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LOST Episode 6.12: "Everybody Loves Hugo" (Initial Thoughts & Theories)

Good evening, Lost friends! I appreciate your patience. Before we get down to business, here is the Instant Dharma video that I appeared on this week - I was in LA filming it immediately following this episode on Tuesday night (which is why I was unavailable to write this post until now)! If you ignore the fact that the camera gifted me with an extra 4 8 15 16 23 42 pounds and focus on the content, I think you'll enjoy our instant reactions to Everybody Love Hugo. :)

You might notice that I will touch upon a few of the points below that we discussed in the video, but keep in mind that we literally watched the episode and then filmed for an hour without pausing. So we were unable to cover everything, and I am already toying with a few changes to my initial assessment. 

This is a particularly long post because I actually had time to watch the episode twice before writing everything up. If I were Hurley, I would simply describe that rare opportunity with "Dude, it was awesome." Apologies to those of you who read this on your phone or while on the treadmill (which, apparently, is quite a few of you!). 

So let's gently put down our baggage for the moment (RIP Ilana) and dive into the aftermath of an explosive episode together...


Given the amount of posthumous appearances on and off the island, I think it's safe to say that both Miles and Hurley can attest to the fact that "dead people are more reliable than alive people." The chorus of the deceased has guided the journeys and misadventures of many lives across several centuries. 

The trapped souls on the island from hell are merely the sediment at the bottom of that rare bottle of wine. 

In addition, I am curious about the fact that the three people that have inspired our flash sideways friends (thus far) to recall their island memories are in fact dead in the island timeline: Charlie, Faraday and Libby.


When Ben pointed out that the island was done with Ilana and wondered out loud what it had planned for the rest of them, my concern for his future went up a notch. But when he decided to head back to New Otherton with Alpert and Miles, my heart sank. Those three are separating themselves from the last pieces of notLocke's puzzle - the remaining Candidates. To me, that puts all three of them into the unfortunate category of potentially disposable, given how few hours there are left to wrap this show up and that all of their story lines are just about resolved. 

Insert sad face here. I will miss Dr. Linus the most when all is said and done. At least from this trio.


Hurley is turning out to be far more clever than we ever imagined - either that, or I simply did not give the dude enough credit. As soon as he saw Ilana's bag of ashes, he seemed to know that they would be useful and/or important. He was not with her group when she had Miles communicate with the ashes to tell her that Ben had killed Jacob (Dr. Linus), so he may not know that they ashes belong to Jacob. 


Although it was nice to finally have confirmation that the Whispers on the island are indeed the souls of those who are stuck there for doing 'bad' things, it has also introduced a potential discrepancy.

Michael heard whispers right before Christian Shephard appeared on the freighter in the S4 finale, and his ghost has clearly been off island. Recall that earlier that season he appeared to Jack in his office (Something Nice Back Home). 

Michael also heard whispers right before Libby appeared on the freighter in the same episode...and she had appeared to him earlier off island. In addition, ghost Libby was innocently murdered and doesn't seem to qualify as a trapped soul on the island - nor has she appeared there in ghost form. 

But I am fan of the idea that there are lingering spirits on that island that will spill out into the world if and when the cork drops out; when the Man in Black finally gets to leave the island, he will not be alone. In the flash sideways world, it appears as if Darkness and his team of Lost Souls have already escaped, given that the island is submerged deep in the ocean.

Desmond's statement that "I have nowhere to run to" is certainly also applicable to the Man in Black, as well as the Lost Souls.


My only remaining question about the Black Rock is this: was the Frozen Donkey Wheel beneath the Orchid originally from the ship? I suppose we'll never know, and it does not matter in the big picture. 


When Hurley posed the question, "how do you break the ice with the Smoke Monster?" my first response was - tell him a joke. Something like, "what did one snowman say to the other snowman?"

My crowded pop culture brain provided the visual above as soon as I pictured Smokey as a friendly (or at least funny) snowman.


Right now I foresee a possible scenario that would bring together a majority of our friends in the flash sideways world...

Jin will bring a wounded and pregnant Sun to the hospital, where Dr. Juliet Burke will be pulling double duty to save Sun and deliver Claire's baby. Detectives James Ford and Miles Straume will be on the scene at the hit and run, and then accompany the ambulance carrying the wounded Locke and his new friend Ben to the hospital. Jack will operate on Locke. Sayid will happen to be there visiting his brother.

So where does Kate fit in? I doubt that she would have called Claire after being arrested by James, or that Claire would have had money to bail her out. 


As I've listed out in previous posts, there have been many relevant car crashes on Lost. Let's focus on the ones involving the incredibly indestructible Mr. Locke:

File under: durable S.O.B.
  • Emily Locke was hit by a car, causing her to prematurely deliver baby John (Cabin Fever)
  • Locke was hit by a car confronting his mom in a parking lot (Deus Ex Machina)
  • Locke was hit by a car after speeding away from Abaddon's murder (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham)
  • Locke was hit and run by Desmond in the flash sideways (Everybody Loves Hugo)


Hurley inadvertently led the rest of the Candidates (himself included) right into notLocke camp and master design.  Not only that - he brought the only airplane pilot on the island to the man who wants to fly a plane off of it. Son of a bitch. 

Of course Widmore has Jin, but we're still not sure which Kwon is the Candidate. For all we know, it's abandoned baby Ji Yeon.


I don't know about you, but for a brief moment when this episode began, I thought that Dr. Chang was delivering a eulogy along with a photo montage of the deceased Hugo Reyes. That just might have pushed some fans over the edge.  


I am so going to break that rule...again. As I've mentioned on two prior occasions this season, a part of me is leaning toward the Fight Club theory that Jacob and the Man in Black are one in the same. In the Instant Dharma video, I assumed that the young boy in this episode was a younger Man in Black because his hair was much darker than that of the young blonde boy we first glimpsed in The Substitute. That the same actor played both boys leads me to believe that he was playing two versions of the same character; the blonde represents what seems like Jacob Angel on one shoulder of the same man, while the brunette represents what seems like MiB Devil on the other shoulder of the same man. 

By the way, I simply refer to the young mystery boy as Mini Matt Damon. 


Jack rarely has any affect on me, but for some reason my emotional core quivers whenever he addresses his obsession with fixing people. When he threw in an admission about getting Juliet killed, I was pleasantly surprised.

I also loved that he said "maybe I'm supposed to let go" because in the very first scene on the plane in LA X, Rose told him that "you can let go now."  The key for Jack in both worlds is just that. 

It has taken him time, travel and trauma - but Jack is finally proving his father wrong. In S1, Christian told him that "you're just not good at letting go."


I love that neither Hurley (in flashbacks) nor Libby (in flash sideways) were every actually crazy.

My top two lines from this episode relate to their lack of insanity. Dr. Brooks told Hurley that Libby "has issues with reality" and Hurley describes Libby's other world as a "bizarro alternate universe." Once again, Hurley represents what the dedicated masses are thinking as we watch this show unfold.


For all intents and purposes, notLocke seems to have been telling the truth when he told Desmond that "Charles Widmore is not interested in answers, just power." Electromagnetic power, to be exact. I had been trying to figure out if Widmore would wind up on Team Jacob or Team Man in Black, but he's really on Team Island. Jacob is trying to protect it and notLocke is trying to leave it, but Ben called it back in S4: "Charles Widmore wants to exploit this island, and he'll do everything in his power to possess it."


Libby's memories of Hurley were from, in her words, "another life." That is a goosebump-inducing phrase in the current context, and looking back at who else has used it.

  • S1, Nadia to Sayid: "You'll find me in the next life, if not in this one." (keeping in mind that notLocke promised Sayid he would see her again)
  • S2, Desmond to Jack: "See you in another life."
  • S2, Dave to Hurley: "See you in another life." (perhaps he is real in the flash sideways)
  • S2, Desmond to Locke: "I'll see you in another life." (right before the hatch imploded & exposed both of them to electromagnetic energy)
  • S4, Jack to Desmond: "I'll see you in another life." (after rescue, the last time they saw one another until the plane in LA X)

It seems as if notLocke was tipped off about Desmond's abilities (and Widmore's purpose for bringing him back to the island) when Des told him about being exposed to electromagnetic energy. notLocke's demeanor changed, as he appeared to realize that Desmond was the weapon Widmore had intended to use to somehow neutralize the Man in Black and keep him on the island.

Although Desmond told him that there isn't anything special about him, I'm not sure if notLocke is aware that Des is indeed "uniquely and miraculously special."


In S3 (Further Instructions), Eko's Jesus stick fell out of a tree and almost hit Locke in the head after the hatch implosion. Locke noticed that Eko had etched the words Lift Up Your Eyes And Look North with the word John right beneath it (from John 3:05), and interpreted it as a message meant for him. In this episode, we see notLocke whittling a large stick for no specific reason ("when the time is right, it will tell me").  It is a safe bet that after another consciousness-altering event, this stick influence his actions as well.

Perhaps his BFF Backpack will be related, or at least the contents within.  Seriously, I'm going to start calling him Man in Black Backpack soon.


In the interest of time, I will refer you to an outside source that will illuminate Dostoyevsky's Notes From the Underground far better than I ever could. Hurley picked up a copy of this book (in Russian) in Ilana's tent after she died.


Once again, love is all you need. Desmond inspired Hurley to pursue Libby, just as Charlie inspired Desmond to find Penny.

Although I am on the fence about love as the glue that may very well bring the two worlds together, there is one train of thought that I am on board with...that seeing or meeting Juliet will cause Sawyer to remember his time on the island.


For the first time this season, a character did not have a moment in the mirror or their reflection in the flash sideways. Unless I missed it - did Hugo have one? Is this a clue about his candidacy?


notLocke pointed out that the energy beneath the well made compass needles spin. So of course I had to look back at the use of compasses on the island:
  • Locke brought 2 compasses with him to Sydney for the walkabout. He gave one to Sayid in S1 but I'm not sure we know where the other one is. Probably in Smokey's Backpack of Mystery.
  • Faraday used a compass in S4 to stay on course while bringing people from the island to the freighter. Yeah, they all blew up. 
  • Alpert gave Locke a compass to prove that they knew one another during the time shifts. At some point, notLocke was involved but I'm far too tired to elaborate or contemplate further.
And although it isn't confirmed, I thought that the wheel in the lighthouse resembled a giant compass.


The Connect Four game being played at Santa Rosa was a nice callback to S1 (Numbers), because that is where Hurley first heard the infamous digits, 4 8 15 16 23 42. It is interesting to note that Leonard Simms is not the man playing the game or mumbling the numbers, because we don't know if this version of Hurley used those numbers to win the lottery.

I'm not sure if all of you have seen this, but here is a Good Luck Clucks commercial from the last Comic-Con panel. They were providing less-than-subtle hints about Hurley's flash sideways as far back as July 2009.

As Martha Toomey first told Hurley in Numbers, "you make your own luck, Mr. Reyes." That phrase was then also used by Hurley's dad and repurposed by Hurley himself in Tricia Tanaka is Dead. In the flash sideways, the key to Hurley's success is making his own luck without the (mis)fortune. 

S2, Dave
We met Dr. Brooks, who was treating both Libby and Hurley at Santa Rosa. In this episode, he was still treating Libby there. 

Hurley's imaginary friend Dave tells him that "none of it is real, none of it is happening.  It's all in your head. I'm part of your subconscious - all the people on this island are. I'm the part of you that wants to wake up. The only way for you to bust out is to tell your mind that you don't believe any of this." It sounds like Dave may have been Libby's therapist in the flash sideways. 

S4, Meet Kevin Johnson

When Sayid and Desmond found out that Michael had returned (on the freighter as Kevin Johnson), he told them that "I'm here to die." In this episode, ghost Michael tells Hurley that "I'm here to stop you from getting everyone killed." 


Ghost Libby appeared to Michael as he was recovering from a suicide attempt in the hospital; she was carrying a stack of blankets as a visual reminder that he shot her through blankets. In this episode, Hurley throws open a blanket for he and Libby to sit on during their reset date on the beach. 

In addition, ghost Libby said "don't do it" to Michael on the freighter when he was about to detonate Ben's bomb. In this episode, when Miles asked why he blew up the Black Rock, he responded with "Michael told me to."


Just as Locke blew up the Flame station and sub because he believed it was their destiny to be on the island, Hurley blew up the Black Rock because he is protecting "it" (the island). Or so he thinks. There is no dynamite left to blow up the plane that the Man in Black may wind up using to finally leave the island, which would result in the end of the world...or at least the end of that timeline. 


When notLocke apologized to Desmond, it stuck out to me because of how many times Smokey has apologized in his current form. His civility in all instances is downright disconcerting. 

LA X: "I'm sorry you had to see me like this."
The Substitute: "Richard, I'm sorry I hit you in the throat and dragged you off the beach."
Recon: "I'm sorry, Kate. I have to take responsibility for Claire's behavior."
The Package: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." (to Sun)

Strangely, I found that Widmore's disposition in Happily Ever After paralleled notLocke's, when Widmore apologized twice to Desmond ("I'm really sorry we had to do this to you" and "I'm really sorry for taking you away from them.")

Conversely and perhaps more importantly, the Man in Black's response to Jacob's "you tried to kill me?" in Ab Aeterno was "you expect an apology?" 


Visually speaking, Desmond down the well reminded me of Claire down in the pit inside of the Temple (and, of course, "it puts the lotion in the basket"). Whereas notLocke knew she would be protected in there during his Smokey rampage in Sundown, in this episode he threw Des in the well to protect himself and everyone else from what may have had planned. 

Last season (This Place is Death), Locke descended down a rope into a well outside of the Orchid and wound up beneath the station after a time shift. We know that there was another giant pocket of energy down there, so that accounts for the second known well. 

I realize that the Temple was destroyed, but now I'm wondering if the Spring was actually also above one of the pockets of electromagnetic energy...


I missed Cheech, didn't you? I suppose that Hugo's dad never returned in the flash sideways.


Although Desmond is the one who is nudging people in a certain direction in the flash sideways, much like Jacob did with a select few from the original flight 815, their methods are decidedly different. For example, while Jacob may have caused Nadia's death in order to lure Sayid back to the island, Desmond took care of Locke himself.

While it is up for debate whether or not Desmond ran over Locke in the flash sideways because he had just been thrown in the well on the island, or because he needed to push Locke toward Jack (under worse/different circumstances than a mere consultation for spinal surgery), I am leaning toward the former. When notLocke told Desmond that "there's something I'd like to show you," I was immediately reminded of Desmond's last statement in Happily Ever After: "I just need to show them something." One minute, notLocke throws Desmond down a well. The next minute, he runs over Locke. To me, there is a clear connection of consciousness. 

Isn't it a bit odd that Desmond (in his flash sideways) knows that his son's name is Charlie? After all, I thought he had only briefly seen visions of Penny with their son. I wasn't aware that flashes before their eyes were accompanied by a soundtrack.


That Dr. Chang introduced Hurley at his tribute seems to indicate a friendship. This ties Miles to Hurley in the flash sideways, and by association Charlotte (who also works at the museum), Faraday (who clearly stalks and/or visits her there) and his parents Eloise and Charles Widmore, his half-sister Penny and then Desmond. 

Could there be an event in the future which brings them all together, much like the hospital scenario outlined above?


Is it mere coincidence that Ilana dies and Jacob is nowhere to be found?

The island was done with Ilana, but it seems to me that Jacob wasn't. She had trained her whole life to protect the Candidates, only to accidentally blow herself up. Did Jacob know that was going to happen? Even I am not courageous enough at this point in the game to suggest that she somehow survived; that her mysterious burns in Russian hospital resulted from this and that her visit with Jacob was before any of this took place. 

On a personal note, I was disappointed to see Ilana killed off before the finale simply because Zuleikha Robinson is quite lovely and friendly in person. I had high hopes for her character. So much for my Asher theory (although that name was already crossed out)...


This was the first time that Jack has seen Locke since he placed his father's shoes on him in the casket. That was a fantastic moment and I can't wait for their next moves. I have a strong feeling that Jack has something up his sleeve (other than a misinterpreted tattoo).


Clearly she and Crazy Claire share the same hairdresser. 

I was surprised and intrigued to hear her say that she was at Santa Rosa voluntarily. In the flash sideways, I have to wonder if she lost a husband to illness (like the original storyline), and if that propelled her voluntary check-in. 

Then again, I've been convinced for years that Hurley's imaginary friend Dave is one and the same as Libby's ex-husband David...who named a sailboat Elizabeth after her...which she then gave to Desmond after David died...which Desmond was on when he first crashed on the island. Coincidence, I'd like to introduce you to fate. 

Not Libby's Boat?


A major key to the resolution of the flash sideways may have been revealed in this episode: fear, or the lack thereof. Desmond's consciousness returned to the island after experiencing the flash sideways world for a time, infusing him with a new sense of fearlessness. Perhaps their flash sideways lives will become their reality when they finally let go of their greatest fears once and for all on the island.

Dating all the way back to the very first episode, fear has played an obvious and rather significant role; here are just three examples:

In S1 (Pilot), Jack says the following to Kate while explaining his botched surgery story: "Fear is sort of an odd thing. The terror was just so crazy, so real. And I knew I had to deal with it. So I just made a choice. I'd let the fear in, let it take over, let it do its thing...but only for five seconds. That's all I was going to give it. So I started to count, 1 2 3 4 5. Then it was gone." 

In S2 (Dave), Hurley told Libby that "you're just a part of me that's scared; you don't want me to wake up. This isn't happening, none of it. I'm just imagining it. This isn't real life."

In S2 (Par Avion), Mikhail informs Sayid that he is not on the list because "you are angry and weak and frightened."

The extreme state of fear caused Desmond to access memories he didn't know he had from the island while under water after Charlie crashed their car. The emotional nature of fear (in this case, hesitation and the unknown plus first date nerves) caused Hurley to access memories he didn't know he had from the island while kissing Libby.

It is hard to fathom that I will only be doing this on six more occasions; spending this much time writing about one episode of one television show. Thank goodness that I am tremendously busy until May 23, because I am not prepared for the end just yet. Denial is the state I'm living in, and for now it is equally comfortable and blissful. 

Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this very long batch of Lost episode analysis, and for waiting patiently. From the early days (when I only received 2 per post) until now - every single comment I receive is a treat, and I really appreciate it when you share your theories and/or have constructive feedback. 

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By the way, in case you're interested - I wrote a Lost article for AOL TV called Flash Sideways Theories: Collision, Convergence and Course Correction. Feel free to leave comments there as well! 

Take care, and enjoy your fajita field trips.



Ben said...

I'm nearly positive that the Kwon candidate in question is indeed Jin. Mostly because when the Losties started their time shift, the wall candidates all ended up in 70's era Dharmaville and the non-candidates like Ilana, Linus and presumably, Sun ended up in the 2000's.

Anyhow, just a hunch. Thoroughly enjoy your writeup, as usual.

nevilleb said...

I wonder how Pierre Chang still looks the same in 2004 (sideways) as he did in 1977. Perhaps he's flashing through time :) ?

Matt Roeser said...

hey jo! congrats on being on instant dharma! how awesome!!!

and i love your hospital-as-meeting-grounds theory...i think them all seeing each other at once might be enough to shock them ALL, perhaps back to a season one speech by together...die alone...when they were all together..."waking up" each and every one of them in the sideways world.


E. Ruth said...

Jo, great article! I thought when Desmond told Ben Linus his son's name was Charlie, in the flash sideways, he was referencing Charlie Pace. As Desmond had just been "babysitting: him.

Outbck844 said...

enjoy reading your recaps each week, thanks

canhamam said...

Jo, this was well worth waiting for! Thanks, as always. And I have a thought about "fear" often is it a significant component of love? Continuum, dude.

Erin said...

Another great recap! If Miles and Sawyer are on the scene, I wonder if they could have Kate in custody - that they were on their way to the police station with her. If that were the case they could conceivably all end up at the hospital together, with Hurley the only one who doesn't really fit into that puzzle. I'd still like to think that he's the Candidate.

Very sad to see Ilana go. I really thought we'd be getting more from her. And her "I'll Have You" scene with Ben is probably still my favorite scene of the season.

I was wondering about the lottery too, but then I remembered that Hugo mentioned it to Arzt on the plane (and then Sawyer advised him to keep more tight-lipped about it). So I guess he did win big, but things turned out better for him this time around. Except that his dad didn't come back.

I think I don't trust Michael, though I believe his remorse is sincere. It's a little too convenient that his nudge led to a fracturing of the Good Guys, with everybody Smokey needs walking right into camp.

I totally missed the "break the ice" line. For some reason a commercial ran long and it came in late. I was wondering what was said there. Thanks for clarifying!

Was that really the same kid? I thought he looked so much older this time. I need to go back and watch The Substitute again.

I *think* Desmond's intention was just to jog John's memory, albeit quite violently. Revenge never occurred to me, though I guess it's plausible; it just doesn't seem like a very Desmond kind of thing to do, especially when he's on an important, time-sensitive mission.

I'm excited to see Jack finally tell Claire that they're siblings. And I think it's time for me to start being very worried about Ben...

225712012 said...

I thought you were great on that TV show, but I can't stand listening to that presenter. She sounds like a fast-forwarded old cassette tape.

lennyg said...

Jo - great recap - worth the wait! I think you are right about "fear." When Jack looked at notLocke the first thing that came to my mind was, "he looks afraid." Type "be afraid" into a search engine and it's a LOST feast of references to teleporting (The Fly), the Bible In Romans 13:4-4, in the King James Version, we find:

"For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil."

(We do tend to overanalyze!)

Coleen said...

great recap, as always.

i'm on board with both the 'jacob and mib are the same person' idea, as well as the 'everyone meets up at the hospital at some point in the near future' theory.

i am also, however, of the newly formed but mulled for a few weeks opinon that so-called notLocke is really Locke, and SidewaysLocke is notLocke (smokey). i know it's strange, but notLocke/ smokey has been acting more and more...familiar? to me lately, and that would give des an even better reason to run him over- to knock him back to the island, where he can be defeated. crazy? yes!

Tom's Journal said...

Thanks for the recap, I really enjoy and appreciate the effort that you put into them.

You mentioned that you didn't know whether Hurley riches in the flash sideways came from the lottery. But in LA X he told Sawyer that he won the lottery and he was really lucky. So his flash sideways money is from the lottery.

I do want to know how you are able to conjure up all the connected lines from past season's like you do in this post for "another life" or the compass references. Do you have an incredible memory or use some other tool?

Kristi said...

I didn't see a mirror moment, either. Great analysis as always. (Everybody loves Jo!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo!

I look forward to your recap every week, it's sad to think there are only a few more left. I loved the Instant Dharma video. I like how the calendar in the background kept changing depending on who you were talking about (or were you guys time traveling).

I was also sad to see Ben, Richard & Miles go off on their own. I fear things aren't going to end well with them, but in my mind I choose to believe maybe they will end up saving everyone and be the heroes!

I too believe that Jacob/MiB is the same person, especially since the kid that appeared was the same actor.

The beginning montage for Hugo did seem like a eulogy at first.

Totally did not see Ilana blowing up like that. I had seen in the tvguide that she was probably going to die, but I thought we would find out more about her first, so this caught me off guard. I do hope that she shows up in a later episode in a flashback or something.

Great recap!

irolina said...

Great post as always! There wasn't a mirror moment but there was something else that I might be just imagining but I did rewatch it a couple of times and it just looks interesting to me.. .when Hurley got the whispers reveal confirmation from Michael the reflection of the torch light Hurley was caring kind of looked like his "soul" or even body is being sucked away like a ghost.... and then the scene moved to a flash sideways with Hurley spreading the picnic blanket and there was the sun behind him kind of having a similar reflection on him again... He didn't have a mirror moment but I felt like he had a physical movement between Island and the sideways in that scene..kind of caused by the lighting...did anyone else see this or am i going crazy?
About Libby and her "another life" comment I heard it more as "an Other" life... not sure what is the significance of that... but given we have the "Others" we might be getting some more explanation about them...
thanks again for your recaps!

Harjinder said...

Thanks for the post.

Just one thing, didn´t darlton say that Libby was working for Widmore?

Maybe that whole dead husband story was a lie just to get Desmond to accept the boat and go to the island.

I can´t wait to learn more about Eloise...


Eric Arvin said...

Did they ever explain how Ilana got in the hospital? Maybe it has something to do with the blow up. Maybe some sort of never ending time loop thing. The dynamite blows and throws her back in time to the hospital, where Jacob comes to her.

Jo said...

Thank you for reminding me that Arzt referenced Hugo's lottery win in LA X. And for reminding me that Faraday is also deceased in the island timeline. :)

@Erin - I totally forgot about the fact that Jack hasn't seen Claire since he found out they were half-siblings. THAT will be an interesting conversation, especially if she's still cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

@Harjinder - I think it was a rumor only; I don't think that Darlton said that Libby worked for Widmore. When they didn't know Watros was coming back, they summed up her story by saying that Libby went crazy due to mourning her deceased husband.

@Eric - No, we never find out why Ilana was in the hospital or why. I did mention the possibility of her injuries resulting from this dynamite, but it seems rather unlikely and/or irrelevant at this point in the story.

The McJunkin Family said...

Did you notice Desmond's ticket # was 42 at Cluck's? He looked at it and told Hurley - "That me, brotha"!!!

And how 'bout that island picture in Dr Brook's office?? Interesting...

BBMPigBob said...

Thanks for all the work, Jo. Love your posts!

Like another poster above, TV Guide had me expecting the demise of Ilana -- but not before some backstory loving! :(

I think I'll cling to "Ilana was blowed back to the hospital to see Jacob" storyline, as a glimmer of hope.

Thanks again for all the work!

Deneph said...

My quick thoughts...
I think the Kwon in question is both Jin and Sun together. Their episode being called "the Package" sort of solidified that for me. Jacob did touch them together.

All the love talk reminded me that when Libby gave Des the boat, he thanked her and said he would 'win this race...for love'. And he will! It wasn't just a cheesy line.

I didn't think Chang was giving a eulogy but I am preparing to see Hurley die before this is over. I love him as others do and don't want him to die, but dang it, that would be awesomely dramatic television and that's why I think they'll do it.
Also, he mentioned in LA X to Arzt that he had won the lottery and bought Mr. Clucks.

I think there is something to apologizing and I think Michael asking Hurley to apologize to Libby is going to help Micheal move on.

Love your fear theory! I think you could found what really is the trigger.

Another great recap!

Frank said...

Great job! I have been watching previous episodes and am having trouble figuring this out. Notlocke can't go across water, stated in Recon. How did he appear in Locke form on the Hyrda Island last season, after the plane crash?
Just wanted to throw that out there. Again, great job.

Katherine said...

Jo! The AOL Video is awesome!

JNL said...

you wrote:
"Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this very long batch of Lost episode analysis, and for waiting patiently. From the early days (when I only received 2 per post) until now - every single comment I receive is a treat, and I really appreciate it when you share your theories and/or have constructive feedback."

It is us that have received the treats each week. Thank you for all the efforts you have been putting in and I (we) hope that you find something for yourself that you feel as passionate about once this wild ride is over.


Brian said...

Jo, thanks again.

I'm not one to react much when I watch a movie or television, but when Ilana blew up, I very loudly said, "Holy crap!" My wife, who doesn't watch the show and was in the other room, just laughed. Then at the end of the show, when Desmond ran over Locke, I made a similar noise/groan/yell.

The thing I have long admired about Darlton is their willingness to make bold decisions. Just as you're warming up to Ilana and getting curious about what she will do, she's gone.

I'm going to assume that Desmond survives, even though he was thrown down the well head-first. (Never a good way to go.) Will he have a chance at the FDW? Will the island move in time again? There has to be a reason why it was the well, as opposed to anything else, such as a cliff.

Speaking of Desmond, is it possible that upon being zapped by the electromagnetic energy, he had flashes of the future? He clearly has seen something in the future, just as he had in Season 3. The reason why he isn't afraid is because he knows what will happen and he has had experience with seeing something happen in the future and then watching it come to pass.

It seems imperative that Widmore and Flocke have to be stopped. Widmore, because he wants to exploit the island's properties (I've long suspected that he wants to use it for weapons) and Flocke because he could destroy everything if he escapes the island.

Did anyone else feel some disappointment about the explanation for the whispers? Perhaps some mysteries are better left unsolved.

And does anyone else realize that Desmond's accent is different? I believe that Henry Ian Cusick's natural accent sounds more English than Scottish (though he's a Scot) and it seemed that Desmond's accent used to be much thicker. Just hear "Aye, brotha" in your mind's ear and compare that to his current accent. I noticed a little bit of wavering in Sayid's accent at times. Anyway, just an observation.

Kaiti said...

Your recap is my favorite one out there - it is the most thorough and has the most heart at the same time. It helps me get through the morning!

Alexis said...

Great recap as usual. This comment actually stems back to last week, but I rewatched it and noticed something in the notebook that Faraday shows Desmond in the flash sideways. He's explaining how he just wrote down this complicated formula and you get a quick glimpse at the notebook.

It seemed to show a graph of some sort with one arch that said "Virtual Time" and then a straight line through that said "Real Time." I didn't know if you caught it and I thought it odd you didn't comment about it. What do you think!?

Anonymous said...

Just cause I can't remember this, I'm going to ask a question.

Someone else got arrested and tossed into a cell near Kate, but I can't remember who it was. Does anyone else remember???? Or have we not seen Kate in a cell and I'm imaginging things????

Jo, as to Hugo's mirror moment, he doesn't need to look in a mirror when his picture is on posters in his restaurants, there are commercials on TV and the photo slideshow at the awards ceremony.

It seems to me that Libby's voluntary check in at Santa Rosa might simply be because she started having memories of an alternate life and it scared her, only to actually be somewhat confirmed when she met Hurley.

@Frank, the plane was in the air before landing/crashing on Hydra island, so if it flew over the main island, he could have just gone up and into the cargo hold to find what he needed. Or, he took a boat from Dharmaville over to Hydra and did what he needed to change.


Gregory said...

Great recap. I think you only will have 5 more recaps. Isn't the finale a two-hour event? :(

valerie said...

I didn't see a mirror, but the awards ceremony showed photos, which could be mirrored images.

Any love the recaps!

evilgrrl said...

Hi, Jo, thanks for the recap.

From the way the characters in Sideways are talking to each other - like they are "supposed to be together," things seem "not right" there, and "some things are meant to happen" - I think the reality of Sideways is not meant to be. I think that is a reality in which things went wrong. Strange as it may sound, I think the Island reality is the one that should happen, and that the Sideways reality will disappear in some way.

Also, maybe the well Desmond fell down will end up leading to something cool, the way the well John Locke fell down ended up down with the Island "controls."

Keep up the good work!

Joel Hill said...

As sad as you are that you won't be writing about this anymore. I am that I won't be reading it anymore :(

Great Post!


Nurby said...

Well I am sticking to the Locke in Flash Sideways is NotLocke and he did get off the island and Desmond knows that and that is why he ran him over. But I'm sure next episode they will finally shatter that theory of mine :)

I also am now wondering about the whole Nadia situation, we see that everyone that was on the island when they see their love are being reminded of their life on the island. So Sayid is a strange one, he loved Nadia, but then fell in love with Shannon. Will Shannon come back to LA and trigger something for Sayid.

Next thought is, are all the Losties when they are having their flashes of the Island life, are they able to see what is going on right now on the island as it happens?

Pavement Runner said...

Great post Jo... not much else to say or theories. Just want you to know that your core still follows. Well, maybe not core since I started reading (well into S3?) mid way, but still showing the love. Go Jo!

Mike said...

Wow, the last two episodes have my brain spinning at the possibilities in the finale. It's really ramping up now. I hope it's all worth it in the end!

amyburl said...

This is a great blog, much appreciated.
So think about how this could happen. Claire leaves the sideways hospital with new born Aaron in the Lifestar emergency helicopter. Why and where they are going I don't know...

Slice said...

Jo, I love the format and presentation of your blog (i've been hooked since the beginning of season 6).

It's great to hear other theories that are out there on how the show will end, and I think your collision course theory may be on point. Several bloggers have their own theories on 'the grand finale' on the Lost Blog I write, so check it out if you get a chance.

Also - great points about the 'fear' factor driving the LOSTIES to experience their past/future flashes. I referenced just pure, intense emotion, but 'fear' may be the best way to describe it.

Cindy Swanson said...

Great post, Jo! WHY did I just discover your blog now that "Lost" is almost over? :(

About Desmond saying his son's name was Charlie--I didn't interpret it as him KNOWING his son's name was Charlie. I thought he was probably just going to make up a name on the spot, but his son's real name slipped out because he did know it on some level...just as in the flash sideways, Claire named her son Aaron without knowing why (or so she thought.)

I've also wondered if Libby's husband was Hurley's Dave. Some people would think that's a reach, but I remember people on the USA Today Pop Candy blog getting ridiculed for speculating that Pierre Chang was Miles' dad ("Oh yes--ALL Asians are related to each other!")

Sherylm said...

Well, Jo, you just about covered everything so I'll just add, did you see how relieved Kate looked when she saw Jack? It was more: "Get me out of this loony bin" than "My prince has come" but she was definitely happy to see him.

Please, can we be finished with the empty-eyed Sayid? I hate seeing him reduced to Demon Locke's lapdog.

I really like the new focused Desmond. He knows what he has to do and he's not letting himself get sidetracked. When he ran over Locke, my daughter said: "It's just like Hurley running over the Others on the beach." Although I do think Locke will end up in the hospital with just about all the other Losties, it really looked like Desmond intended to kill him. And it's still so strange to see Ben being the good citizen.

I'm sorry Ilana is gone so quickly as I had really gotten to like her character.

And, of course, Jorge Garcia was great in this episode. I never thought Hurley was crazy and it was good to seeing him teaming up with Libby once more. The clinic director was quite creepy, though, and since Libby was in there voluntarily, he was just bluffing about not letting Hurley talk to her.

Thanks again for all your work.

LisaC said...

Hey Jo, great post as always... now I can read the other ones out there... I always like to read yours first, then compare.
I agree when Ben said that the island was done with Ilana, I was worried for Ben. I hope that Richard and Ben have a better ending suitable to their characters importance. I'm really bummed that Richard doesn't seem to know more about what is going on, although he did say that Jacob told him what the island was. Was that a throw away line to test Hurley, or does he really have that information?
I hope that Desmond hit Locke in the flash sideways for a really good reason, because Des has always been a really good guy, and that is a pretty scary move.
The tight shot on John Locke's face was pretty scary, and I thought maybe that was leading him to remember the island timeline.
Interesting that they ended the episode in the Flash Sideways timeline too...
Thanks for everything, and when it is all over, we could do yet another re-watch!

ImNoBetterThanU said...

I am glad that I found your blog you have some great observations.

Rhiannon said...

As far as Hurley knowing that the ashes in the bag would be useful, perhaps Jacob told him...

Can said...

Jo...I'm one of those reading from my phone. Wednesday mornings at work just wouldn't be the same. I don't know what I'll do once the show is over.

I love Hurley...let that be known.

I was wondering if you agree with the speculation that the off island "dead" visitors were in fact smokey/Jacob in their bodies. If in fact, he does pose as someone you love who has died, Smokey/Jacob could be them. I know that smokey can't leave the island but it makes sense as to an explanation for those who are dead to make appearances in the other world. I do agree that Libby is obviously not "stuck" so to speak.

I'll secretly miss the entire trio of Ben, Frank, and Miles. I think I'll be bummed to see how everyone dies...I'm so over Jin and Sun's reunion that has yet to happen!

Aaron said...

@LisaC Jacob told Richard that the island is the cork in the bottle that holds evil. I think this is what Richard expected Hurley to say if he was in fact communicating with Jacob.

@Brian Totally agree about the whispers scene. That was the worst and cheesiest non-reveal I've ever seen. I worship LOST but that was embarrasingly terrible.

Is anyone but me still a little hopeful that Dogen and Lennon may still be alive given that they were attacked in the Spring to which Jacob had possibly added something to?

Sara said...

What IS up with Dr. Chang not aging??

Diana said...

Sorry Aaron, I was as happy to see Dogen and Lennon die as I was to see Ilana go up in a flash. She was faintly more redeeming, but only faintly. Ben at least was fun to hate, and he outsmarted nearly everyone.

Kate was thrown in a cell by the others on Hydra Island. Carl was thrown in next to her.

I think Desmond meant to kill Locke/MIB in the wheelchair. That was not a consciousness raising move. He's certainly still alive in his latest hole. Don't forget the offisland occurs before the on island story--so if you can flash between the two, you do know what happens in the future (2007 ish, on island).

Except in Hurley and Libby's case, it's a future that won't happen.

V. said...

Oh no! I didn't notice a mirror moment for Hurley either. Since Sayid is the only other LA Xer who hasn't had one, that worries me.

Great job on the video.

amyburl said...

Love your comments and connections. My theory is the helicopter ride Desmond sees is from the sideways universe.

LisaC said...

Thanks for reminding me what RIchard was talking about... I was thinking/hoping it was going to be a new reveal.

MollyFaraday said...

Great job, yet again.... I just wanna say thanks for posting and having these random contests :)

@MollyFaraday on twitter

Ann said...

Great analysis as is the norm. As Lost comes to an end I like you am becoming very emotional about the end to all this crazy madness! I was eagerly following spoilers and now I want no part of them. Jo you are absolutely amazing and my CONSTANT. That way when LOST ends I will know that I had you and there really was this mesmerizing series.

Dee said...

Hi Jo.

How awesome to see you on Instant Dharma.

I too was sad to see Ilana go. I really thought she was more important than they seemed to make her. Unless we haven't seen the last of her.

I watched several times and did not see Hurley have a mirror moment. That is quite curious.

I'm also scared for Richard and Ben. Although I do have some hope for Ben as we have seen in in the Sideways World.

Congrats again on the AOL gig and thanks (as always) for your great insight. I, too, am living in denial land...its cozy here.

V said...

Random idea... what if the electromagnetic blast did actually kill Desmond and Jacob was now Desmond? I just find that Desmond's demeanor changed so much after the shock...calm, knowing... a lot like Jacob.

Megan said...

My boyfriend and I were discussing how weird it is to finally be getting answers from "Lost." After six seasons, it's almost more comfortable to postulate what might happen than to see it actually play out. I love that we can all read your blog about a recent episode and then have a discussion about it. While I'm excited to celebrate the series finale with a close group of friends, I'm definitely going to miss this!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to read.

maven said...

Great analysis, and on Instant Dharma! You are always so insightful.

I feel that the blond boy and the dark haired boy might point to Jacob and MIB being two sides of the same coin. By having the same actor play the "kid" role only with different hair has to be mean something.

G-Bo and the Time Machine said...

Nice recap. Omg it's almost over...

4boysmommy said...

so sad its almost over! this is my fave show ever.....thanks for your great analysis.I think Des knows everything no matter what "world" he is in. I feel his stream of conciousness is straight as he goes back and forth. Since he is passing out, that is when his mind leaves and goes to the other place.

Hardy said...

i had a holy crap! moment when you mentioned the 'fight club theory'...hadn't heard it yet. i guess sitting on an island for eternity is enough to make you schizo...even if there is plenty fishing and wine.

the flour child said...

mmm. fajitas.
because i am already so hugo-oriented, i was beyond psyched to view and hear your thoughts on this episode. I admittedly did a giddy fist pump when Libby showed up, and I scanned the room carefully for signs of Leonard, Abaddon, or various other people we knew.

i had the same thought with desmond hitting john to get him to the side of Dr Shepard. Interesting point about having a moment of vengeance from the moment of well-dwelling on the island. Hm. So now we can poke into the side of our other lives and change our attitudes? Desmond is special, after all.

Here, I thought Des was just thinking on his feet when he mentioned his son's name, since I thought he made it clear in a previous episode he wasn't married. No one is married anymore.

sidenote, in that mr. cluck's video, love how there are certain groups represented by other actors- my favorite is the African American father and son, perhaps in an attempt to channel Michael and Walt. Perhaps? who am I kidding, this whole series is a web far too intricately connected to unravel with one viewing.

I am so frustrated with friends who say they are getting bored. I am getting giddy! Every episode becomes a hunt for easter eggs, if you will, for connections who knew or didn't know who, whose paths are yet to cross, and which seem endlessly parallel. I will have to become addicted to your next saga of devoted posts, Jo, after this is all over. I'd miss your theories too much if I didn't have anything to read! :)

Valerie said...

I love your LOST thoughts and will miss them very much.

I could say more but shhh, I'm at work. lol!

Viking Chick said...

Sweetzer was a 2007 movie with Jorge Garcia (Hurley).

Froy said...

I forgot about that list of 4 from Season 3!