Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spoiler-Free Photos & Video from Private LOST S6 Set Visit!

Yes, I am on vacation. And no, I have not posted my follow-up analysis yet from the S6 premiere (it should be up in the next few days). But I wanted to share a few details from my set visit last weekend sooner than later!

I was invited to go on a private tour of various Lost filming locations on Oahu with a few other members of the press. With ABC's permission, I am allowed to share these with you. 

It was a tremendous honor to have executive producer Jean Higgins as our own personal tour guide, because she has been involved with the show and primarily responsible for the filming logistics since episode one. We had gone on a fantastic KOS Lost Tour last year, but certainly did not have the kind of access and behind-the-scenes scoop that Jean provided this time around. 

As you know, this site is strictly spoiler-free. For those of you who do seek out that type of information in advance, however, I have posted photos of a spoiler-ish prop and location from S6 over on DocArzt. Click and read at your own risk!

To the left of the path above, there is a section of tall grass where Sun's garden is set up (below, which they cut lower for her scenes).

It was surreal to walk through the lush jungle where they have filmed on many occasions. 

Even though the beach below appears small, that is where they film many of the scenes with various boats coming ashore (such as the outriggers in S5). 

When we arrived at the main survivor's beach, we all geeked out in unison and felt like kids visiting Disneyland for the first time. 

Due to the weather on Oahu, the camp is in various states of disarray and decay, but it merely adds to the Lost ambiance. 

Of course like everyone else, I pictured Sawyer with his island crash glasses on, sitting in this chair and reading a book he'd found in the fuselage. 

The view looking out at the ocean from the camp is nothing short of spectacular, and I can't begin to describe the goosebumps when Jean told us that they filmed the S1 raft launch right there. 

I took a small video tour of the beach camp, but please excuse the bumpy nature - it was the sand! Also, I clearly miscalculated my own height at the end. :)

It was an amazing experience and a day that I will never forget. Special thanks to Richard and Jeff at ABC, Jean Higgins, and my co-horts Natalie from TVguide (@NatalieAbrams), Trish and Eric from IGN (@EricIGN), Tripper and Maggie from AOL TV (@TheTVShowGirl), Tim from (@TimAtTVDotCom) and Brian from Yahoo TV!


CuInAnotherLifeBrother said...

Awesome Jo! thanks for sharing with us. Nice to hear your voice :)

Marygail said...

What amazing pictures! I lived in Oahu for the last 4 years, and didn't get into Lost until last year. I would have liked to visit the locations but had to move off the island last summer. Looking at your pictures makes me think of home, and of course Lost! :)

Julie said...

Awesome Jo! That would have been amazing to have Jean Higgins as your private tour guide!

Thanks for sharing!

Julie(from the very long but very awesome day at the beach on Jan 30th)


Pavement Runner said...

That's pretty sweet Jo! You look so happy.

Matt Roeser said...

Jo! Amazing! You look like you're having the time of your life. Congrats on getting that awesome behind the scenes rock!


Megan said...

Like you say, visiting the survivor’s beach/camp is like being at Disneyland. My boyfriend and I went there the day after the S6 premiere on the beach, and we were giddy with excitement.

There was a security guard lurking in the bushes and while the beach is public property, we still thought he was going to shoo us away. In fact, he let us come take pictures around the set! We actually got to stand inside Eko’s church and lay down in the graveyard. I heard that as soon as production wraps everything is going to be taken down for the auction. I highly recommend everyone go see this set before it’s gone. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Jo!

bianconiglio said...

Aaaawww! I'm so jealous! I love Jean Higgins!!! She's a tough, smart, intelligent woman! :D