Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LOST DVD Contest: We Have a Winner!

When I introduced this contest a few weeks ago, I underestimated the time I would have to sort through, research and analyze each entry. Apologies for the delay.

I was thrilled to have received almost 40 entries for the contest, and was caught off guard by how many were so very personal. For that reason, I made the executive decision to not post many publicly. 

This was by far the most challenging of my contests to judge, and I am quite impressed at the degree of creativity. I sincerely appreciate the amount of thought, time and effort that each entrant clearly applied to their contribution. To give you an idea of the variety, I received poems, letters, short stories, song lyrics, cartoons, illustrations and even a Powerpoint presentation. 

The contest came down to these 4 choices: 

Juliet-inspired video 
(w/a shout-out to my frenemy Natalie Abrams)

A flash sideways illustration

Model of the Swan Hatch using Construx building toys

The philosophical perspective

Believe me when I tell you that it was a struggle to select just one winner. But I am very happy to announce that Anna has won all 5 seasons of Lost on DVD, autographed by various cast and crew! 

I would like to ask that everyone who submitted something to please email me your shipping address and let me know if you'd prefer a S6 premiere bag or Lost fan pin.

Congratulations to Anna and to everyone who participated. You all continue to amaze and inspire me. To those who disclosed personal stories and journeys, I am grateful for your trust and admire your bravery. This show has truly had a profound effect on the lives of millions.

Thank you!



James said...

Wow, terrific entries people. I am so amazingly impressed by how talented so many people are.

Thank you for sharing the experiences and souls of those who submitted their art work.

Dillustration said...


-Congrats Anna!! That was a great video, very original
-David, your Swan Hatch was really, really cool
-Sara H, your video was great as well -summed up the show/theories nicely!

Lastly, Thanks Jo!!
Its always so fun to have people like you who share their thoughts, opinions and feelings with the rest of us. Makes the journey much more enjoyable.
The contest was a great idea and one I really enjoyed!!

Anonymous said...

Anna's was perfect, really clever. And that Swan hatch model is amazing, I just stared at it in awe for a few minutes. Totally blew my mind. Dale's illustration is so cute and funny. All of the entries that I've seen were brilliant and awesome, and I'm so happy/honored that I even made the final four.

Thanks Jo, it was a lot of fun. It was also a great way to say goodbye to the last six years of my life. I'm really glad I got to watch the final episodes having worked out exactly what Lost meant to me, and why I was so sad to see it go. Anyway, I'm too long winded for my own good...So, just thanks Jo for an awesome contest.

Batchout said...

I had a great time on the Swan Hatch model. A little background: 5 or so years ago, my Father had a stroke. - He was a director at the New York City Opera. As he is now in a wheelchair, I stay at home taking care of him, rather than pay someone else to do it. We have grown much closer over the years.

My first exposure to #LOST was the S2 Premiere, and I have related to Desmond ever since, especially when my Dad came home from the hospital. My father is now back composing Music, and I am spending my time helping him live, and on fun projects like this contest. We are both artistic and make good hatch-mates.

Happy to have people see me "Make My Own Kind Of Music" because of #LOST and awesome bloggers like Jo, Erika and Brian. I love these other entries and would love to see any that You All Everybody care to share. Namaste!

Anonymous said...

Great videos! Loved them.

Mama Lost

Jun said...

Jo, your analysis is always great, I have been following your comments since the beginning of this last season. I just have to disagree with you in one point, although I just watched the last episode once and might have left some detail unnoticed. It is about your comment on the fact that although Jack had been appointed Island leader he could be killed, but not Jacob while he was occupying the same position. I think that Jack could not be killed until the moment that Desmond uncorked the Island. From that moment on, both Jack and the Man in Black turned into mortals.

arbitrary said...

For me Sayid/Shannon wasn't AS jarring because Sayid has never believed he deserved to be with Nadia, whereas with Shannon they were both flawed.

I think purely because they created the flash sideways themselves this belief played into things. I think this was signalled by Hurley's comment to Sayid that he had to stop believing that he was a bad man (um, can't remember the actual line), and prepared us for the switch in loves.

It's not so much perhaps that these were just the loves of people's lives - they represent the island and time on it being their most important - Sayid had been married to Nadia at least, but maybe he needed to move on with Shannon.