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LOST Episode 6.05: "Lighthouse" (Initial Thoughts & Theories: UPDATED w/Austen & Wallace)

Good morning, LOST friends and fans. My crazy travel schedule is over, although I am not surprised to be feeling under the weather as a result. I actually tried to go to sleep after this new episode, but it was impossible to turn off my mind. 

So let's stare out at the ocean and take notes on our arms about Lighthouse together... 

The Lighthouse

That Jacob used a LIGHT house to 'guide' people to the island convinces me that the DARK cave actually belonged to the Man in Black/notLocke.  

When the compass landed on the numbers corresponding with specific individuals, the mirror showed significant landmarks from their lives; the Temple where Jin and Sun got married, the church where the service for Sawyer's parents took place and the house Jack grew up in.  

Dear Jack: 
You didn't need more bad luck. 
Sincerely - 
the mirrors, your mom and life


I think it is rather significant that Jack mentioned how his father's coffin may have been lost in Berlin, because that is where Ben had assigned Sayid to find and kill the Economist. We still do not know who that is/was, but I would not be surprised to find out that this person is a) somehow related to how and why Christian's coffin went missing and b) someone we've met. 

When "they wouldn't let him" remove Jack's appendix, I had to wonder if that was because he was immediate family or because he was intoxicated. 

I am under the assumption that Jacob knew about the Man in Black's ability to take over a person's body and soul; thus, I am a tad surprised that Jacob brought Christian to the island in the first place. 


Crazy Claire's hair resembles her living space; a hot tangled bird's nest mess. Clearly she could use one of Jacob's mirrors. 

Among the many items scattered throughout her nest is dynamite from Black Rock. Talk about Rousseau 2.0. It is safe to assume that she got the surgical tools from the Staff station...and went to med school during those three years.  

Although she managed to find a few kids toys and books, apparently all random island teddy bears were taken because that was one seriously creepy skeleton baby.

Crazy Claire has a sense of humor: "One thing that'll kill you around here is INFECTION."

According to Crazy Claire, the Temple Others shot her in the leg, took her to Temple (where I assume they dipped her in the Spring to heal), branded and tortured her like Sayid, discovered she was infected with the Darkness and then she escaped. However, I noticed that Temple Other Justin started to say (before she killed him) that her memory of those events wasn't quite right. That leads me to believe that her memory was affected by the young Ben Linus, etc. 

It turns out that the psychic was right about Claire having to raise Aaron herself:

(S1, Raised by Another)
Psychic Richard Malkin: "It is crucial that you yourself raise this child. This child, parented by anyone else, anyone other than you...danger surrounds this baby. Your nature, your GOODNESS must be an influence in the development of this child. You must not allow another to raise your baby." 
Charlie: "Maybe he knew, Claire. If he had the gift, and I believe some people do...maybe he knew."
(S6, Lighthouse) 
Claire: "If Kate was raising Aaron, I'd kill her."

Black and White theme alert! Crazy Claire's new relationship with notLocke reminded me of the opening dream sequence from Raised by Another, where Claire encounters Locke in the jungle (he has one black eyeball and one white eyeball, and there is a white rock on the table):

Claire: "What's happening?"
Locke: "You know what's happening."
Claire: "But I don't understand. Why?"
Locke: "He was your responsibility but you gave him away. Everyone pays the price now."

So here is a question for you...when Claire 'appeared' at Kate's house in S4 (There's No Place Like Home) to warn her "don't you dare bring him back!" - who was that and were they trying to prevent the inevitable?


Add another biblical name to the bunch. The name David symbolizes someone who is beloved...and a talented musician. 

This is the third David we've met on Lost, and who the heck knows if any of them are one and the same in any of the universes and timelines that have been presented:

  • Dave, Hurley's invisible friend from the institution
  • David, Libby's deceased ex-husband
  • David, Jack's son

Last year after seeing Faraday playing the piano, I was convinced that he was the one who had programmed the Looking Glass code with a song that Charlie would later decipher (leading to his sacrifice and setting off the chain of events we've seen for three seasons). Even though it is logistically impossible, I can't help but look at Jack's classically trained musician son as another...candidate for that particular island task. AND, let's not forget that David was reading a certain book about chasing a particular white rabbit that happens to be the logo for the Looking Glass station...

When Dogen told Jack that "your son has a gift," I was immediately reminded of both Aaron and Walt. 


It was a very pleasant surprise to see Dogen in Jack's flash sideways. I love that he told Jack that his son David is really "good." 

Seeing Jack run into a spiritual, pony-tailed future friend off island, I couldn't help but recall when he first met Desmond at the stadium.


Add tic-tac-toe (which allegedly originated in ancient Egypt...naturally) to the growing list of games that Hurley has played on Lost: backgammon, basketball, chess, Connect Four, horseshoes, ping pong, poker and Risk. 

Red Flag! Seriously, can we please get Hurley a different shirt? Given Juliet's multi-episode appearance in her infamously red blouse leading up to her demise, I am quite nervous about our boy Hugo...especially if/when notLocke gets wind of his importance as afterlife messenger for Jacob. 


I gasped when I first saw Jack's appendix scar, because I thought it was going to be our first clue that the flash sideways characters were experiencing life in two simultaneous dimensions. Oh well. 

It was striking to see that, like Michael with Walt in S1, Jack barely knows his son.

Jacob said that "Jack is here because he has to do something; he can't be told what that is, he's got to find it himself." Is it too obvious that Jack is intended to be the final Candidate, 'the one who will protect/lead us all' (the Latin translated answer to the statue shadow question)?

To be perfectly honest, I have tried to understand and appreciate Jack for five seasons. I realize that he's supposed to be the hero and that the producers have high hopes that we'll see him in that light when the series ends. But I'm not quite there and time is running out. My favorite Jack scenes over the years have involved Christian (which have been few and far between), and I have great expectations for their eventual reunion before the end of S6. 

Here is what I loved about this episode - the emotional resonance and ties back to the episode that got me hooked on Lost forever, White Rabbit (S1). Jack's father Christian told him that "I have what it takes. Don't choose, don't decide. You don't want to be a hero. Don't try and save everyone, because when you fail - you just don't have what it takes." So it was perfect that Jacob used that very moment (telling Jack via Hurley that he "has what it takes") to convince him to do something he wouldn't otherwise have agreed to. 

Another nod to that S1 episode occured in the cave, when Jack admitted to Hurley that "I was chasing the ghost of my dead father. He led me here. That was his coffin, before I smashed it to pieces...because he wasn't in it."

Insert Coldplay (Fix You) or Pearl Jam (The Fixer) song lyric here. Jack's best line: "I came back here because I was broken...and I was stupid enough to think that this place could fix me." 

And I certainly appreciated the redemption and softer side of Jack in the flash sideways, and was moved by his breakthrough with David at the end of the episode. When his son said "I didn't want you to see me fail," I admit that there were tears in my eyes.


As ridiculous as it might sound, pens seem to be a relevant fate vs. free will tool to Mr. Not a Fan of Technology and how/why some wind up on the island:

  • S1 (Raised by Another): When Claire went to sign adoption papers, she decided not to go through with it after both pens offered were out of ink.
  • S1 (All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues): Christian insisted that Jack sign a falsified document covering up his alcohol related mistake in the operating room, holding out a pen for him with every last ounce of hope. Jack initially refuses but takes the pen and signs it. 
  • S5 (The Incident): Jacob gives Sawyer the pen that he uses to finish writing his letter to the real Sawyer.
  • S6 (Lighthouse): Jacob told Hurley that he needed a pen to write down the lighthouse instructions.  

Did anyone notice what Jacob was putting in the Spring inside the Temple? It was very subtle, but something tells me he has the solution to the murky water.


Is Jin wearing boxers with hearts on them? Sadly, that is my only question about him right now. Of course I hope he gets to dip his wounded leg into the hot tub time machine too. 



Message received, observant Lost fans! Kate is indeed listed as number 51 on the lighthouse compass and does not appear to be crossed off. So Jacob and/or the Man in Black are not recruiting male Candidates only.

Thank goodness for another simple line of dialogue to prove that the love triangle/quadrangle has indeed been resolved:

To Jack: "I hope you find what you're looking for."


As we've seen over the years, very few people have proven to be inconsequential on Lost. That is why I have asserted since last season that Christian's father Ray Shephard plays a larger role than originally thought. Considering his line in S5 (316) about wanting to escape to a place "they won't ever find me," I have to believe that we'll hear about, if not see, Ray again...on the island. 


Now that he has been infected, I can't wait to see Sayid encounter the Man in Black. If Claire doesn't see him as John Locke, I wonder what form/person Sayid will see him as. 

Candidacy Key

To me, the most important line of the episode Jacob's instruction to Hurley: "Tell him you can do you what you want, tell him you're a candidate." That statement is an alternate take on and antithesis of "don't tell me what I can't do!" 

Inside Joke Count: 2

I laughed out loud when Jack found Shannon's inhaler and Hurley identified it as such, because at Comic-Con last summer, Jorge Garcia pretended to ask a silly fan question from the audience and sarcastically addressed that very trivial lingering mystery:

"So this is the last season - everything's going to be answered, right - everything that matters? In Season 1, Confidence Man, Sayid tortures Sawyer to get Shannon's inhaler. We never found out about that one."

LOST Book Club

In yet another great nod to the fabulous White Rabbit episode and the Shephard lineage, David Shephard was reading The Annotated Alice by Lewis Carroll. 

I am somewhat of a Viriginia Woolf buff, so I was thrilled to dig up some of my old notes about To the Lighthouse to look at after tonight's episode. Aside from featuring multiple timelines, characters and perspectives, the only real parallel I could recall was the focus on a particular family (the Shephards in this case). Also, the book is divided into three sections which are certainly applicable to this episode: The Window (mirror?), Time Passes and The Lighthouse.  

Mirror in the Bathroom

In 6.01, Jack had an odd moment while looking in the bathroom mirror aboard flight 815. In 6.03, Kate experienced something while looking in the bathroom mirror at the mechanic shop. In 6.04, Locke briefly had a introspective moment while looking in the bathroom mirror at his house. In 6.05, Jack breaks 4 mirrors. 

Theme alert: reflection! 

Oh, and let's not forget the fantastic water ripple that provided Jack a mirror early on in the episode.

The Visitor

Given that I am spoiler-free, do not watch promos for new episodes or read casting news, I have no idea who is coming to the island. Here are my best guesses:
  • Desmond
  • Faraday
  • Hawking
  • Widmore
What I am looking forward to finding out is whether or not this person is going to help Jacob and Team Good Guys as they battle against notLocke and Team Darkness when they all finally congregate for war at the Temple. 


The person listed (and crossed out) as number 108 is Wallace. At first I thought that it could be a reveal of the Man in Black's real name, but then I realized that Hurley was following Jacob's instructions to help bring the visitor to the island using that coordinate. So my theory is that Wallace will be the uniquely and miraculously special Desmond, because the rules do not apply to him and that may become essential during the pending war at the Temple. 

Sir William Wallace was a Scottish hero and knight, so my inclination is to draw a parallel to the potentially heroic Desmond. [sidenote: I might be the only person in the world who did not like Braveheart, which was written loosely based on Wallace's tale.]

Visual Parallels


One of the items that Richard Alpert showed young John Locke at the foster home while testing him for a future island leadership position was a compass. Of course he also gave Locke a compass during his time shift travels last season and Locke had two compasses with him when he crashed on the island. So of course Jacob's lighthouse features a giant compass.

Like Charles Widmore and Anthony Cooper, Christian Shephard was a MacCutcheon man. Yes, I realize that Sayid and Desmond both also drank the good stuff...but Des got his from the 815 wreckage and Sayid purchased a few glasses before getting his ass kicked by Ilana.

Once again, Hurley said out loud what many fans often wonder when he was looking at the Adam and Eve skeletons from S1 (White Rabbit) and asked "what if these skeletons are us?"

Just as Miles got a key from under a white rabbit statue in S5 (Some Like it Hoth), Jack takes a key from under a white rabbit statue in this episode. Insert obvious references to both chasing their father's ghosts and to Jack's White Rabbit episode here. 

Just as on new 815 when Sayid kicked in bathroom door, Jack kicks open door to lighthouse.

The Lamp Post station in Los Angeles features a giant pendulum in the middle that locates the island, and the Lighthouse features a giant compass in the middle that helps bring people to the island.


I have frequently speculated that one of the final scenes to end the entire series will feature the offspring of the main characters, designated for destiny: Walt Dawson, Clementine Ford, Charlie Hume, Ji Yeon Kwon and Aaron Littleton. That Jack has a son in the sideways version of his life further fuels my theory, and I will now add David Shephard to that list. Perhaps these six will be the next incarnation of the Oceanic 6...crashing, leaving and then returning to the island in the loop of life that Jacob calls "progress."

We've now seen the last names of those who have been brought to the island over the years both on the cave wall and the lighthouse compass. I strongly believe that there is a familial, generational tie to the island. Some names are now crossed out, which indicates that they are not Candidates. However, I believe that some of the names represent more than one person, and those with crossed out names are not necessarily deceased: 
  • Dawson is crossed out: Michael is deceased, son Walt is alive.
  • Faraday is crossed out: Daniel is deceased, but it is fascinating that he is a Widmore yet father Charles' name isn't on the wall...
  • Goodspeed is crossed out: Horace is deceased, son Ethan is alive only in flash sideways world.
  • Kwon is not crossed out; Jin and Sun are Candidates, daughter Ji Yeon is also alive.
  • Linus is crossed out: Roger is deceased, son Ben is alive.
  • Littleton is crossed out: Claire and son Aaron are alive.
  • Shephard is not crossed out: Jack is a Candidate, father Christian is deceased, grandfather Ray is alive. Jack's son David exists in the flash sideways world only.
  • Straume is crossed out, as is Chang: Miles is alive, father Pierre is deceased.
In addition, when the lighthouse mirror reflected the house where Jack grew up (versus the hospital where Jacob had visited him) when the compass landed on Shephard, I believe that the mirror was showing the memory of Jacob's visit to Christian.

I have to say that I did not have high hopes for this post, because my initial reaction to the episode was lukewarm and I am not feeling well (so please excuse any errors or oversights in advance). However, once I explored the many links back to earlier seasons and elaborated about a few theories, Lighthouse grew on me and I am looking forward to a second viewing.

Just a reminder that you have until Friday (2/26) to make a $10 donation toward Haiti relief for the chance to win some very cool Lost memorabilia, including autographed comic books written by Damon Lindelof!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read along. I love and appreciate constructive feedback, so feel free to leave a comment below! Stay tuned for round two of 6.05 analysis this weekend, if not sooner. 



Colin Campbell said...

Pretty sure I saw an "Austen - 51" when I froze my DVR playback of the big compass. And it didn't look crossed out... Good or bad news for Kate?

Telmo Couto said...

Yeah, Austen is #51 :)

xmozzazx said...

I like that you point to the family with the names instead of the individual. I firmly believe now that that has to be the case. There have been zero references to the characters by their first name (cave writings, lighthouse, etc.) even though MIB and Jacob constantly call them by their first names. Christian is a key part, Jack, (Ray should be coming through anytime with Widmore no doubt and with him probably David) and in the end, we will see family members on opposite sides of the fence. How could it get more interesting than that without polar bears?
Hope your feeling better soon.

Eric said...

so it's fair to say this episode mirrored a lot of earlier ones?

JS said...

Thank you Jo, I appreciate the links back to prior episode/themes.

B said...

My theories about the sideways story:

1) It is not related to the island storyline at all. Meaning, the alternate sideways story is pretty much happy. There hasn't been any tragedy. Even things that look like they're gonna be tragic or bring back the character flaws we know are paved over. Now, I think that it might continue the entire season so by the end, everyone in our alternate universe has a good life, and you feel warm and fuzzy.

I believe they might be doing this because the finale will have both a utopic and dystopic ending. I think the island story will have lots of deaths of our favorite Losties, and evil might end up winning.

The sideways story might only relate to the island story in that one character decides to erase any memory of the island, and forces the reboot you see at the beginning of the season. Like it's the end of the Wizard of Oz and the entire show is a vivid, but quickly fading dream.

2) The other theory is a complete 180. I think the writers might be setting certain stuff up in the sideways storyline so that in the blink of an eye, somebody from the island shows up with full island knowledge and just wreaks havoc on our Losties' lives. I dunno know this would work, but you don't really know when they'll pull the rug out from under us. Somebody like Dogen.

The reason I believe this is, the problem with my first theory, if they have an alternate sideways story with no relation to the island, Lost fans are gonna be a little pissed off by wasting half a season on an unrelated storyline. Do I care about Jack's son without him being central to the story?

About the episode, which I loved.
A) So MIB is coming to the Temple, and Jacob pulled his two goalies. Once he said this, I did a quick mental check, and Sayid is the only one left in the Temple. And he's seemingly infected. Not good.

B) Kate seemed selfless in this episode, and I'm grateful she was only in it for a minute. Her showdown with Claire will likely be paralleled with her off-island story, most likely in the giving-birth-to-Aaron with Dr. Burke episode we all foresaw.

C) I like Hurley on the island now. He seems like he is invincible with Jacob as the Dean Stockwell to his Scott Bakula.

D) Call me a jerk, but I'm kinda looking forward to a massacre at the Temple. I've grown a little tired of the Temple as a setpiece, but I'm sure Dogen, Lennon, and Sayid will remain alive. Sayid will likely be recruited for notLocke's baseball team. Ricardus is already on his way to warn everybody.

E) I was a little pissed Jack broke that mirror before Hurley got to 108 degrees. Who's 108? Perhaps we would have seen their house. Seems like it would be Desmond, since he's such a variable, and he got there on a ship.

However, I have had a theory since last season. About the grand scheme of things. At one point, you thought the masters of the island were Widmore and Ben. However, you pan out and there's a much larger scale war going on, with Jacob and Esau. Compared to them, Widmore and Ben are just pawns in a chess game. What if that perspective panned out even further and Jacob and Esau are pawns in an even larger and more ancient war?

jonathan said...

Thanks for your insights once again. I so look forward to them. Staying up late even when you are rock!

Kelly said...

It killed me that they didn't show who was 108. And I loved that the sign outside the concert hall said "Welcome Candidates." And really, the more I think about this episode, the more I like it.

lennyg said...

Thanks for the look backs! There are no accidents in LOST - Jack's son's name David is also King David, song of King Solomon who built the biblical Jewish Temple that was eventually destroyed. Also, look at the conservatory shot when Jack meets his son outside - those sure look like Temple pillars.

Mike said...

They did show us #108, it was a name "Wallace", and it was crossed off. No Wallace has been on the show. I think Jacob just told him to turn it to 108 just to crank it around, so Jack would see his name, mirror, smash it, stare at ocean, ponder.

Katherine said...

Didn't Hugo play golf too? With Charlie when they built the course.

Valerie said...

Nice rundown on your thoughts of the episode! Fantastic!

I liked this episode but I've liked them all this season. I feel as though I'm being allowed to savor the show and the storylines and emotions. It's wonderful. :)

I especially liked the interaction between Jack and David. And I want to know who David's mother is!

Brian said...

Oh, and a couple of other things:

Some have speculated that Dave, Hurley's imaginary friend/foe, and David, Libby's ex-husband, are one and the same. Dave only haunted Hurley when Hurley was close to Libby - in the mental hospital and on the island.

And Faraday and David, Jack's son, are classically trained musicians who would not likely program a code that was set to the melody of "Good Vibrations." I had forgotten that Jack and Ben can play piano, too.

And, while I'm on David Shephard, that's a funny name. David of the Bible was a shepherd before he was annointed as the next king of Israel. That reminds me of Christian Shephard - Christ called himself the Good Shepherd.

Hillary said...

With all of those names already crossed out…if these last few candidates “fail”, does that cause the island to sink with no one “in charge”?

Shaun and I both said, "Shannon's Inhaler!!" Awesome.

Is it possible "Austen" could also refer to Aaron?

Is #12 in Dan Norton, Ben's lawyer who threatened to take Aaron from Kate?
Close up pic:

I never thought Rousseau was crazy, because she hadn't been infected. But Claire? Totally. How long has she had this "friend" and does she not know his name or is she not supposed to say it? Hmmm.

I bet her father gave her some med school briefing

Lastly, you'd think having two surgeons in the family, Jack's mom could have found a better plastic surgeon. UGH!!

lennyg said...

Sorry everyone but in my haste I wrote that David was Solomon's son but it's the other way around. I do want to add that The Israelites are facing the Philistines in the Valley of Elah. David is bringing food to his older brothers who are with King Saul. David's father Jesse has given David instructions similar to those given by Jacob to Joseph calling for David to look into the welfare of his brothers. (See Genesis 37:12-17 compare 1 Sam. 17:17-19).[7] giant Goliath challenging the Israelites to send their own champion to decide the outcome in single combat. (Wikipedia)

Anonymous said...

@B It's not just Sayid but also Miles! What would he have got up to while Hurley wasn't there. Maybe he can just chill out with Dogen.

Technically Ethan should be alive on island timeline because he got on the sub with his mum.

I was trying to remember all the references so thanks for all the links there. It was an interesting theme with the mirrors. It also links back to duality and opposites such as black and white.

The piano is an obvious reference with black and white keys and how you can manipulate the strings to play what you want.

ashlie said...

@Mike - I thought the same thing, that Jacob didn't really want "Wallace" called to the island, he just wanted to make sure the dial was turned so Jack could see his house reflected.

@Hillary - Claire does know her "friend's" name, at least she knows that he's not Locke.

arbitrary said...

I despised Braveheart and couldn't finish it!

Karen said...

Desmond's last name was already established as HUME, and since no one else's names have changed this season (island vs. sideways worlds), then I'm guessing that "Wallace" is someone new. Or someone we will never see.

Anonymous said...

The name that jumped out at me on the dial is the one under Wallace: Friendly! Maybe Mr. Friendly's name really was Friendly!

I believe MIB likely caused Kate's vision of Claire warning Kate not to bring back Aaron. After all, Aaron's absence helped put Claire in a state of mind to be recruited.

To your list of people looking at themselves in the mirror, Jack did it early in this episode in the sideways world.

Your idea that Jacob brought Christian to the island makes me think he sure didn't make it easy on himself. There are people in this world without such crippling problems as alcoholism or having worked as torturers.

Ramblings Of Life said...

As to the question of Claire appearing to Kate in S4 to warn her 'dont you dare bring him back', my husband suggested that this was Jacob (as Claire)and he was actually referring to not bringing John Locke back. With John coming back to the island, it set in motion for MIB to use his body. I dont think we've seen evidence of MIB being off the island but we know that Jacob could leave. Just our thoughts.

Dustin said...

Great post.

I too want the person coming to be Desmond. It's about time he got to kick that island's butt.

I wrote up a theory about Desmond coming to island now... on The Elizabeth, the sailboat he got from Libby! A Des mystery that always stuck out to me was what happened during the 5 weeks he was Lost at sea during Season 2. He leaves going one direction and, like Pac Man, comes back from the other side. What if there were travels we/he doesn't know about.

Maybe that doesn't fit perfectly. But perhaps one of his sailing trips in EITHER time line will lead him to this critacle juncture. With Desmond's history of blackouts and memory loss this could be feasible.

Hillary said...

@ashlie So what did I miss? What inclination do we have that Claire knows his name? Or do you think in her deluded mind, referring to him as her "friend" without a proper intro to Jin, or just a tease by the writers not giving us MIB's name yet again?

Amy said...

Did anyone notice that Rousseau's name is number 20? Is it possible that every single person who has come to the island is listed? But why did the numbers need to be entered? And why were they the winning lotto numbers? And why were they on the side of the hatch? I hope there is more to come about these numbers!

Anonymous said...

It's quite possible that everyone Jacob brought to the island is listed (but the list may also include people Jacob considered but didn't bring to the island). It's enough explanation for me that the numbers stand for the degrees Jacob used in the lighthouse machine to choose candidates. But the other uses of the numbers are just more arguments for fate vs. free will. I believe it's coincidence that they happen to be the same numbers. As to your list, the numbers were the serial numbers on the hatch, which led to them being used as the numbers entered into the computer, which led to them being repeated on the radio, which led to Leonard learning them, which led to Hurley learning them and using them in the lottery, which led to the house that Jack built... uh, just kidding with the last one!

Rtn_B said...

I dont think that Hurley needs to worry about MIB / notLocke. The kid in "The Substitute" told notLocke that he knows the rules and he can't kill "him". I think the kid was referring to Sawyer when he said, "him." I think as a rule the candidates can not be killed by the MIB / smokey / Esau. ALso, I think the candidate Kwon is Jin, and not Sun as she did not time travel when the Oceanic 6 came back to the island. I think only the candidates and the island itself were "dislodged" from time when Ben din't turn the wheel properly.
Wat say?

the flour child said...

@Amy - I asked myself (and to everyone else's annoyance, THEM TOO) those same questions about numbers. I got physically giddy when we started seeing numbers next to names. I am so so so curious and anxious to find out about how people were chosen, numbered, etc. If we do.

Pardon if someone has asked this, but was anyone else wanting to know WHO THE HECK DAVID'S MOTHER IS?!?! I don't think it's Sarah. I guess it could be, as Jack in the FlashSideways is not married, and keeps referring to her as "your mother" to David. I really really really wanted it to be someone we knew. Perhaps I missed it, or perhaps it's irrelevant, but is anything COMPLETELY irrelevant on this show?

Also, along with the pens. Can't forget the mad dash to get pens for emergency tracheotomies, both of which resulted in a person searching diligently just to go unused by Jack anyway. Rose at the 815 crash site, Charlie on the plane in the FS. Hmpf. Not exactly as deep as free will, but still.

thanks Jo. Always a pleasure.

Giedrius said...

Hey guys, this blog is super i read it after every episode :) I would like tell you something that I have discovered while i was watching the lighthouse episode for the third time. Us assuming that there is only one person coming was WRONG. Because when Jacob was talking to Hurley at the lighthouse after Jack and mirrors incident, Jacob said: Doesn't matter, THEY will find another way

irolina said...

Besides all the other mysteries, one thing that seems pretty odd to me is that Jack's appendectomy scar was on his left side....I really find it close to impossible for this to be a mistake in the show given how much they pay attention to detail and Jack being a doctor and all... any thoughts on this?

Lee said...

Isn't Hurley's father another David? David Reyes?

Eric said...

"Did anyone notice what Jacob was putting in the Spring inside the Temple? It was very subtle, but something tells me he has the solution to the murky water."

could it be...his own ashes? or maybe Magical Life-Giving Water Pool RinsR©

Erin said...

Great thoughts, Jo. I too just about busted a guy over those inhalers. Also, we know of at least two others Davids - Hurley's dad and, supposedly, Charlotte's dad. Not sure if there's any significance to them...

Juanita's Journal said...

To be perfectly honest, I have tried to understand and appreciate Jack for five seasons. I realize that he's supposed to be the hero and that the producers have high hopes that we'll see him in that light when the series ends.

Why was it so important that Jack be a hero? Because he was the show's leading man? Jack's story was one of the best written I have seen on television. Instead of portraying him as this near ideal leader with very little flaws, the show's producers and writers created a very flawed man who had to embark on a journey to come to some self-realization.

It's a pity that most of the show's fans failed to appreciate this.

The Rush Blog said...

"To be perfectly honest, I have tried to understand and appreciate Jack for five seasons. I realize that he's supposed to be the hero and that the producers have high hopes that we'll see him in that light when the series ends. But I'm not quite there and time is running out. My favorite Jack scenes over the years have involved Christian (which have been few and far between), and I have great expectations for their eventual reunion before the end of S6."

The reason why I liked Jack for so many years is that he didn't adhere to the typical action-adventure hero who seemed to always do the right thing. I now find such characters rather boring. The very flawed Jack Shephard was a breath of fresh air.