vote would still go to Michael Emerson."

Perhaps. But I hope that the Emmy people will consider Matthew Fox's performance this season, as well.

In Recon, we learned that Sawyer is a detective rather than a criminal. In What They Died For, we learned that Ana Lucia is still a cop, but a corrupt one who takes financial bribes to aid escaped prisoners. Perhaps that is why, as Desmond pointed out, she is "not ready" to go with the group to the concert (see Make Your Own Kind of Music below).

Why did Cuse and Lindehof take this route with Ana-Lucia in the Sideways world? It doesn't make any sense to me. Kate, Sawyer and Sayid certainly did not strike me as "ready" anymore than Ana. And it negates Ana's words to Sayid about others not liking her or her inability to kill Ben in retaliation for his attempt upon her life. It doesn't make sense to me at all. It seemed as if Lindehof and Cuse wrote Ana this way to cater to the fans who dislike her. And that was some shabby writing.