Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spoiler-Free Live LOST Chat Tonight (4/27/10)!

Because of this rare "week off" between new episodes, I am taking the opportunity to host a spoiler-free live Lost chat on Tuesday night. My special guest panelist will be Jon Lachonis, aka DocArzt

As we approach the final few episodes, this is our chance to exhale and then overanalyze the season and series thus far together. No Lost topic is off limits, except for spoilers of course.  

If you'd like to join us, simply come back to this post on tonight at 7pm PST and follow the easy instructions in the box below. Please be patient during the chat, as I will be moderating and approving the comments myself as we go!

In addition, please feel free to submit questions or topics in advance (via Comments below) and we will do our best to address as many as possible during the chat.
See you soon!



shar said...

Hey Jo this will be fun. Here are some questions for your live LOST chat. 1)Do you think that since ABC is airing the pilot the day before the finale, it will tie into the pilot and/or mirror it?
2) Will you be tweeting during the May 13 or reporting soon after it's over? I noticed they said no cameras, etc. were allowed.

lennyg said...

Hi Jo, did you gain any insight via the pop ups on the enhanced "Ab Aeterno?"

Jason said...

I enjoyed reading the chat and hope to make the next one(s).

LOSTeph said...

Hi Jo
I always enjoy your writings.
I have an idea that came to me a couple of days ago.. Back in the olden days when Sayid says to his jungle pals about Rousseau's transmisson.."it's been playing on a loop over and over for 16 yrs and 5 months... what if all of them good others bad others, 815ers, and all the rest have been caught in a loop of 16 yrs the whole thing over and over again.. each time they can't remember they've been going thru it all over and over and over and over, 16 times flight 815 crashes 16 times Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby 16 times Locke % Boone find the Swan hatch, ect.... Until one day someone cuts IT, it whatever it is to stop it.. It sounds crazy. The word L O O P has been mentioned throughtout. Confidence Man, Sawyer, Jessica & her husband David are at the restaurant.. David says to Sawyer, "I see you found a loophole" of course The Incident. Probably just elementary semantecs but there could be something to it. I was thinking maybe they're situations are like a broken record - Purpose? Maybe Jacob is bored and likes to watch all they've been thru, over and over again. Maybe it's entertainment for him.