Sunday, February 28, 2010

Haiti Relief Donation Update & LOST Memorabilia Winners

I am equally floored and impressed with your generosity, Lost fans and friends. Thanks to your charitable spirit, we have raised over $2100 for Partners in Health Haiti earthquake relief.  Of course that number only accounts for contributions made through this site and my memorabilia incentive; Mo Ryan of the Chicago Tribune and LostARGS raised additional funds through their sites as well!

Thank you SO much to every single person who was able to donate any amount of money;  your assistance is a tremendous help to those who are attempting to rebuild their lives in Haiti. A huge note of gratitude must also be extended to Cat, Damon, Jorge, Paul and Sharon for donating their time and/or items to encourage Lost fans to participate in this cause. 

After printing out and cutting up the list of everyone who donated money and putting them in a hat, I pulled the following names to win Lost memorabilia:

Autographed Damon Lindelof comic books:

  1. Leslie A
  2. Lenny G
  3. Tony G
  4. Chris L
  5. Lisa L
  6. Jarred M
  7. Paul McQ
  8. Rob P
  9. Oscar R
  10. Denise S

Autographed Jorge Garcia photos:

  1. Travis L
  2. Roger O
  3. Stephen O'B

Autographed trading cards:

  1. Christine B (Blake Bashoff/Karl)
  2. Davide B (Brett Cullen/Goodwin)
  3. John G (Carlton Cuse)
  4. Pat Mc (Evangeline Lilly/Kate)
  5. Lynne N (L Scott Caldwell/Rose)

Cast photos:

  1. Angela D (Matthew Fox/Jack)
  2. Kimbery F (Terry O'Quinn/Locke)
  3. Sheryl M (Dom Monaghan/Charlie)

Lost Premiere on the Beach bags [I threw in 5 more]:

  1. Josie C
  2. Barbara F
  3. Hillary F
  4. Susan H
  5. Angela H
  6. Erin Mc
  7. Kate N
  8. Tracy P
  9. Bette S
  10. Laurie W


  1. Amy B (Film Crew, size S)
  2. B Hogan (Polar Bear, size XL)
  3. Michael H (WWLD, size XL)

Widmore Publishing comic book board protectors:

  1. Ron D
  2. Josh G
  3. Martyn G
  4. Bonnie G
  5. Chris K
  6. S Leath
  7. Ryan O
  8. Max R
  9. Justin S
  10. Jenny Y

To those of you who did not receive anything in return for your donation, please let me know if you would be interested in one of the bags - I would be happy to send you one. 

If your name is above, PLEASE email me your shipping address as soon as possible {jo at jopinionated dot com}. Due to the large number of items to mail out and to the fact that I have not yet received all items, I appreciate your patience in advance.

Yours in gratitude,



Team Jack said...

Jo, I normally never win anything and I won the film shirt I was dying to have on here, so first I wanna thank you. Second I see you are still giving bags to those who gave but didn't win anything and I think that's awesome. You go above and beyond to make others happy in this awesome fan community and that's so appreciated! For anyone who didn't win, I highly recommend a bag. I was lucky enough to win one during Lost trivia at Jo's fan party in HI and I loved it!! Everyone at the premiere was asking where they could get one too. Thanks again for all you do. Makes me happy to be part of a community like this. :)

CuInAnotherLifeBrother said...

\o/ Yay!

Thank you very much Jo, an email with my address has been sent.

I'm thinking of changing religion to Buddhism because Karma must be true! :)

Congratulations to everyone who donated, that really is an awesome amount of money which is so very needed, and like Team Jack, I too feel proud to be part of the Lost community.

Martyn said...

I too echo the above statements.

Thank you for this competition. Although I would of donated without prizes on offer, i'm sure this competition brought in a lot of people who wouldn't of.

Over the past 6 months, i've learnt that LOST fans are by far the best people in the world to know and it was a great pleasure to meet you in Hawaii.

Sherylm said...

Thanks, Jo. This was a great idea that just goes to show the use of both social networking and being addicted to Lost :-) I've really enjoyed learning more about Partners in Health's efforts in Haiti.

Bravo to all the winners!

ChrisL said...

Very excited to be a winner and congratulations on raising so much for Haiti. LOST fans really are the best.

RobPerrin said...

I'm really hoping there weren't two RobP's in this contest! Email with shipping address sent. Thanks Jo for a great contest. Thanks Damon for donating the signed books.

Jo said...

@RobPerrin - It is indeed you. And just as an FYI, the comic books are from my personal collection...Damon was kind enough to autograph them for the cause! ;)

RobPerrin said...

Ah, then an extra thanks to you, Jo. Very kind. Cheers!

Nurby said...

YAY! Thanks, Jo :) My bag will go to great use, we use them all the time to go shopping with, we are very good like that!!!

J.B. said...

Even though I didn't win I think we all won something here. It's nice to see the generosity of lost fans shining through! :)

laurie said...

Thanks so much for all you do! I will cherish my bag!

RowanRaven said...

Thanks again, so very much, for the Terry O'Quinn pic!! I'm squee-ing with excitement today.
You're awesome!!

Davide said...

You're great. ;)