Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOST Episode 6.03: "What Kate Does" (Initial Thoughts & Theories)

"Darkness has a hunger that's insatiable, 
and lightness has a call that's hard to hear."
Closer to Fine, Indigo Girls

Greetings from Santiago, Chile! I was quite relieved to discover that I was able to download last night's new episode on iTunes while here on vacation, so I watched it today and now I will not be as far behind as I thought.

Before I watched this episode, I was aware of some negative feedback from fans about it. Although I can understand why some might be frustrated by the lack of non-stop action and intensity following the two-episode premiere, I loved What Kate Does on many levels. First and foremost, they addressed and just about resolved three major lingering questions: the 'sickness' that Rousseau always referred to, the love quadrangle and what happened to Claire on the island.  

I am also a huge fan of the island and relationship parallels they are offering up in this parallel universe, from Locke and Boone on the plane to Kate being present when Claire goes into labor to Ethan as Claire's doctor.

10/22/2004: FLIGHT 815, SYDNEY to LOS ANGELES

We are now sure that Oceanic Flight 815 departed Sydney and arrived in Los Angeles in 2004 (thanks to Claire's ultrasound), but I am baffled as to why it occurred exactly one month AFTER the original flight 815 (9/22/04). 


To me, this (relation)ship has finally sailed. Although I'm sure that both Jaters and Skaters will disagree, I believe that the love triangle/quadrangle is no longer. 

Kate witnesses and experiences Sawyer's devastation about Juliet's death first hand and finds out about his marriage proposal plans. His statement that "I think some of us are meant to be alone" certainly may apply to all three of them (Jack, Kate and Sawyer). 

That being said, I believe that Jack and Kate will wind up together in the Reset, as will Sawyer and Juliet (after all, they do have a coffee date in the future). 


In the premiere episode, Jack seemed to experience deja vu while on the plane and in this episode - Kate appeared to have that same glint of distant recognition when she looked at Jack as she was leaving the airport in the cab. 

I'm still not quite sure if this will continue in the Reset, character by character, but I have a feeling that those moments of deja vu serve a specific purpose. Even if the passengers of Flight 815 do not and can not remember what happened on the island in a parallel universe, perhaps experiencing deja vu is a moment of truth and a test of one's character; to see if they make different decisions in their lives, given this opportunity. Case in point? Claire says "it's like I knew it" when referring to why she is going to name her son Aaron...and it remains to be seen whether or not she chooses to raise him herself now that the adoption has fallen through.

It is also up for debate whether or not Island Claire had a flash of deja vu when Jin said her name after she shot Aldo. Taking a look at the expression on her face when the episode ended (as pictured atop this article), it is arguable that she is remembering who she used to be (pre-Man in Black infection) rather than who she could have been.


I love that the nurse who first admitted Claire in the hospital is the same woman who served as Aaron's nanny when he was under Kate's care as one of the Oceanic Six. Also, the stuffed orca that Claire had brought to LA to give to her baby boy is the very same one that Aaron slept with at Kate's house. 

Clearly, the circumstances surrounding Claire getting on Flight 815 remain the same. I wasn't at all surprised to see that the pending adoptive parents fell through, because psychic Richard Malkin had asserted that Claire must raise Aaron alone and now she has the opportunity to do so.

When the woman who was supposed to adopt Aaron answered the door, I had hoped it would be someone we already Penny Widmore (because given her family wealth, it would not surprise me if she lived in Brentwood). Desmond had a wedding ring on when he appeared on the new Flight 815 (IF he was indeed on the plane), and was heading to Los Angeles. So in my mind, it was possible that he and Penny were going to adopt. 

It is worth another look at the conversation between Malkin and Claire in S1 (Raised by Another):

Malkin: "I found a couple in Los Angeles who are very eager to adopt. The baby will be very safe in their care. I've FORESEEN..."
Claire: "Foreseen? I don't even know why I'm here."
Malkin: "This is what must happen."
Claire: "You're giving me $6,000 to give my baby to a couple of strangers in Los Angeles?"
Malkin: "$12,000...the other $6,000 when you arrive in Los Angeles. And they're not strangers, they're GOOD people."

Perhaps I am not altogether off course. If Claire does indeed give Aaron up for adoption, Penny and Desmond could be the next couple in line (via an agency...or destiny). I like this idea primarily because of Desmond's vision about Claire and Aaron being rescued, which led to Charlie's sacrifice. It would really signify a full circle moment and satisfy one giant mystery, at least to me.


I am a big fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so I love that Rob McElhenney appeared again on Lost. Not only did they take the time to revisit his last scene for the audience (in S3, when Kate knocked him out), I appreciated his sarcastic Sawyer style. You have to admit that very few of the Hostiles and Others have had much personality...


After young Ben was shot by Sayid and taken to the Spring in the Temple by Alpert, I believe that Dogen subjected him to the same type of torture test...and he passed. 

Alpert specifically warned that once young Ben went in, he would lose his innocence. Ben clearly did lose his innocence (Purge, anyone?) and although we've since seen his darker side, he doesn't seem to have been 'claimed' by the Man in Black. However, once Dogen released young Ben back into both his father's care in Dharmaville and under Alpert's watch as a double agent Hostile/Other, it seems that Jacob had found his pawn.  


Although I have been assuming all along that Claire actually and eventually died after Keamy blew up her New Otherton house a few seasons ago, the fact that Jin saw her in this episode seems to confirm that she is indeed still alive. 

That the Man in Black is currently occupying the body and soul of John Locke, however, indicates that he can 'claim' both the living and the dead.

When Claire appeared at Kate's house to warn "don't you dare bring him back" to the island in the S4 finale (There's No Place Like Home), I referred to her as a Ghost. And it certainly seems like it was concerned mother Claire (and not the Man in Black) issuing such a warning. Color me confused. 


Just as Danielle Rousseau gave up her baby Alex to Ben in order to save her child's life on the island, Claire gave up her baby Aaron to save his life (from the Man in Black). Claire was lured over to the dark side by the Man in Black, disguised as her father Christian Shephard. 

I have a feeling that Claire was allowed to leave Aaron behind because he represents the fourth generation of Shephard men who serve the island in some capacity: Ray, Christian, Jack and Aaron.  

By the way, did anyone else notice that Aldo and his Other friend said that Rousseau had been dead for a few years? Is it possible that the Temple Others were truly unaware that she was still roaming the island until being shot by Keamy's men only recently?


As soon as he said that he was brought to the island, I pictured Jacob and the Man in Black on the beach. Just as Jacob managed to protect Richard Alpert upon his arrival (presumably on the Black Rock), it seems that he took Dogen under his wing when he arrived. 

Jacob is not a fan of modern technology, and Dogen appears to be the same way. Of course I am quite curious to find out if he is making a new list on that typewriter, now that Jacob has died. Then again, I don't believe that Dogen is necessarily the next in line to be the spiritual leader of the island.

I hope that they reveal what is inside of Dogen's necklace, because he has grabbed it during several key moments thus far (when Hurley presented the guitar case with the ankh, and when Lennon informed him that Sayid had come back from the dead). 

When I saw that Dogen was playing with a baseball, I thought about how House always tosses a ball in his office when he is contemplative. But on a more serious note, that baseball  served as a visual reminder of the baseball mitt that Alpert presented as one of the objects to young Locke when he went to the foster home to test him (S4, Cabin Fever). 


Although I had hoped we would see that Juliet would be Claire's doctor in Los Angeles, it was a pleasant surprise to see Ethan. Again, they provided an excellent parallel from his relationship with Claire on the island, where they hinted at his softer side. 

That Ethan is going by his regular surname in the Reset seems to be a sign that we will see Horace Goodspeed again, in a different capacity.


I am eagerly awaiting the reunion of Jin and Sun, and have a strong feeling that we are not very far away from it. If I had to guess, they both will somehow wind up back at the Temple along with Kate and Sawyer, completing Jacob's original list of folks he had visited off island. 

I got goosebumps when the Temple Others referred to Jin as "one of them." My, how the tide has turned.


When I saw that Dogen was going to brand Sayid with something, for a brief moment I got my hopes up that it would be the same symbol that Other Sheriff Isabel marked Juliet with in S3. That same symbol appeared on a tree where Juliet retrieved supplies to save Claire's life on the beach.

Of course Juliet's branding remains a mystery to me and probably always will, but I thought that perhaps when Ben stayed her order of execution for killing Pickett and she received that mark as punishment - it was her second chance...thus, no visit to the Spring for a third.


I have openly been disdainful of Kate in the past, but at the very least I am a fan of how consistent her character has been. This episode actually made me laugh out loud in appreciation when they circled back to many of Kate's earlier actions in seasons past:
  • Sawyer leaves the Temple and tells Kate not to go after him, just as Jack did when she escaped the cages in S3 and he stayed on Hydra Island. On both occasions, she disobeyed their wishes. 
  • Similary, Kate left the Temple to go join Sawyer rather than stay under the watchful eye of the Others with Jack, just as she chose to escape with Sawyer in S3 rather than stay under the watchful eye of the Others with Jack. 
  • In an amusing nod to her stint in the Dharma Initiative last season, I love that Kate went to a mechanic to remove her handcuffs because she was a mechanic herself for a time...albeit not a very good one.
  • Just as Kate was present at Aaron's birth in the jungle in S1, she was at the hospital with Claire as she was about to give birth in this episode.

I did enjoy when Kate admitted to Sawyer that "I never should have followed you" and he responded with "which time?"

And, of course, I now wonder which of the Lost writers was a Sabrina the Teenage Witch fan. Joan Hart as Kate's new alias - seriously? I attempted to dissect the name Joan Hart as an anagram, but the only vaguely related possibility is John, A Rat (which is only applicable on island).

When the detective showed up with a police office at the hospital to question Claire about Kate, I admit that I secretly hoped that Ana Lucia and Kate's ex husband Kevin would appear. 


Josh Holloway reduced me to tears once again with an incredibly moving performance, and I certainly understood Sawyer's bitter response to Sayid's resurrection. While Juliet was no angel, she certainly deserved a second shot in life; the opportunity to be saved in the Spring. Like I've mentioned before, however, it is my belief that she perished because she had ultimately served her purpose (Jughead detonation) and the island was done with her. 

In Desmond's first time travel flash (S3, Flashes Before Your Eyes), after meeting Eloise Hawking, he threw Penny's engagement ring into the river. Watching Sawyer throw Juliet's engagement ring into the ocean gave me a glimmer of hope for their Reset reunion, given that Des and Penny did wind up getting married. 

Perhaps one of the last images we'll see as the entire series ends will be this photo being taken, except that in this version - it will be Sawyer and Juliet.


In addition to the fact that 'the darkness' is fast approaching Sayid's heart, the Temple Others probably knew that Sayid was the one responsible for shooting young Benjamin Linus. That they dunked Sayid in the very Spring that saved Ben's life is not a coincidence.
A sure sign that Sayid emerged from that Spring a very different man? He seemed horrified that someone would torture HIM. 

It now makes much more sense that Lennon and Dogen said they were all in a great deal of trouble if Sayid died, because that would have meant another body and soul lost to the Man in Black.

Although the pill that Dogen created for Sayid was green, my inner Matrix geek emerged. After all, in the film Neo had to choose between a blue or red would set him 'free' in another reality, the other would end his story right then and there. Given how applicable that would be to Sayid, coupled with previous Matrix homages on Lost (Jack's journey down the rabbit hole in search of his White Rabbit father, Eloise Hawking as Desmond's Oracle), I was hoping to see a second pill offered. 


It turns out that Rousseau was not really a crazy French lady after all. What she referred to as the 'sickness' is in fact an infection/infiltration of the dark side at the hands of the Man in Black. 

By killing the remaining members of her crew who had been exposed to Smokey beneath the Temple, she was inadvertently helping the Others inside.


It is very interesting to examine who the Temple Others are able to save in the Spring versus those that the Man in Black "claims" for himself and his own purposes.. 

Gunshot wounds:
  • Alex: shot to death by Keamy, not brought to the Temple Spring to be saved; body claimed by the Man in Black/Smokey
  • Young Ben Linus: shot by Sayid, brought to the Temple Spring to be saved
  • Sayid: shot by Roger Linus, brought to the Temple Spring to be saved
  • Yemi: shot to death trying to stop Eko from smuggling drugs, brought to the island in that condition; body claimed by the Man in Black/Smokey
Various causes of death:

  • Christian Shephard: heart attack (alcohol related), brought to the island in that condition; body claimed by the Man in Black/Smokey
  • John Locke: strangulation, brought to the island in that condition; body claimed by the Man in Black/Smokey
By my count, Jacob has been on the losing end of this game/war. 

And Ben must have known that not only was he not allowed to take a double dip in the Spring upon getting the spinal tumor, he was not permitted to bring Alex there after she was murdered as further punishment for stealing her in the first place. 


We were given a hint last season that there was a different variety of Others on the island when we were introduced to Oldham, the not-at-all-scary He's Our You hippie responsible for 'torturing' people into telling the truth by giving them drugs.  That he lived in a tent on the outskirts of Dharmaville and away from the Temple must mean that he was somehow immune to the Man in Black's modus operandi. 

I'm sure that I have missed a few moments from What Kate Does, but hopefully you will be satisfied with what I was able to provide, given my current circumstances. I plan to re-watch the episode again and hope to post additional thoughts before next Tuesday. Thank you again for taking the time to visit and read, and please leave any constructive comments or feedback you may have!



Nurby said...

"John, A Rat" only on the island? Maybe not??? :)

During the first episode I had that oh my gosh shock when Mystery Man beat up Alpert, because we had never seen him beat up.

This time when Ethan came in to help claire, that was my oh my gosh moment. That was so super creepy!

So Kate's purpose of going back to the island was to reunite Claire with Aaron. Now she has, but little does she know that. Wonder how that will play out.

I don't understand them saying that Claire has the sickness if she has become the new Rousseau, because even if Rousseau was crazy, she was crazy for the right reasons and seemed to fight the good fight.

And last comment... You said that Ben didn't seemed to be 'claimed' by the Man in Black. But some think he has been playing on the Man in Black's team for a long time now. So what if he had been claimed? Maybe they didn't do the test then, because they didn't know? Maybe certain people can pass the test due to certain circumstances?

Just throwing that out there. Look forward to the next update when you get back!

danfan2 said...

Love your thoughts and thank you for an excellent job:)
I was so happy to have it cleared up to me that Danielle wasn't crazy after all

Chris said...

Hi Jo,

I hope Chile is a lot of fun. Excellent post as usual. I think this episode is getting a lot of undeserved flack. I was a little underwhelmed watching it last night, but have since watched it again and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Two thing:

On the island, it is 2007/8. Rousseau was killed in 2005, so Aldo et al were accurate in saying she's been dead a while.

Joan Hart was actually used by Kate before, though I cannot remember which episode. [time passes] ok just checked Lostpedia, and while they didnt give any episode names, they did have this little nugget:
"Joan Hart" is a reference to Melissa Joan Hart, who starred in the television show "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". Her co-star, Beth Broderick ("Aunt Zelda"), plays Kate's mother, Diane Janssen.

Good ol' Lostpedia!

Thanks again!

arbitrary said...

I think it might be an assumption that desmond married Penny and not his previous fiancée

shannon said...

WOW I am so impressed with your review! You helped me like this episode a little more because I was seriously disappointed.
I was not that happy with this episode for several reasons (how did Sawyer get the ring, why hide it under the floor boards, what pregnant woman in their right mind would get back into a car with a criminal and then rely on her for help, and I can't stand that Dogen needs an interpreter...) but on a different note you really caught some great things. And I'm so glad that you put that picture of Aaron holding the whale because I knew I had seen it before and just couldn't place it.
Great job Jo!

Nurby said...

One more thought, when Jack is looking at Sayid's wound healing, that reminded me of the Thomas the apostle picture that Ben tells him about at the church.

Anonymous said...

I'll chalk this up to tropical fever on your vacation: Oldham was with the Dharma Initiative, not the Others.

I'm not sure if the spring can bring you back from death, as Ben once said he's seen many things on the island but not someone coming back from the dead...

While I love House, I still think of Captain Sisko of "Deep Space Nine" thinking at his desk while tossing a baseball!

Maybe Ben's warning to Rousseau that she run whenever she heard the whispers worked to keep her safe, so the Others believed that Ben had killed her all that time.

Finally I love your idea of Sawyer and Juliet taking that photo. Although if Sawyer joins up with MIB, it may make redemption a little hard to come by...

mfeige said...

Great Post as always! I was quite sleep deprived while watching so needless to say I missed quite a few things thanks for point them out. I love love love your suggestion about the Sawyer Juliet Photo. the idea alone made my eyes get glassy. I really hope they do that, but at the same time I hope I forget it quickly because I don't want to be disappointed if it doesn't Sadly that's unlikely as it is a classic image.


Eric said...

jopinionated, great recap. possibly the best i've read so far--and i've read them all. you really have a knack for what's happening on the island. and you dont get caught up in bs. i'm with you 100% although i do think the episode was better in paper and in retrospect than it was to watch.

Sherylm said...

A great analysis, Jo, especially in the middle of your trip to South America. We just finished watching our Itunes version of the episode, too, and the first thing my son said was: "Now I'm convinced that the reason the bad guys (Smokey and company, including unClaire) didn't want Aaron to be brought back to the island is because Aaron is destined to serve as Jacob's vessel or successor. " I have to say that at the time of Claire's sudden appearance in Aaron's bedroom at Kate's house, I thought she was awfully creepy so I wouldn't be surprised if that's right - maybe Smokey can manifest himself through others off the island even though he himself seems to be a prisoner there.

Miles keeps acting very strange around Sayid so I think that not only did he notice he wasn't dead, but that he somehow feels the darkness in him.

I certainly hope that Sawyer and Kate are through now. I really appreciated Jin pointing out that Kate's actions seemed pretty selfish but I was pleasantly surprised that she had not given up her quest to find Claire, which gives me hope that the qualities she showed in the alternate time line may win out in her after all.

Jack is driving me around the bend with his inability to exercise detachment in his judgement ...everything has to be so personal and so he keeps making the wrong decisions over and over again. They are better off by far with Hurley in charge, despite what Miles said.

Just one small detail...having had an ultrasound at eight months myself, I can say that the image of the baby does not look at all like the one they showed in this episode since by that point in the pregnancy, the baby is so big and the space is so restricted, he/she is all curled up into a ball :-) But maybe it's just another oversight like the Iranian passport ;-)

Thanks again!

Lauren said...

Hey-how to you make the connection between Ray and the island? THat's not the first time I've seen that and I don't know where the evidence is that he had anything to do with it..

Jack said...

Hey Jo,

Just wanted to point out something regarding to this:

"By the way, did anyone else notice that Aldo and his Other friend said that Rousseau had been dead for a few years? Is it possible that the Temple Others were truly unaware that she was still roaming the island until being shot by Keamy's men only recently?"

Danielle was shot on the island back in 2004, and now they're in it has been a few years. :)

JonG said...

Great Read!

I think you forgot one more gunshot. Locke was shot by ben after he heard jacob speaking in the cabin. But Locke didnt recieve treatment for that wound. Jacob kept him alive with that gunshot wound so he could go out and try and stop Jack from calling the boat.

Pavement Runner said...

Great job Jo, now crack open some Chilean wine and go find smokey on the beach... HaHa. Great post. Count me as one of the many that was disapointed with the second episode. Kate is just starting to bug me. No real support for that last comment, but they are my feelings and you can't have them. So there. See ya next week.

Ira said...

Hi! I must say I am very new to Lost - I watched all 5 seasons for the first time in the last 3 weeks so these posts really help me make the connections as I missed a lot of details rushing to watch everything before the premier. Anyhow, I wonder why no one mentions anything about the fact that Kate told Claire in the Reset that she is innocent.. What do you make of that?

Olessi said...

"Joan Hart" is the alias used by Kate in the first season episode "Born to Run".

Chris said...

Hey Jo,

I have a project called the Lost Blogging Collective, which bring together around 6-12 of the best Lost Bloggers and asks them a question per episode.

It isn't too time consuming and I thought you might be interested in joining in. I appreciate you may be too busy, but I assure you it is literally one question a week :) and no commitment to taking part EVERY week.

Anyway, check out our first week:

A weekly round-up:

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And if you are interested you can get me at

Thanks for your time and keep up the great work :)

Target-Addict said...

Nice post. Regarding the ultrasound date: from what I've read, the discrepancy is chalked up to it being Claire's DUE date in October on the picture vs. the date she was admitted to the hospital. Dr. Goodspeed said she was at 36 weeks, so if you add 4 to that, she'd be at term.

David said...

Target-Addict, OMG thank you. I had not thought about ultra sounds for two years now, but I think that you are correct. My wife's ultra sounds do not show estimated due date, but the actual date that the ultra sound was taken. However she did say that each hospital has different standards, so you still could be correct.

JO - Thank you for pointing out the "types of death" associated with what we think are the "infected" and the posessed. I too believe that this is very relivant. Note that if Sayid were to kill himself with poison, he would not have died from a gun shot at the hands of an enemy. This might very well prevent the infection from taking place.
We shall see. As usual, there is simply not enough information to say for sure yet.

Sherylm said...

I have two questions about this episode that maybe you or your readers could answer:

1. Why did Kate ask Sawyer if that was the house he shared with Juliet? She had been living right next door to them in 1977 and so, how could she just forget which house they lived in...

2. Was I the only person who, when Kate started to talk to Sawyer about Claire and Aaron, expected her to say: I did find your daughter back in the real world and she's Aaron's best play-date friend?

I've seen on some other blogs that people thought Kate was crying on the dock because of her pain for Sawyer but I thought - although she certainly did feel very sad for him and Juliet - she was crying because she finally realized that he would never love her like he loved Juliet and that was the final blow to all her hopes in his regard.

Diana said...

My theory on the 10/22 date is it makes Claire's childbirth impending. I predict Kate will still help deliver Aaron, perhaps on the run.

So Ethan really did go to med school, perhaps in Portland, where Horace was from. He is looking kind of craggy for a 33 year old.

I'm skeptical about Dogen's claims of people being infected. It seems very self-serving, coming from a torturer and poisoner. It also implies Jacob & Others good (hmmm), Man in Black and crazy women bad. I can't help but keep rooting for Locke and post-Locke.

Diana said...

Oh, and one month later also means maybe John Locke did go on his walkabout--in his wheelchair. I like to think he did anyway. Seems out of character that he would have lied to Boone on the plane. He couldn't even lie to Eddie the Narc.

Sooze said...

I think I read every blog out there, and you are the first one to have noticed that the nurse was Aaron's nanny. Wow, that is impressive. And I like how you cut to the chase without getting caught up in some of the sniping over some details that probably do not matter. Why aren't the Others being truthful? Well, it wouldn't make for good TV if we found out absolutely everything in EP #2, would it? I agree that the Sawyer/Kate ship is over. I think Kate's heartfelt sob was a combination of lots of things - experiencing Sawyer's true love and grief for Juliet, realization that there will never be anything with him, feeling the truth of "some people are meant to be alone." Many other comments on many other blogs do not agree with this, but I think you are right. That was such a wonderful scene with the two of them. The viewers have to remember that Juliet and Sawyer had a 3 year relationship, and Josh Holloway certainly convinced me that he is a man feeling utter desolation over his lover's death. I loved the Jack/Sayid conversation about trust, I loved Kate/Claire/Ethan scene tying things back to things that have happened before. I loved Jin deciding to follow his own path, rather than going off with Kate. I loved that Kate continued her search for Claire, after the "closure" with Sawyer. Miles had some great lines in the EP, and I really hope Miles gets more screen time. I am not "sold" on the new Others yet - but I am just going with it as a necessity to get on with the story. Thanks Jo for your great insights!

Jack said...

Re: Sherylm, whether Kate was crying because she realized she lost Sawyer to Juliet - I really doubt Kate is that self-centered...and stupid.

This might sound a bit "Jate" shippy, but I think when Kate came back and saw that Juliet and Sawyer have been together for 3 years, and how much he cared for her, she'd have realized that there's no more Sawyer and Kate. Not to mention the on/off relationship she had with Jack for 3 years also. I really think she just felt Sawyer's pain...who couldn't? (Side note: Jack used to be my favourite, along with Locke and Ben...but with last season, and the start of this one...Wow. So much range. I just went "Oh no..." when Sawyer took out the ring.)

Re: Diana, on whether or not Locke went on the walkabout - I doubt it. Locke maybe hasn't lied to too many people, but he certainly hides the fact that he was/is in a wheelchair. It just looked so "Locke-y" to me, to talk about that experience, and then see that sad face of his, while he's being wheeled out last from Oceanic 815...

Anonymous said...

I think Juliet will deliver Claire's baby! Or at the very least, I'm hoping so- I'm missing her terribly already. Besides, she worked at the same lab as Ethan back in Florida in Season 3 (or 4? can't remember), why not work at the same hospital in LA?

I'd like to share a theory that a friend came up with: So, Jo, you're calling it the Reset. However, several people are calling it Other (Other815, for example). I think this is actually much more significant than we think, because we've been calling those people on the island 'The Others' almost since the very first episode. And now we've got OtherKate, OtherClair, OtherJack, and on. There now exist the Other versions of their own selves. What this all means or leads to, however, is still questionable to me...!

Anonymous said...

Me and my girlfriend are having serious debate over whether they are having deja-vu in the planeverse as I like to call it.

It's almost like when in series 1 and 2 we saw the reasons for why they were doing the things on the island. Each flashback was like a personal deja vu for each character. Is it now the same for them now?

Obviously these two universes have to be connected for the story to have an overall ending and must somehow merge at some point.

To Diana re: Locke's walkabout. This is a contentious issue. I'd try listening to the first official podcast regards this. As for Locke lying it wouldn't be too out of character. It does seem to be quite a private man such as calling himself the colonel and having the phone conversations and calling her Helen.

True on the island he tried to become a man of morals but seemingly to no avail.

Ernie said...

Great recap, but I didn't love this episode at all.

Kate's used the Joan Hart alias before.

I think people can only be brought to the spring if they are still alive. Alex was dead on the spot, so she couldn't be saved. Ben was still breathing when they gave him to Richard. Same with Sayid, he was still alive when they brought him.

As for Oldham, he was part of DHARMA, so he wasn't an Other and therefore couldn't have been at the Temple anyway.

L. A. said...

Awesome post - my own thoughts-

Agreed, Kate & Sawyer won't happen. I think we might see Sawyer as a loose-cannon now, rather like his S1 persona, just looking to "survive" on his own.

Josh Holloway on the jetty was amazing. I always though Jack and Locke's acting was superior, and Sawyer always just did angry/sad. But this was true devastation, very good.

Didn't like the Kate alternate story. Too much suspension of disbelief (even for Lost!). Didn't buy it.

Does this mean no more Christian on the island? Since MIB is now in Locke's form? If so that's disappointing, it was him appearing on the beach way back in S1 that convinced me I was going to love Lost.

Finally - I'm not in the slightest convinced that Jacob is good, and MIB is bad. I think MIB simply wants to live on the island in peace (his home) and Jacob is constantly bringing chaos and war to the island. MIB's methods are brutal, but I think he represents free will (albeit he is manipulative), whereas Jacob touching people gives them a fate they can't avoid. Maybe it's because Smokey and Fake-Locke are so cool, but I'm definitely on their side!

umberhaven said...

Regarding the date on the ultrasound...

Damon & Carlton addressed that on the recent mid-February edition of the Official Lost Podcast. They confirmed that it is actually a prop error. The plane did not land a month later but on September 22 just like it did in the original timeline.

Thank goodness. The possibility that fate still brought everyone together on the same plane but offset by a month was driving me crazy.