Friday, May 21, 2010

LOST Contest Entries & Update

Just a reminder that the autographed DVD contest ends tomorrow night (5/22) at 11:59pm! Here are the details if you'd still like to enter. I aim to announce the winner on the day of the finale (Sunday). 

In the interest of time (I do not have much right now), I am only going to post a random sampling of the very cool and creative contributions submitted thus far - to encourage more entries!  Please do not be offended if yours is not included; it is not indicative of anything. 

Anna in Indiana

Ben W

Carol C

Keith C

Matt R

Riley G

Robert R 

LOST for six years now

Not sure I want to be found

Twas better off LOST

Sharon C

A is for AWESOME the best show on TV
B is for blogs, I read faithfully
C is for captivating, don’t call me LOST’s on
D is for Darlton amazing writers bar none
E is for energy, mine’s sapped after each show
F is for finale, I don’t want it to go
G is for goosebumps, which it often gives me
H is for Hurley, so funny I might pee
I is for intriguing, many questions to ponder
J is for Jack, of him I’ve grown fonder
K is for Kate, a tomboy like me
L is for life, mine will be back after May 23
M is for music, I’ve downloaded lots
N is for nervous, I’m tied up in knots
O is for obsessed; it fills all my time
P is for patience, to wait each week is a crime
Q is for questions, they’re always in sight
R is for rest, I don’t get much that night
S is for Sawyer, for him my heart quakes
T is for theories, discussed during breaks
U is for upsetting scenes that had me so scared,
V is for villians, loved them I dared! 
W is for watching our heroes shine, 
X is for X-citement, each Tuesday at nine, 
Y is for yearning, for more and more Lost, 
Z is for zero left, goodbye dear old Lost


Milaxx said...

Nice entries. We're doing a LOST/Dharma menu. If my local ethnic market has the banana leaves I want, I'll send a pic.

(I know it's too late for the contest entry)

Riley said...

I love Anna's especially the parallel between that Juliet/Jack scene. Awesome. :)

rsparks said...

Haha! I like Anna's.